Friday, 24 June 2016

Let’s put some light on cleanliness , Cleanliness- something we must all follow

Billions of ideas, thousands of activists, hundreds of activities and one goal- a better world.  With so much awareness being spread, more number of people is taking a step towards several goals like cleanliness, plantation and other activities.  One of the most troublesome problems is the lack of cleanliness. People eat a packet of chips and throw the paper on the road, drink a can of cola, throw the can down. They spit on the road, urinate and litter every possible corner. We live in a world full of hypocrites who give speeches about cleanliness and throws trash on the road while getting back home.

But there are also organizations who believe in ‘Less talk, more work’. With people coming up with more ideas and activities, the world seems to be getting better. Campaigns like ‘The Swachh Bharat’ by the Prime Minister of India or the start up GIBS Social Foundation by Mr. Ritesh Goyal - chairman of GIBS aim at leading India towards a better and cleaner stage. Cleanliness is a very basic concept on which a lot of other concepts depend. Say, health, hygiene and lots more.
Hence, by keeping our environment clean, we do ourselves a huge favour.  We can also put our foot ahead by doing little things. Let’s start off by keeping our house clean. Then we can shift focus on the neighbourhood and later the entire area. All it needs is a good team and one can always work towards building one.  It is best to get youngsters to work for you, as they have hotter blood and will be enthusiastic.

It is also a good idea to get middle aged people to work, which are bored of their retired life and can spend time on something more effective. Hence, collect a good team and start off with working towards a better place for our children and others to live in!

What an MBA in HR can do for you - Scope for HR in MBA

Of all those friends and relatives you’ve had, to give you career advice, there would have been at least one person who told you to take up MBA in HR. Though not everyone knows about HR, they surely know that it can set your life. So what exactly is HR about? Here is a brief regarding what exactly HR is, what it is all about and how it could be useful to you in the context of your career.
HR or Human Resource Management, as the name suggests revolves around the humans of an organization. The manual power or human’s duty that leads to the production and development of the company is being managed and utilized and this process or this sort of organization is called the HR.  It involves interviewing employees, recruiting them, analyzing their work, motivating them, help regarding health, safety and welfare.

HR is a very happening course. There has always been demand for HR candidates and always will be. This is because the most basic requirement to run an organization is a team of workers. The production of the organization will, pretty obviously, depend on the quality of the work of the team. Hence, good team means good work. This is the reason HR is considered the backbone of any organization.

Post under graduation or post graduation, one has the option of taking up MBA in various courses like finance, marketing and so on. HR is one of these and is probably the best option. With so many start ups rising and with all the entrepreneurs wanting to make their companies stronger and wanting to raise their bars, they are on a look out for a good team and this is where your HR skills will help you.

So in case you’re in doubt about picking between HR or not, you should just go for it!

Internship - The Window to Experience Work in Real time - What internships do to you and your resume

The current generation doesn’t believe in living a mediocre life. There’s always this crave for a little extra.  But they are also aware that to get this ‘little extra’ bit they must work extra hard as well. With so many opportunities being poured out for the youngsters, they have a huge variety to pick from. But one of the most important factors that will play a vital role in enhancing your resume is the work experience and internships.

Internships clearly mean work experience. This is purely a learning experience where you will have less or no salary as you will be working for a short period of time. The decisions of the companies that would want to hire you will definitely be effected by the internship experiences that you’ve had.  They look out for youngsters who’ve been in practical situations and have applied their theories on solving the problems in the easiest way possible. This is when, what one learns at college, comes handy in practical sense.

Never let a vacation go waste. Use the time and get yourself an internship. This will teach you and enhance your chances of getting your desired job.  They’re great experiences but are not easy to get.  Usually there will be an interview for the internship as well. And only if your dedication and skills impress the recruiters, you might end up getting the internship. And yes you were right, this is as tough as a job. You will be trained by senior staff and you will be taught how to solve problems based on the theories you’ve learned.

This year, if you have some serious goals for yourself, get yourself an internship and get successful!

How Management Leads To Success - Management skills for a better future.

The basic and most important factor that is required for a disciplined life is management. Be it time, work or even fun, everything must have a slot and should be celebrated or received in the right amount. Management of time makes a person more disciplined. By sketching out a calendar or time table to take forward their activities allows them to fix proper periods for certain tasks and make extra time to do what they like. By being organized, they are aware of what is happening in their life and they would know what action would be responsible for development.

This way they will focus on what activities are hindering their progress and get rid of them while they can work on activities leading to progress. Management plays a vital role in becoming successful there are also career option for people who enjoy organizing and managing activities. Jobs like event management, hotel management et cetera pay you for doing what you do best- management. This involves taking responsibility of the human organization behind it, motivating them to complete the product or service before the deadline and satisfying their customers.

A job that could take you to heights, management has its own course to be studied. India is house for many management colleges that have blended skills and knowledge together to bring out the best in their students. The most recent entry to the industry is the GIBS, run by Mr. Ritesh Goyal who also believes that management is very necessary in our daily lives.  With several management courses being offered in GIBS lots of youngsters from all over the world have been attending college here.

Hence, if you’re confused about what to do while you know you can convince people and get the job done, management is definitely your cup of tea!

‎GIBS‬ Director to be identified as Best Director amongst Top 100 Directors of India by WEC.

Heartiest Congratulations...
It’s our Pride that ‪#‎GIBS‬ Director Dr. Aparna Rao to be identified as Best Director amongst Top 100 most Prestigious Directors of India by ‪#‎World‬‪#‎Education‬ ‪#‎Congress‬ 2016. 
‪#‎WEC‬ is a colloquium to impact the evolving culture of education and educational pedagogy by bringing the deep systemic change with a high vision & strategies, providing exposure to latest education tools, technologies and Solutions held on 23rd June 2016 at the Taj Lands End MumbaI.