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Studying Corporate B.Com in GIBS, Bangalore leads to a sensational choice of business careers

Under the aegis of Bangalore University in Karnataka and Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore conducts several superb management courses. A combined MBA and PGPM is available besides Corporate BBA, Corporate B.Com, and PGDM. Students who complete 12 years of school education are eligible for the bachelor’s courses while graduates qualify for the postgraduate courses. Working professionals who have worked some years in the industry can look forward to additional opportunities after studying for these degree and diploma courses. An MBA during weekends is meant for the convenience of such working professionals.

Among the best management institutes in India

Affiliations, accreditations, awards, and rankings say a lot about one of the new age institutions that has conquered many peaks to reach a much sought after status. GIBS has been producing top notch professionals during the last decade that it has been in existence. During the academic course, it is a hectic round of classes, seminars, workshops, presentations, projects, and internships. The green 4.5-acre campus presents a beehive of activity each day with learning, personality building and soft skills and communications training that only ends with sleep. A network of GIBS alumni across the globe is the ultimate motivation to excel in a field where the greatest opportunities lie with the endless MNCs who have opened shop in Bangalore.

The appeal of the Bangalore culture

The garden city and the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has achieved a global city status with the development of industries and the IT boom. While a village life would be far more peaceful, prospects come from every direction in a multicultural city environment that presents the best of opportunities. Why not accept the challenge to shine professionally on a global scale?

We live in a world immersed in commerce!

The contemporary world is saturated with technology but commerce rules over everything. Money, human resources, and materials are crucial to every form of business activity and management is the glue that holds them all together. Without banking, finance, and insurance, no business would succeed. The 21st century for the first time in human history has brought about mega businesses that work across countries and continents. Don’t forget the online businesses where most of the world is now moving because of the greatest conveniences and the best prices. Yet industry and factories work in brick and mortar buildings and are sold online.

Global markets opened up by the internet have created immense job openings. Those who possess the appropriate aptitude and skills could be employed anywhere in job advertisements, applications and online interviews have facilitated easy and quick employment. If you have an aptitude and interest in banking, accountancy, and finance with regards to business, give some serious thought to pursuing the three-year B.Com course at GIBS according to the Bangalore University syllabus. Aim at leadership positions in the field since the course includes personality training and communication skills development appropriate to the business sector.

The B.Com core syllabus

The BCom course content primarily deals with accounting and statistics, marketing principles and human resource management. Business administration and special subjects recommended by Bangalore University have their distinctive place in the syllabus. E-business, Auditing and Information Systems are thoroughly covered. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are particularly important. Creativity and Enterprise need to be developed along with knowledge of the existing scenario in business. Laws and procedures, systems and regulations guide businesses at every step on all levels, local, regional, national and international.

Career Counseling by experts rich in industry experience provides many eye-openers to the real state of the business world. Rather than know theories, Learning in Practice is encouraged in order to obtain a realistic understanding of the environment. Communication in speech and writing and through technology is stressed. Global exposure and worldwide intelligence are inculcated through a variety of activities. Library resources backed up by industry publications feed valuable up to date information to the young minds in their scholarly quest.

Several unique value-added programs and short-term certification programs bring a world of fascinating experiences and add to the accumulated knowledge, experience, and skills. The personality is molded in the process to work alongside foreigners with their differing languages, cultures, and philosophies. A broad vision is inculcated in students along with soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and cooperation.  

Paid internships probably bring the first experience of earning money to students. It is a valuable experience and may lead to regular appointments with the concerned company. Campus placements favor many of the students who perform excellently as a richly deserved reward that may last a lifetime.

Further study opportunities after BCom

Many wish to accumulate degrees nowadays in order to gain leverage in the job market. Perhaps MCom would be considered that would lead to a teaching career. But not everybody wishes to study further since getting an early foothold in the job market is equally important.

Every commerce student would have experienced the dream of becoming a Chartered Account. CA requires three examinations to be completed; the CPT, IPCC and Final CA. Alternatively, pursuing MBA at a reputed institution would launch a spectacular business leadership career. Thinking in terms of foreign prospects, USA conducts the Certified Management Accountant program that is reviewed by the ICMA.  CMA requires two examinations to be cleared.

What job types would you be qualified for?

Accountants are required to keep track of expenditure, profits, and losses in any business! It is very common for commerce graduates to work as accountants initially and gather some experience.

Becoming a tax consultant would require some initial job experience before you can set up an office independently.

Banking jobs show a great preference for commerce graduates. BPOs also want commerce graduates. The internet has made it so convenient to keep track of jobs being offered.

An auditor is a senior accountant who checks financial ledgers.  Study of short courses for commerce graduates would enable them to become stock brokers. An Export-Import Manager, Financial Consultant, Insurance Consultant and Company Secretary are some of the senior positions that commerce graduates can achieve after some experience and further study. Are you interested in becoming a Market Researcher, Economist, Event Manager, Hotel Manager or Travel Manager or an MBA then explore more at

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Make a grand entry into the corporate business world with a BBA from GIBS, Bangalore

A politically peaceful Bangalore with its pretty gardens and the IT culture would rank among the best locations for study. At 3000 feet above sea level, the pleasant climate brings together cosmopolitan cultures to share in its many wonders. In recent times, the establishment of a number of MNCs with their assembly and manufacturing hubs provides endless opportunities for internships and great careers. The challenge filled ambiance does motivate excellence in performance in order to catch up with global standards. Connected by air to major capitals across the world, the globe is beckoning for you to get on board.

Global Institute of Business Studies with a green 4.5-acre campus in Bannerghatta in South Bangalore figures high in the list of the most awarded and ranked management institutions. Whether it is the learned faculty with live industry experience, the technology inspired study atmosphere and an up to date curriculum at par with leading international universities, GIBS presents a remarkable dream. Well, one needs to imagine the possibilities of the future and work up to it. Everything in this institute motivates achievement.

The university of Mysore is a century old leading university within Karnataka. Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu is the second university that GIBS is affiliated with. The twin university affiliations promise the best recipe of scholastic and field training possibilities and the combined intellectual vigor provides the heat of accomplishment. Beating the competition is certainly high on the agenda with the best brains in the world vying for the highest management designations. Besides the intellectual ability, personality development and soft skills would all matter in the race to the top.

Accreditations by UGC and NAAC, MHRD and ISO, AILA, Parivarthan and Aryawarth reinforce the faith in the prestigious institution that has launched hundreds of careers in elaborate placements in a comparatively young institute. While experience has its wisdom, startups are known for refreshing new ideas at par with the best in the world.

GIBS also offers twin degrees like the MBA combined with PGPM. Many universities and institutes nowadays offer integrated courses like BBA combined with BA or LL.B. It is an advantage to study a single five-year course rather than hop from institution to institution to pursue separate courses.

Corporate BBA

A beginning to a great business management career could commence with the Corporate BBA. The three-year course would lay a strong foundation of the business world with a background of commerce and marketing principles. Participants hail from a variety of backgrounds and perhaps some have no knowledge of business at all. On the other hand, some students come from remote areas and need some adjustment time. The caring staff makes everybody feel at home during the first few weeks and months. Three years is a long time indeed to spend under a single roof, but so much is waiting to unfold that would create splendid careers in business niches across the world. GIBS alumni already occupy some senior positions and the network is extremely useful to inspire and motivate the present batch of students.

Specializations are crucial subject choices

Besides the common course content that every student learns, the specialized subjects refer to the particular interests. After the course is completed, the graduates would probably concentrate on those fields of specialized study. Among the ten subjects offered are Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management. Other subjects deal with International Business, Information Systems, and Tourism & Travel Management. Will it be Healthcare Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Retailing & Supply Chain Management or Banking & Insurance?

While Hospitality and Healthcare figure among the highest revenue generators in the industry, finance, HR, and marketing apply to every sector. International Business and Banking & Insurance attract many because of the infinite possibilities of professional development. A worldwide demand exists for proficient business managers who can work in cosmopolitan environments. Adjusting to MNC work environments would go a long way in achieving corporate success.

Placements with MNCs and collaborations with universities abroad

Finally, it is the network of connections established by institutes that matter as it is for individuals! Each year comes to a long list of successful placements of students with MNCs as the last duty of the institute towards the students.  That becomes possible because of industry connections and goodwill. The faculty and industry work hand in hand and guest speakers highlight real experiences to enlighten future managers.

Student and teacher exchange programs with universities abroad strengthen the international outlook and refreshing winds are constantly blowing across GIBS. We would like to call the whole world our home and life at GIBS certainly makes it possible.

The core syllabus extracts

Management Concepts & Theories, Business Environment, Communication and Accounting, Economics and Statistics are some compulsory subjects. Marketing and Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, Legal Aspects of Business, Operations Management and Management Information Systems are some other crucial study areas. Project Management and Entrepreneurship are also crucial study modules.  Project Work and Internship form important components of the course.

Besides the academic and the professional areas of study, many short terms certification programs and industry-based activities mold the students into livewire executives built for powerful careers. No matter which organization across the world they may work with, the GIBS spirit never leaves them. Once motivated, they learn to fly high all lifelong. Soft Skills are fundamental in the contemporary professional world. Another is the Life Skill & Innovation Program that sets the scene for the design and planning of life skills through Microsoft and Google programs.

The Six Sigma training optimizes superlative performance at the organizational level by eliminating waste, rework, and mistakes. Increased customer satisfaction, Profitability & Competitiveness are the results. The Global Business Forum brings together over 500 industrialists to share their inspiring messages that help the grooming of would be business managers.

Successful Placements

GIBS invites professionals from across the country to promote communication and leadership skills. Personality development and confidence building form part of the mission to create successful managers according to world standards. Intensive contacts with the corporate world make it possible to hand over excellent placements to students at the end of the course.   Accenture, Bharat Petroleum, and Dalmia are some recruiters.

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Business professionals climb higher in the corporate world with 1 Year PGDM from GIBS

One academic year passes by rather quickly but the PGDM course at GIBS Bangalore can make a world of a difference! The most in-demand profession of business management has reached global proportions nowadays. Training 21st-century professionals who can take up challenges on the international horizon is the task faced by b-schools. Though India has thousands of b-schools, few of them succeed in refining skills and abilities with a global perspective. GIBS possesses the entire infrastructure in terms of faculty, industry connections, guest speakers and the technology besides adequate placements to be considered among the best.

Imagine an ambitious young graduate in any discipline, preferably connected with special interests that may be commerce or business administration. After successful graduation, full-time work experience follows. After working for several years, the realization dawns that skills and abilities do not cope up with the higher work pressures. Rising higher in the management world would require further training and experience at the hands of experienced faculty and a new shot at studies.

The one-year PGDM opens up new horizons

The course that is quickly completed in two semesters is open to graduates in any field who have qualified in the three-year undergraduate degree program. The PGDM program is not meant for fresh graduates. Management courses throughout the world and even in the most advanced USA insist upon adequate work experience perhaps in the managerial capacity. Several years of such work experience have already taught important lessons about the work life. Thinking on your feet, coping up with deadlines, the emotional and physical stress all take their toll professionally.

Interpersonal skills, excellent communication in speech and in writing, teamwork and motivation, analytical, logical and managerial skills are all needed. The first working experience is always unique. Entrants to the PGDM course have already crossed some milestones along the management path that they might pursue throughout a lifetime.

Affiliation with Bangalore University

Bangalore is both wild with greenery and has the brains to become the IT capital of India. One of the largest universities in Asia, Bangalore University, provides the inspiration. BU originated from the parent Mysore University in 1964 to bring together the institutions in the state capital. NAAC bestowed BU with a Five Star Status in 2002 and reaccredited in 2008. The India Today – Nielsen survey of May 31st, 2010, ranked BU 13th among the top 50 universities in India. BU conducts as many as 50 postgraduate courses besides much more.

Multiple domains of specialization in PGDM

What really matters in the contemporary world is a specialized approach to study areas. Successful managers are those who have specialist knowledge and experience of a particular field though management and financial issues may apply to every sector in general. Those who combine technical knowledge with business skills would reach very high in the industry since it is a twin advantage. MNCs do need such staff who understand technical intricacies as well as the trends of the business world.

In PGDM, Marketing Management and Human Resources Management are two of the specialized study areas. Hospital Administration and E-commerce are also specialized areas of study. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Management and Business Administration as specialized subjects would enable the setting up of an independent business with knowledge of the different aspects. Not every management graduate is in search of highly paid designations in MNCs. Many of them want to launch independent businesses in a small way that could expand and diversify in good time.

Quality of teaching and variety of learning activities at GIBS

Unlike many b-schools that promise many things but only succeed in teaching theory and create unemployable pass outs, GIBS has gathered a powerful reputation as a center for excellence. The faculty does pay personal attention to the needs of the students. A sense of purpose, drive, and motivation is felt as soon as you step into the campus at Bannerghatta. It is a sprawling campus with abundant nature and a place that inspires study and competition.

Participatory and interactive learning has its own rewards. The best understanding comes from doing things and participation rather than by passive rote learning for the sake of passing examinations. The range of lectures and workshops, presentations and seminars do create a thirst for knowledge that may be directly applied because it is tune with the present needs. An up to date constantly evolving curriculum keeps the students on their toes and alive to the changing trends of the business world.

Program structure

Besides the specialization that throws light on several important areas of contemporary business, Management Process, Organizational Behavior and Development, Business Ethics/ Human Values and Organizational Communication are the topics taught in the first semester. After a simple beginning, Marketing Management, Advertising & Brand Management, Marketing of Services and International Marketing will be taught.

HR forms an important part of every organization along with money and materials of course. International Human Resources Management, Organizational Culture, Change & Development, Employee Relations Management and Labor Legislation are topics that enable students to understand the business set up along with the governing laws for labor.

Healthcare forms one of the biggest business sectors worldwide and India offers outstanding large-scale health tourism with global health chains setting up hospitals. The topics for study in this field are Environment for Health Care Management, Hospital Operations Management, Accounting & Finance for Health Care and Management Marketing for Health Care Services.

Global internet sales have increased rapidly due to convenience, better quality of products, a vast range, and cheaper prices. Study topics like Infrastructure for E-Commerce, Fundamentals of E-Commerce, and Fundamentals of M-Commerce develop student ideas and knowledge of this booming field where everything can be bought and sold.

Setting up an independent business is getting easier with all the technology and software, the ease and convenience of online selling. Small Business Environment and Management, Small Business Marketing, Financing of Small Business, Entrepreneurial Development and New Enterprise Management are the related topics covered.

Finance finds a special place in any business. Accounting for Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management are very important to study topics.

One year study and a short duration to success

As compared to many other lengthy study and training courses, two semesters is a short duration but the benefits could last lifelong. Those already in service or business could join PGDM at GIBS for better chances to rise professionally.

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International Business specialization a guaranteed success at GIBS, Bangalore

The 21st century may well be termed the era of international business, now that the world is tiring of technology. Every business nowadays appears to be going global and the internet is the reason that even villages can think globally. Mega businesses that have branches spread through the world in several countries and continents follow a different work culture compared to traditional businesses.  Cultural differences make up the change as compared to narrow national frontiers. Being prepared with a variety of strategies for conducting business would be required. Knowledge of an additional foreign language in addition to English would be a necessity for a greater chance at success.

The GIBS approach

Headquartered in the advanced global city of Bangalore, GIBS has the appropriate access to multinational corporations for effective internships for trainees. Close and convenient access to major industries and businesses has made a great difference to the student culture. A challenging and stimulating urban ethos is a great encouragement to curious and ambitious minds embarking on global management careers.

The faculty and the curriculum, teaching methodology and placement unit are fine tuned to scholastic and management achievement with a highly developed learning infrastructure. The campus ambiance does reflect the world that cherishes values and wishes to mold productive citizens who would hold their heads high. Though International Business would take managers to the ends of the world, the alumni never forget their roots and the academic nest that taught them to fly.

Affiliations and specializations

Under the twin aegis of Mysore University in Karnataka and Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu states in India, GIBS also conducts the Corporate BBM and B.Com programs. A one-year PGDM program is conducted besides the MBA plus PGPM. An industry integrated MBA is conducted during weekends.

The Global Institute of Business Studies offers the following specializations for MBA/PGPM: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Systems and Tourism & Travel Management. The other specializations are Healthcare Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Retailing & Supply Chain Management and Banking & Insurance.

Young men and women who aspire to a career in business management should appraise their priorities and make specific plans with an appropriate specialization. Healthcare and Hospitality as two of the most prolific international businesses attract thousands of business graduates prepared to work in global postings. On the other hand, combining technical knowledge along with management expertise would lead to higher and senior designations in a highly competitive industry. Aspirants for rural management and agriculture management similarly would have a separate set of objectives more concentrated on their own surrounding rather than global concerns.

What problems could arise while working abroad?

Social and cultural, linguistic and religious adjustments would be necessary. Adaptability is a major worry and IB teaches some of those concerns. Working in a multicultural environment is a quality that is achieved after sustained effort. A 21st-century life does require such an internationally acceptable frame of mind. Controversies could arise when racial or religious problems arise as they sometimes do. Extremist elements have been creating problems since long, sometimes rather severe.

Other unfamiliar aspects would be dress codes and currencies, adjusting with changed monetary systems. Becoming familiar early with a foreign language, at least the rudiments, perhaps Chinese, Japanese, French or German, would go a long way to promote an international understanding. In India, people often find themselves in difficulty when they travel from one state to the other to take up jobs or study. The problem may be superficial, but it reminds of bigger issues abroad. Yet there is not much to worry about because families, organizations, and individuals may help during the transition period.

Dual degrees and exchange programs

Many institutions in India plan courses to help out with such problems. Dual degrees that are awarded by two universities, one in India and one abroad, help in such circumstances by forging international understanding. Students may travel to the foreign destination for study. Exchange programs may be costly, but bring together teachers and students in some foreign destination to work together.

An effective curriculum for international business specialization

Such currents and crosscurrents of thought would be instrumental in preparing for a career in international business. Theories alone would not suffice, but rather an intrinsic understanding of such a complex global environment. It is important to remember that the USA is made up of 33 nationalities while Canada has 23. Among Indian cities, Bangalore has the largest number of foreigners.

Besides the study of economics, commerce, finance, and management through theory and internships, case study approaches present actual problem situations and solutions are sought. Besides, solving a problem in a remote village setting in your native country would be different from situations abroad. Working in global scenarios to solve financial, organizational and marketing issues require a different set of approaches.

Communicating well is particularly important both verbally and in writing. A friendly and cooperative approach with a willingness to face problems and solve them would be the enterprising spirit. Proficiency in a chosen language like Chinese if you planned to work in China would be an asset. The business expression would get greater attention in such a case.
It can well be imagined that MNCs frequently face such issues! Sensitivity towards such cultural and community issues would be required for finer adjustment. What about professionals and many of them exist who have routinely worked in as many as 20 countries? How did they adjust? Was English alone sufficient to get through a lifetime of duties?

International business requires a willing state of mind

Management in principle does deal with sociology and political science, economics and psychology. International Business has no formal requirements. Understanding of labor and human resources besides economic structures and business processes would be an advantage. Financial accounting and marketing, microeconomics and international management would form part of the core curriculum.

Probable job opportunities would cover the import/export business, foreign currency, sales and international management consultancies. Employers could be one of the government departments and banks, the import/export corporations and multinational manufacturers. Consulting firms and international non-governmental organizations may seek your services. Electronics and transportation companies and tourism and hospitality organizations could offer prime designations. Explore more at

A Deep Insight into Human Resource Management at GIBS

HRM is the study which relates how human resource can be made more effective and efficient. This study will help an apprentice to know more about the skills, abilities, and creativity within every human being, how they could learn how these talents can be used at the best. Almost in every organization, you can find a separate department, namely HR department. This department plays a vital role in a company.

All over the world, the demand for human resource management students has raised a lot. There are many institutions which are offering excellent programs in this field. Aspirants will be happy knowing that after passing out from these International Standard Business schools, the placement cell works for all the students to get the placement.

GIBS school of business: An Introduction

At present, the GIBS business school has become quite prominent and the management offers the best study course for MBA aspirants. The aim of the core committee of this business school is to offer an exclusive program for business management so that aspirants will be able to gather more knowledge in this study program. This is really nice to notice that this B-school is ranked 3rd within India among other reputed schools for business. According to the report given by Higher Education Review in the year 2016, this institute has become 4th according to infrastructure and 8th as per exposure towards the industry. The careers- the Education Hub in Karnataka has awarded AA+ to this school for its excellent offer for Academic MBA program.

Aspirants, who are willing to take an admission in this institution, need to sit for CAT or XAT or ATMA. The institution has also been considered as the Best Academic Infrastructure by the students for the year 2016.

HRM study course
The study course is offered for two years, scholars can take admission only after passing the entrance exams like CAT or MAT or XAT. Once a scholar is passed out and wishes to take admission in the B-school for having the best academic program, he or she should know the detail about the curriculum.

    Law of industrial relation: Knowing about the rules relating to industrial relations is always known to be the more important part of this study curriculum. Every country maintains their own rule relating to industrial relations and here all apprentices need to have the required knowledge about this rules and regulations.
    Law relating to social security: the academic program of HRM includes the syllabus relating to social security. This study is compulsory to accept the challenge of globalization and after going through this study; aspirants will be able to fit for any organization. This topic will actually make the students aware regarding how the employees are being protected within any organization.
    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: This is one of the most significant chapters which is necessary for every learner to study. The chapter will make the learner more confident about the how the human resource is being used in different organization for the benefit of the company.
    Fundamentals relating to industrial relations: Industrial relations are known to be one of the most effective tools within every organization and hence aspirants of HRM should aware about this area too.
    Basic of labor laws: Proper knowledge relating to labor law is always essential for every aspirant to know. In India, the laws relating to the protection of labors have been changed time to time. Hence, this is obligatory for every scholar to have detailed knowledge about the rules and regulations relating to this law. The Federal, as well as the state rules, always seek the best protection to the labor and accordingly rules relating to this must be known by the students.
    Performance management and its appraisal: This is a systematic evaluation of the performance of the employees of any company and the manager of HR will do this evaluation.  With this evaluation, it will be possible to know how the efforts of the employees can be developed.

Global exposures
The institution has become quite famous in recent days. Not only in India, It can be noticeable that students from all over the world attending this school to get prepared for this course. The management of this school always pays attention towards offering high-quality education. Well trained academicians are engaged within this institute so that every student gets the best and quality education.
A gathering of international students is also noticeable and this proves how efficiently the organization is working. Pupils from Nepal, Bangladesh, China are attending the study courses here. The best thing about this business school is that the management follows the theory of Six Sigma.  

Scope of HR study program

At present with the enhancement in the field of various industrial sectors, it can be realized that a huge demand for managers taking care of the human resource department within any organization. The aspirants after passing this course will be eligible to get an immense scope in various fields. Let us take a look in the areas where beginners can be eligible to get the best opportunity.
    Planning: In every organization, authentic planning is required to be conducted so that recruiting for the vacancies can be done in an authentic manner. The professionals here are also eligible to calculate the amount of excess and shortage of staffs.
    Designing of job analysis: Every manager in this post must have the capacity to do a proper analysis of job design.
    Indispensable recruitment and selection: For necessary recruitment and selection, every organization needs to depend on the manager for carrying on a required enrollment program. Here, every student in this field after passing out from GIBS will get the best opportunity.
    Training program: Executing the required training program is also essential in within any organization. Hence, here every company depends on a lot on professional HRM.
    Planning for remuneration: This is one of the vital parts of planning and recruitment where the professionals are eligible to help in making a perfect plan for planning and remuneration. The HR department will take the crucial steps for calculation and disbursement of remuneration.

Placements for the students of HRM has been stupendous and more can be explored at:


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Redefining Placements with newer meanings : GIBS, Bangalore

The two-year MBA course at GIBS may be a long duration in comparison to shorter courses but many study courses extend to much longer durations. The placements take place towards the end of the course though internships happen much earlier. Placements are certainly expected as a primary duty of the parent institution that has nurtured the student for so long. Placements will come like the icing on the cake, in some cases better than the others but everybody is bound to get a fair share. On campus, placements are no joke and really happen year after year though some stupendous offers to students may seem quite unbelievable. Institutions do publish records of placements after each session that indicates the maximum salary offered and the average salaries.

Management and Business are truly universal in the sense that every sector is covered by business activity that requires finance and needs management. The management could refer to materials and resources, people and money. The system is experienced in every home and office, except for the change in dimensions. The principle is the same. After studying one of the courses at GIBS with appropriate specialization, which industry do you hope to join? Will you get the preferred choice of the industry at the required location? It all depends upon situations at the time of recruitment. It is true that recruiters regularly knock on the institute doors and a series of meetings are held to select the most suitable candidates. Naturally, a rush ensues to grab the students performing the best!

Perhaps Insurance or Banking, Manufacturing, and Advertising, Engineering, Healthcare or Hospitality could be your lucky star! There exist much more for sure like Construction and Retail, Oil and Gas, and Pharma and Retail. The entire spectrum of global industry is the playground for smart business managers with the appropriately developed skills and abilities. In many cases, the first appointment leads to a lifelong career in the same industry which is an advantage with great experience rather than switching sectors. Technical knowledge added to business skills would ensure even higher senior positions in industry.

The GIBS Placement Cell

As a first step, students need to prove their skills and knowledge in the several semesters. Sustained study and regular attendance are followed by passing university examinations and obtaining adequately good results. The sustained hard work is finally rewarded with plush placements in well-paying jobs.

Considering placements based on industry, some of the highest recruitments in the past were based on IT, Engineering and Hospitality, Insurance and Apparels. The institution makes intense efforts through the placement committee and contacts with the corporate world to provide the best appointments to students. Real life work experiences come with internships and often the company expresses a desire to hire the candidates they prefer.

The placement cell encourages active participation by the students in several activities that are geared towards industry understanding. Consider the programs like Campus to Corporate, Aptitude Tests and Mock Interviews. Thorough professionalism is encouraged through study programs like SAP and Six Sigma that motivate greater productivity. The institution provides guidance on Career Planning and trains in soft skills. Besides live projects like internships, students get involved in corporate events. Industry leaders deliver guest lectures and hold panel discussions with students. The alumni are often present to encourage the present batch of students.

When students interact with corporates, sometimes through job fairs and workshops, a better understanding is achieved. Companies visit GIBS for pre-placement meetings when they conduct tests. Thus, the process of communication and relationship building with the would-be employers increase visibility for students in a highly competitive industry interface where no tomorrow seems to exist.

Let us not forget the nuts and bolts of employability success! Besides academic knowledge and practical skills, students need to prepare resumes. In the real world, a job hunt can involve applications to dozens of organizations with an indefinitely long waiting period and many interviews and written tests. GIBS has simplified the job hunting with a streamlined process of industry exposure, interaction, interviews, and selection. It is one-way traffic. After students join the institution, they leave after two years with a good appointment in hand.

Several Placement Activities

Programs like HR Consultancies and the Start-ups in India program bring students face to face with career prospects. The Placement Advisory Board and GIBS Talk Shows increase the ideas and knowledge of the employment possibilities. International Placement does happen with a network of 2000 alumni scattered across India and the world. Tie-ups exist with over 400 companies and many of them regularly recruit at GIBS.

The Placement Process

The students receive Career Counseling in the different aspects of various industries by professionals and the faculty. Company representatives interact with students in the campus through conferences and workshops formally and informally. The Placement Team provides student profiles to the potential recruiting companies. The Pre-Placement Discussions explore further about job roles and profiles. According to interests, students submit resumes for consideration within the company deadline.

Slots are now allocated, according to several parameters like work profile and student preferences, job location and salary package, etc. A shortlisting for the final interview takes place. The final selection is based on the CV, discussions, and interviews, followed by the company announcement. 

The superb training facilities

How do the students reach such a high level of competency and confidence that enables them to shoulder seemingly incredible responsibilities right at the beginning of their careers? The answer is not so simple. Like climbing a mountain, it is a little at a time with a long way to go. All the researched methods of personal and personality development are practiced by a highly qualified and industry experienced faculty. Global connections have increased the reach and the clout of training programs with international networks.

GIBS has a conscience, unlike some institutes that make money and let the students down with mediocre placements though they make tall claims of success. The professional education believes in ethical approaches and green, sustainable practices. Lessons in communication and leadership skills require guest lectures by professionals from all over the country.
By management, we mean a world of big business where wide connections are absolutely necessary. The Global Business Forum at GIBS brings together industrialists from a variety of sectors. Thus, the students get to meet dozens of industry leaders across the training program of two years. Exploring the world of corporates was never easier or more interesting with the promise of lucrative appointments coming as a reward for good performance.

A typical GIBS student

At the end of the comprehensive training, the GIBS student leaves with an appointment that might lead far up the corporate ladder. The students have been trained to create opportunities. They can interact effectively with groups and with individuals with equal ease, possessing highly developed communication and interpersonal skills. Handling complicated business and management situations is what they have learned to do with confidence. They understand the key business ideas and possess the capability to build and transform profitable business environments.

Such students understand global concerns and are dedicated to the country, society, and family with their hearts in the right place.  Though working with the mind, values and principles are never up for sale. Intellectual acumen combines with ethical systems to deliver value based duties. Capable of sound judgments, they communicate well with every kind of audience. We never stop learning and developing the knowledge and skills that would continue across a lifetime.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Residential Campus Life Benefits at GIBS, Bangalore

Those who studied in the shelter of their homes and families have missed out on the adventurous hostel experience. Learning to be independent is a part of the philosophy besides wider exposure to learning and club activities according to preferences. A brief period of adjustments to new circumstances is followed by elated activities that never end except with sleep. Feel the pulse of a 24- hour study and activity-filled life at GIBS, pursuing one or two-year business management courses!

Academics come first and the various learning activities associated to maximize the grasping of important concepts, the field trips and industry visits, the internships and the eventual placement. That is what the students are here for, to make it big in the competitive world of business management.

The GIBS ventures that make a difference

Working through several organizations provides a multipronged approach to academic accomplishment, humanitarian activities, and social services. Besides the GIBS Academy exist the GIBS Social Foundation, Global Business Forum, GIBS Sports Academy and Pathfinder Value Creations, an Event Management Company.

Abundant choices of activities in the after-study hours

Depending upon time, interests and passions, pursue the healthiest sports events, participate culturally in concerts or staged drama, and arrange exhibitions. Environments matter so much in stimulating participation. Mute witness or actively taking part is the big question and it is always better to get a real feel by handling things and playing a role.

Lots take place in that 4.5-acre nature-embedded Bannerghatta campus. Some annual events take place regularly with tremendous labor and zeal on the part of the organizers! The GIBS Convocation Day, Annual Day and the selection of the Student of the Year involve a lot of feelings. Inter-Collegiate Management Fests bring out the best talents of several institutions. The Global Business Forum brings together the best minds. Alumni Meetings provide a great deal of inspiration to future professionals. Job Fairs present immense possibilities.

An Annual Festival of the Creative Arts is an occasion to remember. Performances combine with the visual arts to present a feast for the senses. It is an amalgamation of music and dance, theater and film besides amazing artworks that come together to express the creative potential of a multitude of students.

Some of the cherished events

Courses commence with a comprehensive orientation program to kick off motivationally. MBA study requires a range of technical workshops that deal with accounting and business mathematics, statistics and ethics. Students come from diverse backgrounds and Personality Development programs bring them at par with the demanding requirements of the business world. Crisis management and Time management workshops and seminars hold special importance.

The short programs matter too, and students participate in debates and quizzes, IT and IB related events, HR, Marketing and Finance programs.

The Fresher’s Week comprises several rounds of activities by way of introduction to a new campus, culture, and lifestyle that will mean so much towards successful careers. The course experiences a lot of drama during the few semesters and ends with Placement Meetings; hopefully, the students get what they dreamed of. Internships and Job Fairs have similar themes of professional success, competition, and accomplishment at heart.

Festival Celebrations to commemorate special national and international occasions provide respite from the rigid schedule of academic study. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day and Gandhi Jayanthi are some patriotic themes.

Community-based activities

Activities in aid of the neighboring community bring dedicated occasions. The students and faculty, staff and alumni get together to pool resources in service projects to help the local community. Several CSR activities bring satisfaction like Fund Raising for the needy and Adopting a School in a Village. Affiliations with NGOs provide ample opportunities to practice social work.

Concerns for a green environment are certainly a driving force and every activity is geared towards a conservation of resources. Recycle and reuse is a consistent practice. Cleanliness is visible everywhere on the naturally endowed campus with hillsides and abundant greenery besides the well laid out gardens.

Amidst the hue and cry over water issues, Rain Water harvesting is an activity that reminds that the solution lies in our hands. Simply collect rainwater to solve most water scarcity issues. It is a pity that it is not practiced widely.

The Clubs and Committees carry out a great variety of programs

Playing a greater role is what every student hopes to achieve. Instead of participation alone, become an organizer and direct the course of the action. Students are trained to be managers anyway. Meaningful social and cultural, literary and sports activities are a way of life at GIBS. Some events may come annually, yet the enthusiasm does not fade. Like guests in hotels, students come and go after a brief period of a few semesters.  Placements bring the hard work of study to an end. GIBS remains with them for a lifetime and the alumni often get together in the industry across the world. The globe beckons with ample chances of business management success.