Sunday, 22 April 2018

World Heritage Day and the GIBS value systems

Reverence for the past and for history that extends to the present that evolved from the past is the true spirit of the World Heritage Day celebrated on April 18 each year. Like wine, the value of heritage sites increase with time. It is a stupendous task to maintain all those ancient structures lost in time and space, while populations hungrily devour all available land and cut down forests to make way for constructions. The historical sites and monuments must remain intact. And so it shall remain until the end of time, because traditions make up our lives and values. Existence would have been meaningless without the noble traditions that are often associated with buildings and books, rites and documents. 
Institutions have their histories too, just like residences and some of them are hundreds of years old, if not older. Many of us do not trust histories and it is true that parts of history have been constructed in the absence of strong evidence. Like fighting crime cases in courts, evidence is required and that is not always available to back up historical claims.

Global Institute of Business Studies on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore is a young institution in comparison, but shows immense promise already.  Among the top business schools in Bangalore and awarded at the national and international level, GIBS plans to branch out in the near future.  In that case, many more students would benefit with the dynamic training, internships and placements that the institute so successfully offers each year.

A realization of the heritage around us
You don’t really have to go on a big budget tour around India or abroad to discover heritage sites! The many forms of the media in the present day are successful in capturing the spirit of the occasion and bringing home the fact that the past lives on and on. Whatever subject you study and research has a past, like even in the field of business that is fundamental to existence. Not only do the corporate conduct business across the continents, but each home has to undertake commerce on a daily basis to satisfy basic needs. Money management and the procurement of raw materials and manpower apply to the basic survival needs.

Delving into the past of Bangalore is fascinating enough, even within the core city limits. The forts and palaces, the public parks and market places extend back many hundreds of years and more and speak of a different lifestyle, certainly more peaceful than our own present times, though deprived of technology and many comforts and conveniences that science has ushered in. 

Start with your own home and family history! Discover afresh your village, town or city. Research the past, particularly the subject that you have chosen for a probable career, that may occupy your entire life. The television and the internet contain an infinite quantity of study materials. Take a tour to nearby places of historical or mythological interest. Compare with the stories told in different countries.
Discover the interconnection between subject areas
Many heritage sites are associated with some religion or the other. Monuments to the great personalities of the past would be connected with religion too. Not everybody believes literally in religion, though rituals are observed from a tender age within the family walls. Take a broad approach and try to understand some of the great social and political movements and how they happened. How did humanity develop from the dark to the middle ages and then to the present? The answerers are found in the heritage.

Youngsters and heritage
It is particularly at a young and difficult age of stresses and competition that the balm of heritage is required. Unless there is something to believe in, life would be a story of anarchy. It is the faith in heritage that becomes the building blocks for a charmed existence. Though the youth is so much attracted by western advanced lifestyles and better living conditions and huge incomes, is anything permanent?  

The spiritual path has many rewards
After discovering Bangalore, spread across the state of Karnataka, at least to the nearby places.  GIBS students come from many states in India and many countries abroad. They would all find interest if it is a researched tour with guides explaining things. Hampi and Bidar, Bylakuppe and Badami are some of those venues nearby.
On a national level, Taj Mahal, Ajanta and Ellora caves in the north and west, Mahabalipuram in the south and Kaziranga National Park in the east would provide fascinating adventures.

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