Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Case Studies during MBA

Case study method is a very popular methodology used in classes for MBA & Business Management students. In this method the students are given a particular case or file to study and they have to analyse and take a decision on the basis of discussion and thorough research.
This method is responsible for intensive study of a unit; students usually study about n number of cases which gives the analytical power to increase the knowledge and come out with flying colours. The case study method has been lauded for the encouragement it gives to students to interact and to discuss and develop solutions for a particular study.
Few of its advantages are:
  • Builds Leadership skills
The idea of a case study is that it stimulates a pseudo real life work environment which lets the students take responsibility which in turn builds confidence and leadership skills. Taking firm decisions, getting their viewpoint across, and giving credit to subordinate when required are just some of the leadership skills that develops in the process. Furthermore, this helps them get ready for the real business world that they need to face after their graduation.
  • Better than lectures
 Case studies involve a lot of analysis and in depth research. Although, this may seem boring, it is considered fun by many MBA students since they get to interact and share ideas. Many students who are pursuing the degree do not disagree that lectures are too much to take in but say that they prefer case studies as they are forced to think in various manner. It also helps them to experience the real human problem bring a sense of achievement.
  • Decision forcing                          
The case studies that are provided to the students are quite complex and need time and attention to be solved properly. A decision has to be taken by the end of the project. This forces the students to think in a more creative and critical manner making them ready for the job.
  • Role play                          
In trying to solve the problems posed in the case studies, students usually take a step towards a little bit of role play to better their decision. This helps them grow individually building empathy factor in them. This only strengthens as a positive aspect in their life.
  • Quick decision making
Case studies helps students firstly to develop good decision making skills but more importantly how to do the same quickly. There are a lot of case studies that students will have to do during their MBA, thus, it becomes important to take concrete, plausible, and exact decisions.
One of the top B-schools in southern India, GIBS, keeps in mind the value and importance the case study method holds. Thus, students in our institution are encouraged and motivated to take them up to broaden their horizons.

Monday, 19 December 2016

The Eminence of Events & Happenings in GIBS Business School…!!!

Being Recognized as Top B School, the GIBS Business School interactively explores the most significant event opportunities in addition to the best academic path and an event which keeps track of all happenings in and around the Global residential campus. Student efforts to take the lead in learning and shaping the living environment in Beautiful Global Residential Campus. Perhaps one of the largest student-directed events conducts here.
GIBS understand that extracurricular-celebrations or event involvement is a key appliance to the student’s progress which focuses on the individual student level.  This plays an elemental role as it involves the entertainment, social, and amusement purposes, but most decided to promote their proficiency.
According to GIBS perspectives, for the comprehensive or the long-term development of the students, they need to allow in their areas of interest. This contributes a sole student an event to promote the undisclosed talents haunted within them.
Each activity in GIBS B School refers students a chance to perform with others which could absolutely gain the fundamental growth skills.
Here are some of the Major Events Benefits which would impact on student’s profile:
  • Valuable Social Network: This means a great exposure.  Events at GIBS Business School are the powerful weapon for students as the number of social media platforms that they get to post.
  • Global MovementThe evolution seeks to inspire new culture through continued events, the creative arts. Multicultural activities in B schools focus on increasing awareness and understanding of various cultures across the globe.
  • Self Admire: This enriches GIBS MBA students with various specialties which include dance, musical interests, art & workshops etc. Also extending for students to learn and enjoy. Many more…
GIBS Believes the key to a smooth event is a lot of planning and commitment with the focused effort. Here in GIBS Campus, Management Students enjoys planning the composite events & being actively participate in activities, therefore they are focused on making life interesting & accomplished. This could lead them to have opportunities also endorse one’s leadership quality…!!!

How Residential Campus would influence you …???

GIBS B School was formed as a vibrant Residential campus under the Goyal Education Trust with the belief of research and development of a student to enhance their living & learning experience meaningful. Hence GIBS campus guarantees all kinds of facilities and amenities which will be readily accessible for all the students.
Here students get to learn distinctive perspectives from others who come from other towns, cities, states, or countries. Also students will get a chance to live with their classmates and friends. The research shows that students who live in campus will perform better academic achievement, social, recreational, and spiritual development too.
Well, Students have many advantages, as every day they have the chance to interact, impact and influence with faculty and staff. The chance begins right here. Such as;
  • Students get the opportunity to involve in campus activities. This will certainly enrich their experience.
  • GIBS Global Residential campus classes emphasize the knowledge for students and get to know their faculties as well.
  • Students can Increase their chances of academic success and persistence.
  • Students will have a fabulous way to meet people and forming long lasting friendships as it’s a lively social life.
  • Student can save money when they live in residential campus, as they would not spend money.
  • Students get the opportunity to participate in campus and student sponsored events.
  • Students will have a Convenience and Time Management which is extremely important for today’s students.
Being a Reputed MBA Institute, GIBS culture influences the opportunities for students in learning and social experience through courses & university’s outstanding academic programs. The implementation of the plan will deepen the creative climate of the campus.
Residential Learning Programme represents a major transformation in One’s life. Here GIBS creates programs that bring students together structurally, intellectually and emotionally. This may build the commonalities and connections which are very much essential to our education and our society…

Monday, 12 December 2016

How Trump’s victory affects Asia?

Trump’s victory in the USA brought a wave of shock in people’s mind. The authoritarian leader was predicted to loose in the elections, but in a surprise turn of events he won the biggest country’s elections.
But what effect does his win have on the Asian countries. People are debating all over the world about these issues and say that the next four years will only tell what the plight might be in for.
Trump with his campaign of “Make America Great Again” believes that there is too less that America is getting back. Various experts in the field of politics and economics believe that the prez would adopt an isolationism or introverted approach since he believes that the US went around doing a lot of “world policing” and it was time someone took a look at the internal affairs of the country. This isolation might actually lead to bad relations with other countries and trade, wrecking the economy very quickly.
Trump win effect on Asia apparently will become evident soon.
The trans-pacific partnership or TPP which was signed on 4th February 2016, many say will die soon due to the authoritative rule. This partnership consisted the majority of Asian countries like Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. The fact that the president trump promised to levy high tariff on various goods and services and bring stricter immigration policy will make the partnership attain a standstill.
China is actually happy about the US election results. They considered the US to be a competition in terms of tech giants. The TPP actually had barriers for China to have ties with many countries. Now, with the fall of the partnership and America concentrating more on internal affairs, China can benefit economically very well.
Japan has already started their diplomatic alliance with America. The prime minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe, sensed a deep shift in US interest and intervened at the right time. Trump had commented that Japan and South Korea were free riding on US security commitments. Mr. Abe acted well in advance to make sure that the security of his country was not compromised because of the newly elected president.
Pakistan which is constantly under the pressure of America can breathe a sigh of relief as Trump has stated that he would like to see improvements in the relations between the two countries. All that one has to do is wait and watch as he is yet to reveal the relation policies with Pakistan.
India sees a positive change because of the new US president. He counts India as an ally to block Chinese advancements in the South China Sea. Trump’s ideas against ISIS will also aide India’s fight against terrorism. His move to curtail immigration however might have a negative effect of not getting the right visa for Indian citizens.
It is hard to forecast the next four years in terms of the relation of The USA with Asian countries. But one thing that experts say is for sure is that Trump would not take Asia and especially South Asia as heartedly as Mr. Obama did.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Post-MBA Career Goals

Earning a degree is like earning an extra star in the list of achievements you have done. Earning an MBA degree is a huge star in itself. It is but obvious that an MBA degree is not just a degree but a major breakthrough in the career ladder.
The variety of fields that a person can enter is enormous. You can become the HR consultant of a firm, or be a fundraiser for an NGO, that is left up to you. Here is a list of careers that can be chosen post your MBA:
  • Analyst:
An analyst, obviously, analyses and investigates on the problems of the firm in various aspects like finance, HR, etc. Their work ranges from interviewing people for the right position to reviewing the latest trends in the stock market. An analyst does the keen job of analysing the future keeping in mind the past experiences. They recommend possible measures to be taken to keep the firm in good books in all aspects.
  • HR consultant:
One of the most rapidly growing specializations in MBA schools among students is that of Human Resources. HR is the most important driving factor for any company. Hiring the right people, their payroll and their satisfaction is something that has to be looked after. Thus, the HR department plays a very important role in the company. People who can leverage talent of someone else and think how they best fit the position have scope in this field.
  • Health care administrator:
If you had the dream to become a doctor when you were young but ended up doing a business degree, do not sweat yourself. You can become a health care admin in a hospital or in a wing of hospitals. Main role of an administrator is to set parameters in domains like medical staff management, inventory management, etc. Doing a thorough research on the happenings of the medical world and latest medical news helps gain certain plus points.
  • Financial advisor:
Yet another field wherein experts feel there is going to be surge of employment. These people basically advice their client on various type of investments that can be done, retirement plans, tax, and insurance related advices. They give or plan out various investment strategies and financial goals to their clients.
  • Fundraiser:
This is one of those off-beat jobs that you can do after an MBA degree. Most people want to get into a corporate firm after their degree. But what they do not realise is that the same degree can be used in NGOs, educational institutes or political campaigns. The degree can be applied to raise fund and to also help manage a rally if the need be.
Some of the best B-schools in the world try to keep in mind your future and have their syllabus set in the same structure. Similarly, GIBS, one of top 10 colleges in India, strives to keep their students’ future and their excellence as their topmost priority.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

To-Do List for MBA Applicants

Applying for an MBA program is probably the biggest and most difficult task that you will face in your life. While the process of applying in itself is very nerve-racking, it becomes essential as a future graduate to start few months early to ace off and be good at whatever has to be done during an MBA. Here is a to-do list that can help before starting off with your MBA applications.
  • Preparation for GMAT
The most important step to get into the top 100 MBA colleges in the world is to ace an amazing score in your GMAT. It is always advised to start 3-6 months before the exam dates to prepare yourself comfortably at the same it gives enough time to realise where your scores are low so as to improve yourselves. Research is quintessential for preparation of GMAT. Take sample online tests. If you feel you are not reaching your potential then hire a private tutor or go to coaching classes. Your aim must be to get at least 20+ marks than what is expected from your dream MBA School.
  • Know yourself
It is very essential that you know yourself personally, professionally, and academically before applying for an MBA. The admission committee looks for smart and dynamic individuals who can handle rigours course work that MBA has to offer. Thus, it is very essential to know, analyse and mend your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself what makes me stand out from the rest? Build on good characteristics in yourself and try to work on achieving your dream to get into your preferred B-school.
  • Reach out to your recommenders
Recommendation letters from your previous institute principal or your supervisor plays a crucial role as this describes how well you work in a competitive environment. They can help improve your application. Reach out to them and explain your motivation and reasons for choosing the particular B-school and the course. If your recommenders understand this they can write the letter to fulfil an objective.
  • Fill gaps in resume
Before applying for an application, go back and review your resume. Completely. See areas which you have not filled. If there is a certain skill that you think can be acquired to help you with the MBA admission, then go ahead and do a course or anything else that you think will look good on the resume. Mention interests, extra-circular activities or anything that will help the resume look better.
  • Consider hiring an expert
Search and hire an expert on the matters of MBA. Try and talk to them. Explain your concerns and ask what you can do to better yourself for the admissions. Beware of these experts. Check reviews online, do research and do try and know their success rate. Using an admission consultant helps a lot in the long run as they help in all aspects of an MBA.

Learn… Earn… Return… @ GIBS Business School, Bengaluru…!!!

GIBS Business School with the inspirational punch line of Learn. Earn. Return believes that Education is an admirable thing. And Being a Great Institution in Management field makes learning as fun, as refreshing, engaging lessons, which are essential to a student’s academic success. As one’s life forms to possess knowledge and skills for survival and multiplication. And Over the centuries entire education systems have been developed with their own educational reasoning too.

Well, is anyone is trying to understand that how are we blending learn, earn and return into Education…???

Learn… Earn… Return… itself is a great concept, because whatever students will Learn will certainly allow them to Earn, which will make them to return anything back.  A possible approach of learning, earning, returning is sort of a positive cycle, wherein the learning process involves formal education, earning stage includes starting a career, and the return stage is getting fulfilled.

·         GIBS B School believes that success is the ability to make others successful. Consequently, learning takes off to the path of excellence.

·         GIBS make the Leadership Journey as Potential fascinating entrepreneurial one with Learn. Earn. Return motto.
·         It is important to learn and earn, as it is also important to return and help others with the privileges.

·         GIBS students get collateral Placement opportunities which have been helping students to learn without a burden to frame their career.

The new standard of learning is increasing the effectiveness of a constant successful career and accommodating the same is what is educates in GIBS Business school as a Top MBA Institute. Striving for excellence to be a professional, student should perfect their careers. As it becomes the element of the social contract.

We shall leave this note with one thought for all of us...
The more we learn, the more we earn
Where people are kind, the life is good
For what we give away, and it enriches us from day to day.
And our lives are enhanced by good action and understanding move…

5 Ways to Prepare for the 1st Year of B-School

The first year of MBA is a very exciting, anxious and is always filled with anticipation of what might happen. Most students tend to get scared and intimidated when they realise they need to balance the huge amount of coursework while making time for entertainment. The best way per alumni is to know what you are getting into. Here are some ways to prepare yourself for 1st year of MBA:
  • Attend and connect in meet-and-greet and orientation
It is essential for an MBA aspirant to make and have connections throughout the two years of study. One of the most effective and simplest ways to connect with people is to attend meet-ups and orientation programme conducted by your B-school. In such events, it is very often seen that alumnus from over the years, and faculty members who can help and guide better in the future. Attending these events also helps in familiarising the resources available on and off campus making an aspirant ready to have a head start.
  • Maintain and build upon the existing network
Connecting and building new contacts may seem quite easy compared to maintaining and building upon them. Try to stay in touch with the networks you have built. This can be a plus point as the network can help you reach your goals in the future.
  • Preparation for recruiting
Update your CV, LinkedIn profile, and whatever you feel is important for your recruitment into a firm right at the beginning. This way you can apply for various summer internships, part-time jobs, and even full-time jobs if need be. Make a list of companies where you would want to intern or work and apply to these, but do not expect to be called back as there is fierce competition from all the fields.
  • Brush your quantitative skills and reading habits
It is seen that MBA graduates usually lack quantitative skills when they are being hired. Start from beginning of your MBA to build these skills by taking math classes or any other additional courses that can improve you in every way possible. Start reading in your free time. Get up to date on all the happenings of the world as this would help in enriching your knowledge while giving an extra edge to a graduate.
  • When in doubt, ask
If you are doubtful about anything in the college premises or how the whole MBA matrix works then ask the counsellor or the coordinator. These people are kept in their jobs to help and facilitate to the best of their knowledge. First-year students will have questions that can be answered by authorised persons in college.
All these and more is what is provided in GIBS, one of the best MBA colleges in south India. We recognise and realise that first year is intimidating, so we give the incoming students a very warm welcome and try to make them feel comfortable so they can give their best to their education.