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The MBA plus PGPM at GIBS ensures a dynamic senior management career

While thousands of management graduates pass out from hundreds of institutions across India each year, not many of them are truly worthy of being called successful business managers. Several management courses at all levels are available like the BBA, BCom, and the dual course that combines degrees. Diploma and certificate courses that are of short durations like a year or six months are also available. Working people could opt for courses during weekends or online. Three-year graduation courses from reputed institutes like GIBS would be valuable to commence a management career and probably campus placements provide the powerful beginning. Yet most youngsters amidst tight competition wish to pursue master’s courses in order to get a better hold on the profession. Though the accumulation of degrees is not a good idea but could become a waste of time and money, the master’s degree could often provide that needed passport to success.
The best bet would be the MBA plus PGPM course conducted by the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore to jump start a confident career path in business management with absolute certainty of success. Most graduates aim for some years of work experience before joining the MBA that brings better chances of success. It is business management rather than any other field that ensures the fastest ROI and fast promotions.
Specializations offered with the MBA
While Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management are the specializations offered, students may opt for additional subjects for specialized study. They are International Business, Information Systems, Retailing & Supply Chain Management
Success at management requires a passion and dedication. A single dream or particular interest that may have developed from a hobby would be sufficient to spell lifelong success. Taking up the challenge and thinking on a global scale would ensure that success will come in due course of time. Those who cannot afford the fees may opt for educational loans that can be paid back after they get gainfully employed and that is quite certain after a degree like MBA.
Semester 1
In each course, internal assessment contributes 25 marks while the exam comprises 75 marks, adding up 100. Seven such courses in the initial semester include Management Concepts & Theories, Organizational Behavior, Business Environment, Managerial Communication, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics and Statistics for Management.
Semester 2
The courses consist of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, Legal Aspects of Business, Operations Management and Management Information Systems.
Semester 3
The study courses include Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Electives I, 2 and 3, Project Work Diary and Summer Internship Report.
Semester 4
The work in the final semester includes Strategic Management, Electives 4, 5, 6 & 7, Project Report and Project Viva-Voce.
The courses are backed up by the century old University of Mysore in Karnataka that figures among the 20 leading universities in India. UOM received a five-star status in 2000 from National Assessment and Accreditation Council and was again accredited with an A+ grade in 2006 by NAAC. Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu is also associated with the GIBS study programs.
The postgraduate program in management (PGPM) specializations
An added feather in the cap for MBA postgraduates is the business training PGPM that is offered as an additional resource for the postgraduates. PGPM offers additional specializations that include Marketing Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Health Care Management, Supply Chain Management, International Business and Information Technology.
The PGPM value-added programs
A diverse portfolio of value-added programs ensures that trainees develop essential corporate and personal skills to improve work efficiency, managerial ability, and company productivity. Professional skills cannot be derived from bookish learning alone and success in society and the industry requires a mix of soft skills and innovation, project management methods and IT techniques. They are rather intensive courses internationally approved, based on research and delivered by an expert faculty. The credits are spread across the four semesters.
The Campus to Corporate Program has a duration of 500 hours while the SAP Training Program is held over 40 hours. The Project Management Training Program also is spread over 40 hours as is the Six Sigma Training Program. The Certification Program by Microsoft for Excel and ERP and by Google for Digital Marketing are very important for today’s technology based work. The Life skill & Innovation Program is worth 20 hours. The lessons are spread over the four semesters.
Semester 1
After an inspiring orientation program, the first semester activities comprises Industrial Visits besides Workshops, Guest Lectures & Seminars. The Self Defence Training Program and CSR activities are followed by the Management Fest and a trip to Wonderla or Art of Living. Indoor & Outdoor Sports Tournaments provide a respite from academic rigors and help maintain robust physical health.  
Semester 2
Industrial Visits besides CSR Activities, Workshops, Guest Lectures & Seminars are common to all the four semesters. Along with a trip to Art of Living, the management fest and business quiz competitions are held.
Semester 3
An optional foreign tour and the selection of the Student of the Year take place. Mumbai Dabbawalas hold a session. Placement talks and CEO/HR talks have now become significant towards the end of the course.
Semester 4
Job Fairs and the Recruitment process are in full swing. Placement and CSR activities are ongoing.
What qualities of the GIBS study and training culture set it apart?
GIBS will not take you for a ride as some institutions do, organizations that are fonder of money making rather than offering authentic education and genuine placements. GIBS is soundly placed in terms of corporate connections that ensure the best placements. The dream course of four semesters usually has a happy ending with a lucrative work assignment with one of the top-notch companies that may result in a lifetime of successful work.
The interactive and participatory study makes certain that the lessons are genuinely understood. The boys and girls go through an ample range of activities to ensure that mind, body, and soul get their due motivation to develop harmoniously. Teamwork in groups is encouraged while outings are common to study industries and places of entertainment for lighter moments. All things considered, it is an unbeatable management package at GIBS that ensures the best jobs.  #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #PG #BBA #BCom

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The Ever helping Faculty at GIBS take every step to change lives

Automation has today entered almost every aspect of life as a result of mechanization and technology. While the advantages of such industry and online based cultures may be good news for economic development, the traditional human touch seems to be missing. We are getting more electronic and mechanical as the years roll past! One wonders if such is the condition of the educational system in contemporary times when youngsters use every kind of gadget imaginable.

The Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, may be richly endowed with the benefits of modern technology in infrastructure, but maintains a caring, trusting and cooperative atmosphere in its dealings with students. The students themselves work at different levels. The Class 12 pass outs would study for the degree courses like BBA and BCom. Graduates would enter the MBA course and the PGDM. Though students from diverse backgrounds like the many Indian states study here besides foreign students, they all live together in a fraternal spirit.

While we often describe academic and professional organizations as one big family, is it really so? They do belong to a single system, united by campus rules, the curriculum, the professors and the infrastructure. They have common dreams of finding successful placements and qualifying for good jobs through internships and tests and interviews.

Right through the entire spectrum of activities of the weeks and months of the several semesters, the students work individually or in teams, supervised by teachers, counselors or mentors. Learning to work together in harmony itself is a special skill that is essential to good performance in multicultural organizations. Here in this hallowed training ground, business managers of the future are nurtured each day.

The GIBS counseling and mentoring process

The weekly counseling session brings together students and counselors with the purpose of helping students refine professional goals. At this stage, students may be full of dreams but are lacking in a realistic understanding of the industry conditions and requirements. They know little about the tomorrows though they possess the potential to develop in terms of latent skills and intellectual ability. Finding the right opportunities for them is relevant to the duties of the counseling committee.

Career information supplies information about the syllabus and further educational opportunities besides professional openings. Bringing dreams and reality closer together is the task of the Institute committees.

The three Mentoring Rooms also provide teacher-student teacher interaction in the process of student development.  The mentoring takes place in little groups of 3 students and monthly meetings throughout the academic years throw light on personal problems and intimate concerns. Mentors possess professional experience and groups are arranged according to fields of interest. As a result, students develop confidence levels. They understand the industry better and choose career plans. Support and guidance are crucial at these early stages before they reach professional milestones. Developing employability skills and framing a powerful curriculum vitae are crucial concerns. One to one guidance goes a long way indeed. Training to face interviews successfully plays an important role in getting good appointments.

The staff around the GIBS infrastructure

The library and digital library, cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool, and amphitheater are some important aspects of the student life. Campus life has its many moral and esthetic rewards though students need to observe a large number of rules and timings. The hostels and the academic block, playgrounds and the swimming pool are all parts of that beehive of activity that happens every day in GIBS.

It does sound a hectic life that it certainly is! A successful student life is constantly on the move in search of knowledge and experience. If it is not lectures and workshops, seminars and presentations, it may involve field visits to nearby industries within Bangalore city. Each activity is controlled and supervised, every activity is planned and organized by the expert staff. Institutions all over the world follow similar study and work procedures based on research for optimum student achievement and authentic learning.

While the academic study can often get tedious with research based study sessions, ample opportunities exist for recreation through games and sports in a rich naturally endowed 4.5-acre campus on the outskirts of Bangalore. The Morning Prayer ground, a farm house, a pretty pond, waiting for lounge, the jogging track, and a parking lot provide an ambiance suitable for hard work and refreshing morning and evenings. Heath care facilities on the campus attend to such problems that may arise.

Students need a private space!
The over busy lifestyle can get stressful and students find a private moment in the self-study sessions that are certainly required. Since many situations in life like writing examinations and making professional decisions require independent thought and judgment, the self-study sessions develop a moment of introspection when the students are by themselves with the best study materials available. The library books, research journals, and online materials provide a huge selection of up to date research materials that provide ample food for thought.

The teaching methodology constantly encourages participatory and interactive learning that has proven to be the most effective study method. These study lessons are supervised by good industry experienced, qualified and capable teachers from across India and abroad. The finest minds that serve consultation and research tasks side by side with teaching duties are at the forefront of the profession.  Research publications and contributions to academic journals confirm their depth of knowledge.

A unique learning experience in business skills
Rated among the leading business management institutes in India, GIBS maintains an aura of excellence in every aspect of its existence. A disciplined approach to institute routines and a common purpose keeps the large family working on their date with destiny.  Internships and placements come much later in the course, but it is a hectic coverage of the demanding syllabus from day one after the orientation. Industry leaders and guest speakers enlighten the students of real working conditions out there as if revealing trade secrets. The alumni come forward to guide the novices with their global network of contacts. At every step, eager helping hands and minds facilitate the training of the future business managers with dedicated hearts and souls.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A motivating new beginning for BBA/BCom entrants at the GIBS Orientation in Bangalore

Some events happen regularly each year at Global Institute of Business Studies! The Orientation program over a series of sessions that commenced on 14th July 2017 means a grand beginning for the two batches of eager young boys and girls. The batches of BBA and BCom aspirants would remain immersed in academics and practical lessons, discovering the industry and their true callings over the next three years until 2020. They are fresh out of 12 years of school education and have so much to learn. The business world with internships and placements does seem a complex universe. The 21st-century existence itself is getting rather difficult amidst all the technology and controversy, though so much easier with online facilities.

The radiant occasion

The event goes down as a memorable instance. Seated on that impressive stage were several luminaries who would light up the lives of the students. Along with the Chief Guest Mr. Suresh Babu - Performance Coach, Project Management Professional & Corporate Trainer, the other eminent personalities included Mr. Ritesh Goyal – MD, GIBS, Dr. Aparna Rao – Director, GIBS, and Ms. Uzma Nayeem - Head of Placement, GIBS.

Along with the imposing faculty and dignitaries, let us wish successful studies and professional accomplishments to those children of diverse backgrounds who have taken up the business management challenge. The students were congratulated for obtaining admission into a prestigious institution like GIBS which is a powerful beginning to the realization of their corporate dreams. Adjustments take time but as the weeks and the months of the future unfold in the success-filled Bangalore ambiance, a smooth transition to a new lifestyle would dawn to bring fresh thoughts, hopes, and aspirations. By the end of the course in 2020, your lives would be transformed after laying a professional foundation to build upon in the years to come. Growing from a seed to a tree may take decades but three years is a short duration in comparison.

The intensive orientation schedule over several days includes talks by some experts in the field of business and education. Along with Dr. Aparna Rao in the first session, Ms. Bhavana would speak on Career making and the importance of soft skills on 15th July. On Monday, Prof. Beena speaks on the Importance of Time Management while Ms. Uzma delivers a talk as Head of Corporate Relations. Dr. Chitra throws light on Finance and Career Management on Tuesday while Leema and group deal with the Importance of Communication. On Wednesday, Mr. Shubhendu speaks on Marketing and Mr. Sriram delivers a talk on General Management. On Thursday, 20th July, it is the turn of Mr. Pradeep, Senior HR Consultant. Prof Laxmi R. and Mr. Kumar Sai Deepak take up Team Building Activities. On Friday, Dr. Nandeesh V. Hiremath speaks on DISHA - Power of Focus for Achieving Success in Career & Life.

The GIBS success story

GIBS has often been in the headlines in the bustling business education world that India has rapidly become. Honors and awards, accreditations and rankings continue to grace this towering symbol of business studies in Bangalore, itself a global city after the software revolution. Famous for gardens too, the greenery filled 4.5-acre GIBS campus in Bannerghatta is an intimate focus of all that contemporary management professionals can dream of.

The IndiaCollegeSearch rankings for 2017 and 2016 both reflect GIBS and that means so much because millions of students and hundreds of colleges figure there. Consider some affiliations and accreditations like the University of Mysore, Bharathiar University, UGC, NAAC, MHRD, ISO, AIMA, and so much more!

What sets GIBS apart

Many thousands of college entrants and graduates try for business education each year. Courses of varying durations and fee structures, full-time, part-time and online are available in plenty. Yet what are the job opportunities later? The dismal truth is that a great majority of business graduates do not succeed in the corporate world and have to be content with mediocre jobs. It is a sad story that is repeated each year when mighty dreams collapse within a few years.

GIBS has been keeping up with its promises. The hefty fees in business schools should have valid returns when many students obtain loans for study. How will the loans be repaid unless the company salaries are good enough?

Well, the two or three years of education come first before postings are possible through the internship performance, campus interviews, and the selection process.  MBA plus PGPM is a two-year full-time on campus course while PGDM is a one-year course. BBA and BCom are three-year courses.

A sound investment in your future is the outcome of the study at GIBS! Sound educational practices that combine a diverse mix of academics, presentations, seminars, and workshops with sports and cultural activities in a green campus keep spirits alive. Industry visits and guest speakers enable a practical approach that is realistic and achieve a true understanding of what professional lives would be like after quitting the institution. GIBS alumni across the world maintain contacts and further the corporate web that results in outstanding placements.

Learn, Earn and Return  

With all the social and humanitarian work activities that GIBS participates in, it is a sustainable world of values that is imparted to students. Firstly, it is a challenging world of semester-based work spread over several studies and work modules. Semesters do get rather hectic with assignments and deadlines along with outings and activities. Together, they keep the clock ticking to indicate the passing of weeks and months. The countdown has begun. Like everything else in life, time is not infinite.

After successful placements are received, it is the time to build upon the foundation created in the Institute. Students now know quite welll what to expect, how to talk and behave and how to find solutions to professional problems. A global business perspective has been achieved and the ability to work in multicultural environments learned.

After some years of successful work experience and raising a family, it is time to reward society for everything that has been received by the grace of the divine. Joining humanitarian causes and helping environmental conservation along with art and culture are some areas that need dedicated efforts.

Start dreaming, children, but heed your teachers and study and work on the right track. 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore conquers yet another peak

Summary:Global Institute of Business Studies triumphs once again with CollegeSearch as a winner of the Students’ Choice Awards for 2017. Among the Colleges with Best Industry Exposure is the richly deserving GIBS with 7.2.
Times have changed indeed in the educational infrastructure like almost everything else in the 21st century. Students get to grade the faculty, institutional facilities, like the academics, sports, clubs and societies, the campus, alumni, dorm and canteen, in 14 categories! Well, so it is with CollegeSearch, a service used by 500 colleges and 4 million students.

A pleasant surprise dawns for the GIBS staff and students in the mist of their hectic academic and activities calendar with the Best Industry Exposure Award. GIBS won a similar Students’ Choice Award in 2016 for Best Academic Infrastructure. Awards can get very motivating for students in search of inspiration. If the competition is considered and the number of business schools competing for students and awards, it is a delightful feather. GIBS is not new to awards of course with a steady stream of honors and decorations piling up over the years.

A word about CollegeSearch

It is obvious that selection is necessary with an unending maze of colleges. CollegeSearch was recognized by Red Herring in 2014 with the Top 100 Fast Growing Companies in Asia Award. Other awardees were Snapdeal in 2011 and Makemytrip in 2006. CollegeSearch was also honored by The Economic Times as a leading startup in 2015.

GIBS continues a winning march!
Representing the finest traditions in business management education with a motivating industry-experienced faculty, dynamic internship and placement services, updated curriculum and activity-based pedagogy, GIBS is where every student should head for in search of successful careers. A purpose and a direction along with a torch of inspiration are felt in every aspect of the nature-blessed 4.5-acre campus in Bannerghatta. Spend some time there and talk to the students and teachers and feel the spirit of competition and corporate success.

The GIBS study programs
·         An MBA that combines with PGPM in a two-year full-time on campus study program.

·         The Industry Integrated MBA during weekends is also a two-year full-time study program on campus.

·         BBA and BCom are both three-year full-time on campus study programs.

Some regular recruiters of GIBS alumni
Considering an impeccable recruitment record that brings ample openings with major companies, Adobe and Cadila, Tata and Wipro are some big names. TVS and Infosys, Nestle and Parle are some other companies that represent a diverse range of products across many international horizons. Business management is common to them all and competitive business managers find many opportunities globally. Tata, Accenture, JSW, Bata and South Indian Bank along with Bharat Petroleum are some more mega opportunities.

A few other CollegeSearch award winners!
We understand institutions better by comparison. The Colleges with the Best Industry Exposure Awards in 2016 had IITs in the first three positions. They were Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Bombay and Delhi, in that order.

In terms of the Best Faculty for 2017, the first three positions went toBITS, Pilani, MANIT, Bhopal, and Institute of Management Studies, Noida.

GIBS deserves to be considered among the best management institutions nationally and globally as its reputation is elevated with awards each year. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Orientation - BBA / B.Com Batch 2017-2020

Welcome Address made at the Inauguration of BBA/B.Com Batch 2017-2020 program at GIBS Business School, Bannerghatta Road Campus on 14th July 2017. The stage was shared with Chief Guest Mr. Suresh Babu - Performance Coach, Project Management Professional & Corporate Trainer, Mr. Ritesh Goyal – MD GIBS, Dr. Aparna Rao - Director GIBS & Ms. Uzma Nayeem - Head Placement GIBS. Congratulated students to have been able to enter into a prestigious institution known for imparting quality education & enable them to seamlessly experience the new phase of life. #GIBS #BBA #BCom 

Add Industry Integrated MBA (Weekend) degree from GIBS and raise your Professional status

A weekend Integrated MBA course of GIBS creates a better hub of professionalisms in the corporate world. The two years of the part-time program consists in weekends. GIBS designed the courses to obtain probable needs of the upcoming career. The person can pursue an MBA degree without hampering their present career. The weekend MBA or EMBA (the code) is a graduate certificate of business. It can run parallel of your full-time job. You may like the young management team to get prosperous guidance on business management. The course of GIBS aims to teach the executive abilities like a regular MBA program. Get assurance about climbing the ladder in the corporate world would encase your personal dreams. GIBS's syllabus creates new heaven for their students.

Is GIBS's weekend MBA program perfect for up-gradation?

The syllabus of weekend MBA program is not so different than a regular MBA program. The vibrant teaching infrastructure would increase the executable skills of the students. Some interactive sessions may initiate the constructive employee education. If the focus of the general MBA program is to create the main head of the business, then weekend MBA's focus is lot more consisted into employed qualification. People would like to achieve an expert position in the international companies; they should invest their two years.
The full-time course hasn't many dissimilarities with the main MBA program of GIBS. Weekend MBA encases every fundamental and intellectual aspect of business management, but the point is to create perfect management employee of modern days. This program develops the required knowledge and execution skills of the employees. What they will face in upcoming careers, what would be the probable challenges, how to handle several cases, how to improvise in various conditions, how to manage the entire venture professionally and how to apply the fundamental awareness and intellect in specific issues, these would be obtained during the course of GIBS. Such techniques will open up a huge arena in the market and pass-outs can make their way smoother.

Is part-time MBA under the modern pedagogy?

In the USA MBA course is not only obstructed into the fresh student milieu. Now the international platforms of MBA education including the way makers the USA are insisting for experienced students. If you have market experience, then the modern practical studies would help you to understand the bigger challenges. While you are in the interactive session of the young guide, then you may judge the current market through intelligent discourses. The professionals who have joined with the two years of weekend MBA program of GIBS may go through such pedagogies.

The basic limit of joining this program is 3-5 years of work experience after graduation. The teaching methodology and the syllabus are accommodated by following the higher needs of modern trading. If you want to meet the high-end business set-ups, then the GIBS classes would be an effective way. Some companies are pushing their employees to take this course during their job because it helps the in-house employee development venture. The students and teachers are developing their working styles, knowledge, personality, and ability to impact the business world.

Modern teaching methods and syllabus are creating to build-up precious youth batch who would carry the baton forward. Therefore, executive skills are in the recognition very much. GIBS is established a young guide batch to concentrate on specific student and spread the high-class effective business education at the grassroots level. There are no geographical barriers in admission. People should fulfill the eligibility to meet the opportunities of climbing in corporate sectors.

Is this the right eligibility criteria?

As you read earlier about the pedagogy of weekend MBA in GIBS, therefore, you must match the eligibility criteria with that. You knew that GIBS follows the modern teaching method. It means students would learn several strategies for structuring management potentials. Without a basic work experience of 3-5 years, students can't catch the syllabus. Mainly, the semesters are assembling advanced business planning and execution techniques.

Students would need a graduation certificate of any stream to join the next step. MBA is always a next step. Whether it is a regular course or part-time MBA program of GIBS, you must be a graduate to achieve the higher studies. Weekend MBA is the graduate course of the business level. Students must have a preliminary graduate degree to be a part of the MBA studies.

National educational administrators have launched some competitive exams to get into the MBA studies. The students would be passed any of CAT and GMAT. The remarks of these competitive exams would take them in the door of the best colleges in India. GIBS Business School, Bangalore is one of the important schools with a wide range of placements. Here, the CAT or GMAT pass outs would be elected through interviews.

What aspects would be developed?

The weekend MBA program of GIBS business school accommodates various aspects of business studies related to the contemporary corporate platform. It means students would obtain higher objectives in business sectors. Now, you should be more specific.
·         Opportunities – you may get many chances in work life, but there are some strategies to utilize those for improving. How you would get appreciations from a specific opportunity and how you can climb the corporate ladder from single chance. The seminars would discuss the tactics of impressing your seniors through work.
·         Potential – it is one of the most important parts of GIBS's MBA course (weekend). One may have talent, but turning the talent into business potential needs some constructive education. The workshops of young and energetic guides would include the business potentials in you so that you can build a different you.
·         Transformation – how to change your career, what would be the right elements to get into a new work life, what would be the new way of working and other useful awareness are taught. Some fruitful interactive sessions will help you enter into a new work life.
·         Interaction – GIBS provides a valuable chance to interact with popular business personas, successful employees, and leaders of different popular companies. It helps the students to know about the modern business techniques and precious information. The students can acquire different techniques and know a broad range of data on the worldwide trade.
·         Progression – with the help of erudite faculty, dedicated guides and vibrant atmosphere, the students would accomplish their ambition of getting a high-class lifestyle. The Weekend MBA program of GIBS Business School, Bangalore thinks about the progression of their every student.     

Monday, 10 July 2017

Aspire for the top notch Management degrees at GIBS

Few institutes offer dual degree programs with dual specialization. Among the programs offered are the MBA + PGPM. An industry integrated MBA runs during weekends. Graduate courses of Corporate BBA and Corporate B.Com are other choices. A one year PGDM program after graduation is also available. Completing 12 years of school education qualifies you for the graduate courses and a graduate degree of at least three years is the minimum requirement to join the postgraduate courses.

An initial visit to the 4.5-acre green campus at Bannerghatta in Bangalore truly inspires. While one imagines books to be the mainstay of education, professional courses present a world of activities. Learning by doing is a much-followed principle across the world. Interactive learning considers the student as an active participant in the learning process. Achieving a realistic understanding of the industry in which they would dedicate their lives is a crucial part of management training. Successful internships and a good placement at the end of the course is the dream of every aspiring business manager. Many such dreams get fulfilled each year with appointments in the top industry ranks. Some companies recruit regularly at GIBS that is a great advantage in diversifying business as every entity is striving to do.

Global exposure

Management education in India through hundreds of business schools may be several decades old, but the 21st century has recently commenced. The work culture now has turned truly multicultural besides being quite dependent upon technological finesse. Money, management, and software rule the business environment. The best jobs and the fastest promotions occur in business.  It is not an easy task to succeed at the global level, though jobs are easily obtained nowadays through the internet and interviews conducted online.
Additional training programs like the soft skills, personality building, SAP, and SIGMA add to the academic training and develop the skills necessary to practical success out there in the field. A vibrant corporate network that extends globally ensures the best internships and placements. Guest lectures provide many windows to understand the realities of the business work culture.

Besides a qualified, industry experienced and dedicated to research home faculty, GIBS arranges for international scholars to teach the students. The names like the following truly represent what is sublime about the teaching profession. Probably some of the present and future GIBS alumni would take up rewarding teaching careers too, where they would supply the inspiration to budding managers based on their own experiences. 

The four ventures that change lives

Along with the GIBS Academy that provides contemporary management education are three other profound affiliations that aim to impart noble values and bring social change across a spectrum of services. The GSF or GIBS Social Foundation strives to help orphans and the aged, plants trees and organizes blood donations among many other socially relevant activities. GBF or the Global Business Forum engages in corporate activity and develops the industry links so important to successful business education and placements. The GIBS Sports Academy investigates business opportunities linked to sports besides providing opportunities for developing sports skills.

The TLEL Panel

The Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning panel promotes success by illustrating how the business apparatus functions in society. Students can thus take up all the trials of a business career confidently. The panel comprises business experts and celebrities who share resources and experiences, industry and global connections to enlighten the trainees. Students certainly develop the spirit of enterprise and cultivate positive attitudes to investigate the business world with a critical eye. Mentoring today would often lead to leadership roles in the future.

Consider the towering roles that some of the TLEL members play and the world of experience they carry to inspire and motivate. Mr.Sujit Lalwani is the Founder of Inspiration Unlimited while Ms. Sneha Chandrashekar is the Co-Founder/CEO- Black & White Tech. Mr. Ashish Vaidya, Entrepreneur, Senior SDE at Amazon, India, Mr. Chetan Yallapurkar, Entrepreneur, MD Honeymoon Havens & MYT Sports and Ms. Sonal Jain, Academician, and Ambassador- Microsoft are some other panelists.

The GIBS facilities and infrastructure

While practical knowledge does not derive from books and variety makes up the life experience, the GIBS infrastructure contains the world of doing.
A Career Guidance Desk is certainly what every student needs to generate the essential knowledge of academic and professional chances in the future in realistic ways. Study programs within and outside the institute is dealt with and opportunities explained.

The Student Counseling and Advisory Services provides support that is particularly necessary for students who live away from home. Besides education and career counseling, mental and emotional support often becomes necessary. Students receive such services throughout the duration of the study at GIBS.
Mentoring Programs consist of little groups of students who meet with a mentor regularly. The advisory support provides industry information and discusses projects besides generating links with business members.

Safety and Security occupy the top of the agenda. Gates and doors are closely monitored to check access to the campus. CCTV and metal detectors are important tools for security purposes. Student participation in social media websites is restricted.

Students have a variety of pursuits

According to interests and preferences, students could practice yoga or dance, swim or play games like basketball. The Jogging Track and the Recreational Park are other health sustaining activities. The gym, temple, cafeteria, petty shop, and laundry are all part of that daily lifestyle to keep spirits alive in the preparation of a fresh morrow. Explore more at