Friday, 25 May 2018

The graduate or postgraduate business studies experience at GIBS

The 21st -century complexities of living and working successfully make it very challenging to accomplish senior positions, particularly in the business field. Youth nowadays are not satisfied with tame careers within the hometown, but wish to explore greener pastures across national boundaries, preferably in advanced countries. While thousands of boys and girls travel abroad each year, both to study and to work, what about those who take up college course in Indian universities?

Private reputed institutions like Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, offer an excellent opportunity to excel at academics and practical training in internships before launching a strong career path. While it is true that many private institutions have a reputation for money-mindedness, GIBS has consistently placed the students in megacompanies. Lucky are the students in that the Bangalore location is ideal with an abundance of multinational companies within easy reach. Besides, the institution concentrates on a single subject and thus the chances of researched and specialized study is far better.

An aura of greenery and the colors of nature besides the thirst for accomplishment and winning the competition accompany the study courses at GIBS as the megacity brings dreams of professional success, far beyond the student dreams.  A tour of the city would reveal the many facets of a global city that has now become the pride of the Indian software industry. It is a cosmopolitan grace with communities from all over the Indian states and many countries abroad that have called Bangalore their home. Get well-heeled in the business world with a graduate or postgraduate degree and join the alumni who have reached high on the ladder.

Affiliations and approvals

Bangalore University was in the news recently when the university underwent a trifurcation process. Bangalore University split up into three universities to facilitate easier functioning, struggling under the weight of vast duties. The GIBS affiliation to Bangalore University guarantees high standards and academic excellence.

Links with universities and institutes abroad facilitate student exchanges, faculty research and development. Globalization has reached the world, but networking with a number of reputed institutions does bring the allure of greater knowledge and skills in a world bursting with competitive fervor.

The truth is that business institutes all over the world follow somewhat similar syllabi and curricula. That was possible with the many wonders of digital technology that allows easy duplication and exchange of information, communication without borders and open source software. Copyrights and intellectual property rights hardly seems to exist in a seamless world where thousands of study materials and academic courses are available online for free.

Buildings, campuses and facilities matter

While the business studies syllabus may be similar across the world, the local study culture, the learning experiences and the faculty matter for sure. The 4.5-acre world class campus is inspiring enough with every required facility well in place.  A positive ambience is striking as you take a round of the classrooms and the library, the laboratories and the games facilities. The foundation of the business world success would be laid here within the span of perhaps four or six semesters, according to the course opted for.

A career of a lifetime spans many decades and updating knowledge and skills becomes necessary to keep up with the fast changing scenario. Yet, the first business school would remain imprinted in the heart and mind as the initial springboard that launched a successful career. Early school laid the foundations of innocence and GIBS will lay the foundation of higher education and professional life.
A faculty drawn from near and far brings you up to date with the theoretical and practical aspects of the ever changing business world. It is precious lessons of life that are learned in addition to the subject matter in a world of values and traditions.

The dynamic offerings of Bangalore University

Meant for those who completed class 12, the three year degree courses BBA and BCom do provide a sensational start to a business career that is fated to go many places. While a few are determined to study the masters course too, not everybody is in such a lucky position. Make a beginning and work for some years and wait for further opportunities to improve qualifications. It is often found that good appointments and promotions make up for the educational courses.

MBA and PGDM are the courses that every business professional wishes to possess. While MBA stretches over four semesters, PGDM is easily done within two semesters. Though the essentials of all the business courses are the same, the postgraduate courses would open up greater vistas and bring further advancement of business knowledge and skills.

Study with dedication after completing the admission formalities and take up the challenge to succeed ethically and earn the blessings of the family, society and country.

GIBS hold a free Health Camp to spread positive messages

Date: 14th May 2018
Time: 12 am to 3:30 pm
Place: GIBS (Chandapura)
Such opportunities come but rarely and everybody is attracted on principle to free services. When the free service concerns health and well being, it is certainly an attractive situation. Global Institute of Business Studies does have the welfare of the community at the heart of many of its programs as a premier business management venue.
The truth is that most of us do not opt for regular health checkups due to various reasons. Over busy lifestyles and the unavailability of medical facilities in the immediate proximity are some reasons. The result is that certain health problems take root and escalate undetected. A stitch in time could have prevented serious problems.
As far as students are concerned, it is a regular occasion and the boys and girls did undergo the process with great interest, being quite aware of the need to monitor the health and the functioning of the organs, though problems are lesser at the young age, as a rule. Keeping a record of your health in a file would be the best strategy. Do you know your blood group? Many do not.
The CSR initiative by the CSR Club of GIBS Social Foundation Trust helped the rural community along with the students. The renowned Best Hospitals in Chandapura provided the staff and the instruments. Blood Pressure was checked along with the Sugar level besides a general checkup of the state of health. It is encouraging to note that 65 members of the community from outside the GIBS campus participated in the health checkup.

Healthy living

The Health Camp is a reminder of the need to practice healthy and active lifestyles. The diet needs to be appropriate with enough fruits and vegetables besides water intake for hydration and active lifestyles would assist metabolism. Development of muscles and healthy growth does depend upon both the dietary and activity factors.
Student life, particularly needs to be robust with participation in sports activities or walking and jogging at least. Since the mind is stressed with academic work to a great extent, it is necessary to balance the strain with vigorous physical activity. Otherwise, the brain would get heavily stressed and go to sleep.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes

While the young and energetic GIBS students hardly suffer from BP and Sugar complications, a majority of the elderly community does. Both these conditions can lead to complications if medications are not taken on a regular basis. The medications would last a lifetime in most cases. Few senior citizens are free from the scourge of BP and Sugar. Hereditary factors are often to blame for such problems getting passed down the generations. Otherwise, the precipitating factors are not very clear and research is ongoing.
If they remain untreated or neglected with many people not taking medicines regularly, serious consequences can be the result. As demonstrated in the camp, BP and Sugar levels need to be monitored regularly. The equipment is not so expensive and the family can keep both the BP and sugar monitoring instruments at home and use them when required, perhaps once a month or more if patients are present. The hassle of finding medical facilities would be avoided.

Take good care of your health

While we have no control of bodily and mental processes, healthy habits of food and drink and the avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse would go a long way to ensure a good life. Set an example for the family and the community with an active, healthy and successful life.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The International Nurses Day reminder to GIBS students

The students at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore have a lot to inspire them when the international days are celebrated each year.  Along with the nursing profession, teaching and babysitting are some other professions where you need a lot of tenderness and commitment. Humanitarian tasks to relieve suffering and bring smiles would be filled with merits in spiritual terms. The legacy of Florence Nightingale remains with us, though she was born almost two centuries ago on 12 May 1820. Serving in the Crimean War of the 1850s, she taught lessons to humanity while caring for the wounded soldiers.

The immortal salute to Florence continues on an annual basis after the International Council of Nurses started the custom in 1974, a thoroughly well deserved recognition for a life well spent. In her footsteps walk the hundreds and thousands of nurses who make up the core of the healthcare profession. Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes would be lost without the sincere duties of the nurses. No robot could replace the nurse with the feelings and sentiments towards the sick and the suffering. It is truly a life dedicated to relieving sorrow and suffering and may be compared to the life of the nun who has withdrawn from life to remain in the shadow of god.

Florence achieved more after the Crimean War.  She was stationed at the Barrack Hospital in Scutari and reformed the nursing and healthcare services. In 1860, she opened the Nightingale School of Nursing at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Consider the themes of the two years, 2017 and 2018. ‘Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence’ for 2018 and ‘Nursing: A Voice to Lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ for 2017.
Celebrating the spirit of International Nurses Day

America and Canada celebrate the International Nurses Week that culminates on 12th May. Don’t you think that those hardworking nurses truly deserve to be so honored? A series of community events like seminars and competitions celebrate the grand occasion and the gift of god that are nurses with their soft corner for suffering people. Gifts and flowers express the sentiments very well and healthcare centers do a lot of celebrating in honor of the nursing community.

Family and friends get together and dinners are organized, particularly within the medical fraternity. Nurses being the extended arm of doctors, they must work hand in glove for the success of their mission. As caring as nurses are the doctors themselves too, who have opted like the nurses to relieve human and animal suffering. Like the two hands that must come together to clap or hold, nurses and doctors must work in unison for the success of the great mission.

Hardships of the nursing profession
While many colleges exist to train the nurses, the compulsory night duty makes it difficult for many nurses. Traveling up and down the city streets at night would be dangerous and inconvenient too. It is not always urban centers but also remote hospitals far in the woods or remote villages where nurses may have their duties. Night duties have to be faced almost in every profession and ways and means would have to be found to make it possible. Physically too, night studies are strenuous and it is fine at a young age for nurses.

Men do join the nursing duties too, but the tender care and patience is better delivered by the girls just like the best primary school and Montessori teachers are women. It is the gentle touch of the female that stirs the hearts and souls of the patients just like the toddlers in school and bring healing.  Have you not heard it said that medicine alone is not enough to bring a cure? The healing touch is needed and the nurses deliver that graceful feeling and a few words of encouragement besides feeding the patients with the tablets and the solutions.

Universal healthcare services depend upon nurses

Whether it is a small neighborhood doctor or a grand health facility in the city, nurses form the foundation for healthcare. Perhaps some nurses work without uniforms or college training. Indigenous healthcare too is delivered by those who know the trade like the traditional midwives who possess the training through the family members.

In village societies, while men went to work and fought wars, the women would enter the forest and discover the herbal remedies. As a result, the women learned the art of traditional healing and a fundamental understanding of nursing would be needed for nurses to practice too. Nurses do understand the basics of medicine and the daily experience introduces them to many trade secrets.
The nurses moving silently through the hospital wards in white, blue or pink uniforms are a reminder that god is present and will heal the suffering. May the nurses be blessed and appreciated by the students of Global Institute of Business Studies.

GIBS and the Mothers Day significance

Too many of those celebrations mark the international calendar each year and many people are tiring of them, because it is reduced to a token, or so it seems. Does it mean that the Mother’s or Father's Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents’ Day significance is restricted to a single day only? What about the remaining days of the year? Taken in the right spirit, the tributes make a lot of sense and carry the meaning of purpose and tradition. Just like national holidays or religious occasions repeated each year, they become ingrained in the mind and gradually unfold the tremendous importance. Other celebrations like the days dedicated to peace or happiness also carry deep importance that everybody silently accepts, inwardly at least.

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore is rich in tradition and believes in the finer aspects of the society in which we live. Since nobody is an island, but is connected by many bridges of history, culture, tradition and beliefs, it is a time for coming together and celebrating the mothers in our midst. It is certain that each student remembers the family and the mother, far away from home perhaps in the hostel. For those who feel lonely and lost, separated by huge distances from home, the GIBS leaders, faculty and other administration members do make them feel at home, playing the role of parents to guide them.

Where would we be without mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents?

Observed across 50 countries, Mothers Day originated in America as far back as 1908, more than a century ago. Can you imagine that? It is a reminder of how much respect is due to mothers who bring us into the world and take care of the child through thick and thin. Imagine the extent of the sacrifices, labor and the turmoil the mother has to undergo to bring up the child. Agreed that mothers are not alone and are aided by fathers too, men primarily fight wars and bring home the bread and butter. Mother attends to the baby and the child with all the tenderness she is capable of, with endless patience and prayers for the little one’s welfare.

The tribute Anna Jarvis made to her mother, Ann Jarvis, resulted in the observance of Mothers Day.  Ann helped the soldiers in the American Civil War and was a peace activist. The memorial service was held at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Let us rededicate ourselves to this noble emotion. For those who have no allegiances in life, here is a universal symbol of the greatness of society. A society that cares for mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings is worth living in.

On this special occasion, let the general public and the authorities undertake to help the lot of mothers with more facilities and goodwill, respect and honor. Mothers ideally should be placed on a pedestal instead of being robbed of honor as is often reported in the media. Representing women and the girl child, women must have due esteem in order to be cherished for what they really are.

A job as busy as any CEO’s

Those who make light of a mother’s role within the home are making a great mistake! Though it might be an unpaid service in money terms, the task of the mother from sunrise to sunset each day deserves a lot of payment. Babysitting, cooking and washing, shopping and supervising the servants would be enough to drive a man crazy. What about the women who manage both the office job and the home with the help of a babysitter or day care center of course?

Gifts for mothers

Though mothers at home are denied the high salaries they should be getting for the many duties performed with labor and sweat, they receive plenty of deserved attention and admiration on this special day. Many are the gifts that will flow towards ‘dear old mummy,’ little tokens, perhaps, but nevertheless laden with meaning and emotion. The toddlers would hardly understand what the fuss is all about.  Understanding will dawn later in life when innocence is gone. Mothers certainly deserve all the gifts we can buy for them.

Reflect for a moment and think of the mothers in the society around you. Think of the mothers who lived in history and inspired so many celebrities. Long before spouses appeared in a person’s life, the most attention came from the mothers who set the pace in life. Those who are now a little lonely with mothers departed to heaven, think again of the great soul who is now no more. Mothers are quite like angels and lead a blessed existence in heaven as they did on earth.

A never-ending labor of love

One long love story for the children is the tale of the mother. Starting with the pains of delivery, it is a continuous struggle and sacrifice for the happiness of the children.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

GIBS students get a taste of legal matters in the business worlds

Mr. David M Paul conducted the vigorous and immensely informative SME or Subject Matter Expert Session on legal matters for the benefit of GIBS students. Global Institute of Businesses Studies in Bannerghatta on the outskirts of garden city cum software capital Bangalore has been taking great strides in launching student careers through internships and placements. After achieving a high reputation in the international arena, GIBS plans to branch out with more institutes within India.

While it is generally understood that legal matters are crucial to businesses, the idea and application of laws are usually missed out by students eager to progress along career paths. A great majority of the students who pass out with business management degrees initially set their sights upon services with the fastest promotion prospects existing in business rather than any other sector. Don’t forget that management extends to every category of business under the sun. The combination of human resources, finance and materials or services is responsible for delivering all the wonders that surround our modern day lives, according to the specializations and dimensions.

Some students who graduate or postgraduate do take up independent businesses, individually or in partnerships, while a few attempt to set up corporations. They are certainly more enterprising and are well connected to business houses with the potential of obtaining the finance and connections to further business dreams.

Legal consciousness is lacking in the majority
Since legal matters concern individuals, homes and families too, there is no escape from the law. Basically, our existence is reflected in the constitution that confers certain basic rights upon the citizens like secularism and the right to work and settle in any part of the country. In a sense, the family unit to which everybody belongs reflects the three aspects of a workforce, workers, finance and raw materials or products that make life meaningful. The essential formula is present in every organization, including the neighborhood shop.

Not only the business management students, but every boy and girl in India should be conscious and aware of legal matters from an early age like the smart students in the western countries! What we are capable of and the rights and responsibilities would only make us stronger and productive in national matters to increase the workforce and productivity to new dimensions.

Would you agree that the purchase of a product from a shop can be considered a theft, technically speaking, in the absence of a receipt? Small matters need not bother us, but the fact that you were present at the scene of a crime can become a liability, indicating involvement in the absence of any other evidence! What happens if some contraband was planted in your baggage at the airport? How would you prove your innocence?

The answer is to get smarter and anticipate the kinds of problems that could possibly arise. In other words, you should carefully examine all the ifs and buts, pros and cons connected with any task or enterprise. Just like doctors are entrusted with any kind of physical problem that could arise, lawyers or legal advisers are similarly entrusted with the legal requirements of the organization. The law appears to be too complicated for us to understand in depth, just like medical matters are best left to the doctors.

A system of laws, rules, regulations and legal procedures would govern each aspect of life and activity. Wildlife and forests are governed with particular acts and rules. When it comes to the transport sector, a long list of legal structures covers it. Housing and commercial building constructions and their hire, sale and purchase have their associated procedures. In an age of specializations, certain subjects are taken up to learn them in depth.

GIBS specializations for MBA and PGDM
According to the interests and aptitudes, skills and resources available, the boys and girls opt for in depth studies of certain subject areas. Learning the laws would be part of the package that might remain all through their lives and careers. HRM and Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain, International Business, Operations and Information Technology are those charmed specializations offered. Each of them functions within a legal cocoon.

Understanding SEBI and Company Acts
Securities and Exchange Board of India or SEBI functions as the regulatory body for the investment and financial matters in India. As can be imagined, the financial marketplace requires a lot of systems, laws and procedures to work effectively. SEBI plays a complex role like administering the securities market and protecting the interests of the investors. The issuers of securities and the market intermediaries are also supervised appropriately. The board works with the three powers of quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative and quasi-executive.
The Companies Act came into existence in 1956 and is still valid. Further, the Companies Act of 2013 makes some consolidations and amendments to the company laws as a legal framework for the functioning of companies.