Thursday, 28 December 2017

Key points you need to remember at the time of writing the CMAT exams

Now that 2018 is around the corner, CMAT is not so far away. The nightmares of preparation are now over and the weeks and months of tensions and laborious preparation are now ending. What remains is to rest and relax in the days leading up to the exam in January.

Being very much present and facing the questions in the battlefield positively, being courageous and not losing your nerve are what you should aim to do. Finally, what you do in the examination hall is what will matter. Pay attention to the time factor and make sure that there is ample time to complete all the questions.

What is CMAT?

Common Management Aptitude Test is meant for graduates and is conducted by AICTE for the purpose of gaining admission to management institutes. Conducted by AICTE under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, CMAT scores are accepted by AICTE-recognized management institutes and universities. It is a computer-based online test. The syllabus consists of data interpretation, quantitative techniques, language, logical reasoning, and general awareness. Make sure that you remain in touch with the media and read newspapers, remaining intellectually alert and confident about what is happening around the world.

Continue to observe regular sleeping and resting hours, avoiding excessive study late in the night when the brain is tired. Walking and other forms of light exercise would ensure that you remain physically fit to face the examination pressure on the fateful day. Avoid study until the last moment, burdening the mind with lots of study materials. Try to relax at the time of the examination and keep optimistic thoughts.

Yet, there are still about three weeks left even after the New Year celebrations are done. That will be enough time to get through a complete revision of all the study materials, question papers, and other study materials that you have gathered. If you have painstakingly maintained a portfolio of study materials, a thorough revision would be quite possible. Even at the last moment, do not spend long hours to study but take breaks now and then for fresh air and stretch your limbs.

Some people would advise differently! Keeping away from books and study materials at this late juncture would not be a good idea. Keep in touch with the study materials on a daily basis but don't engage in activities that might distract your mind. Keep away from parties and picnics and intoxicants that might interfere with thought processes and result in physical problems too.

Get prepared for working on the computer screen

Most young people nowadays are quite familiar with computer work but some are not. Since you would be working online, get used to it. Spend a few sessions surfing the internet and writing practice answers on computer screens perhaps at the internet café if you don't have one of your own.

Clarify the test center and documents

Formalities take up a lot of time, effort and expense and are sometimes necessary too. Be certain of the test center well in advance and try to visit the area beforehand. Are you sure what documents would be required, whether in original, photocopied and attested. Arrange them all in proper order well in advance. Make sure that you are observing all the do's and don'ts like avoiding things that are not allowed to be taken inside the examination hall.  Be well prepared to undergo a series of checks at the examination hall and reach the venue well in advance, unburdened by study materials.

Make sure to avoid stupid mistakes

There is no need to be tense as the date is getting closer. Get mentally prepared and say your prayers, seek the blessings of parents and elders before the date arrives. In spite of diligent preparation, it is seen that many students make silly mistakes as a result of acting irresponsibly and not applying the knowledge they possess. Perhaps it is the small things that have not been paid attention to. Make sure that you apply plain common sense to the situations in the examination.
Regarding rehearsals like reading the exam instructions, you need not really wait for the examination date. Such materials would be available online and you probably possess them already.
On the examination date
·         Read the question paper instructions thoroughly and make sure they are well understood. One question appearing on the screen at a time is an advantage since the attention will not be distracted by many questions together.
·         After rehearsing several times, perhaps the time planning is not a problem anymore. When the ‘Start Test' button is clicked, the timer commences.  The test must be completed before the allotted time because the timer will stop automatically at the stipulated time.

·         Use the review feature and choose the ‘flag' button in order to write or review a question at a later time. With the ‘deselect' button, you can edit answers already written.

·         Since you are under the CCTV spotlight, avoid any form of cheating and do not carry prohibited items inside the exam hall. No calculators or mobile phones, earphones and log tables, they are all banned. Don't carry rough sheets and use the blank paper provided.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Only a Few Institutions Teach Business Management like GIBS Does…

Now that the media and the world have opened up to external influences, the isolation of the past belongs to history. Educational institutions in India during the last few decades have welcomed the new global culture with open arms. It seems as if the whole world now lies in the embrace of universities and institutions in India, whether teaching medicine, hospitality, healthcare, engineering, mass communications or law, to name a few of the many sectors of the new age employment market. Not only has education diversified and opened up to global influences but employers are also looking out internationally for the best workers via the internet.
What would you say about the mass migration of students across international borders each year to avail degrees, mostly to America and China and some other countries too, like India? The craze for exposure to the world stage motivates young boys and girls no end. No doubt, the purpose is to obtain the best education and thereby the superior professional opportunities. International rankings of universities do not give much weight to Indian universities and the fees in India are also on the lower end of the spectrum. Well-heeled families can afford to send students to the high-ranking universities abroad and spend a fortune, partly to satisfy vanity and also obtain higher professional goals.
The GIBS status
Global Institute of Business Studies, is ideally located in an international city that shot to fame as an IT destination. Bangalore is nowadays crowded with a galaxy of multinationals not only in the IT sector but several others. Together, they offer immense opportunities for students to avail internship and placement opportunities among the best in the country.
If you are in search of quality business management education, perhaps GIBS would be among the best choices that India has to offer. The two-year MBA or PGDM would be worthwhile investments in the future business career. Admission criteria are complicated since you need to be a graduate besides work experience and management entrance examination scores as applicable. Even after Class 12, admission may be availed in BBA and BCom.
There is no doubt that business management offers some of the most exciting and fastest career paths. Business is truly universal since every field of human endeavor is covered in the business world, be it media, oceanography or space ventures. Every field requires quality managers and it would be even better of the manager possesses a specialized degree in addition to the business degree like in engineering or hospitality.
Affordable quality education
Just like dreaming of stardom in Mumbai, everybody wants to study in advanced countries like America! Consider all the complexities of travel and study abroad besides the sky-high fees and the language and racial problems that sometimes arise. Is it not lucky that such a golden opportunity to study for a first-rate degree exists within the country at GIBS? The fees you pay are a fraction of what western universities would charge. The GIBS campus educational infrastructure adheres to world standards. Hostel accommodation and catering are among the best, once again at reasonable charges. Realistically speaking, GIBS is probably the legitimate answer to the dreams of a successful business career in any part of the world.
Hats off to the power of technology! Exchanges of faculty and students, knowledge and applications, research and infrastructure have resulted in a global amalgamation in recent times. Like the hospitals and medical tourism in India that attracts patients from many neighboring countries to avail of treatment at budget costs, GIBS brings the best of a topnotch curriculum and syllabi in business. Only professional success some years later will confirm that the training was good enough. Education takes place in the present but is aimed at the future. It is a certainty that you will exit GIBS some semesters later to join a network of highly successful GIBS alumni the world over. The institutional gates and online communication would remain open all lifelong.
The GIBS expansion plans
After making a very successful beginning in Bangalore, GIBS wishes to set up branches in India and is presently aiming for international status. A large number of foreign students already study in GIBS besides the foreign faculty and tie-ups with institutions abroad.
Though many management institutes exist within a single state in India like Karnataka, they do not function at the same level. Some common problems are excessive rote learning and theoretical knowledge alone without practical applications. The curriculum and syllabi may not be really up to date though much is promised online and in the prospectus. Relevance and contacts with industry may be lacking with improper internship and placement facilities.
GIBS has a powerful system of personality building and dynamic training for placements tests and interviews. They truly succeed in molding superlative business managers who will hold the institute banner high across the world in multicultural environments. 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Now that yet another batch would soon join GIBS…

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, is not decades or centuries old, yet has garnered an awesome national and international reputation within the short years of its existence. Development of curricula, the establishment of a green campus and educational infrastructure certainly happen faster nowadays. Technology and software besides streamlined practices in construction and management have resulted in procedures that leave nothing to chance. Faculty approaches to students and their personality development and soft skills arel universally researched and time honored.

Besides the honing of the forward looking dynamic business personality that can succeed in multicultural environments, knowledge of the particular industry like online retail sales is crucial. What are the market forces at play in terms of people and materials, services, laws and procedures, international markets and finance? An understanding of the business totality would certainly matter since it cannot be separated into compartments. Understanding that big picture and its components first would take up much of the training hours. After getting to know the backdrop of how businesses take place, it may be time for specialization. The world is getting extremely specialized anyway if you really wish to climb to senior positions. Combining a hospitality course with business management perhaps, or engineering and management?

We are children of opportunities

Do the students really have choices? Perhaps they do in many cases if they are clear about what sectors interest them and wish to work hard to get to the peak. The problem is that many students do not really know what they want and where their interests lie. That is when they need the help of parents, teachers and counselors to decide. In some cases, students attempt several courses in order to find what they are capable of! That would become an awful waste of time and money.

Business is the greatest heartthrob!

The media believes in celebrities and sensations all right. What can be bigger news than those mega businesses that have now become the norm? Having achieved the status of little modern gods like the smartphones, there seems to be no limit, not even the sky, to the growth of MNCs. Dimensions are simply incredible, and their hold upon the customers as great as some powerful political parties. Yes, it is partly the cyber world and its gimmicks like AI and VR that are set to transform the future.
Consider several kinds of degrees

Whether it is a business management degree like the highly coveted MBA, business studies or commerce, the impact is somewhat similar. Finance and accountancy, marketing, and HR, capable and hard hitting managers are required for all these areas in mighty business sectors across the world.

What job portfolios will they hold?

Perhaps managers would be entrusted responsibilities in banking, investment and financial services. Advertising is big business too, as witnessed in the daily media. General management encompasses every aspect in small enterprises. HR/personnel and management consultancy, public relations and retail management, sales and marketing are some salient areas. The big, dark business forest has many hidden secrets and intensive business management training would reveal a lot more than you can really imagine.

GIBS excels at training the industry specific managers

Back to the demand and supply philosophy that lies at the root of every business. The mighty need of quality business managers at the core of every big business facilitates the need for outstanding training facilities. Institutions are many that make a big hue and cry, collect big fees and deliver nothing. Beware of colleges that use the power of media to create false hopes and rob the unwary students. In such cases, internships and placements may remain merely a dream as it does for a huge majority of would be business managers. Accumulating degrees and receiving no worthy appointment has become a disease in the Indian educational system.

Admissions are not a piece of cake

To apply for the GIBS BCom and BBA, you need to have passed Class 12. MBA plus PGPM and PGDM require graduation degrees to qualify for admission. Besides, entrance examinations marks for management would be another factor besides work experience. Group discussions, interviews, you need to do quite a bit. Getting admitted is something like landing a job. Yet, getting admitted to a reputed institution is half the battle won in the task of establishing a professional status and reaching somewhere high in the ladder of professional life.
Consider the supreme advantages at GIBS
You join a family of professional research-based faculty and dedicated boys and girls in the residential green campus of 4.5-acres of robust performance. Something is always happening by way of learning experiences out there and boredom does not exist. A great variety of meaningful learning experiences come to you through a variety of clubs and committees. Industry leaders come around to hold seminars and meetings. Excellent placements would bring happy endings after all the hard labor. Accept the challenge.

Friday, 8 December 2017

At GIBS, in the end, is a new beginning

Stupendous events in the Global Institute of Business Studies(GIBS) in Bangalore bring the curtains down upon another event-filled year 2017. At the same time, the successful culmination of 2017 reminds that yet another batch is soon to take root that would keep the institution busy from 2018 through 2020.

Firstly, the dramatic and studious Convocation and then the anxiously awaited Student of the Year functions did fulfill many long-standing dreams. Both occasions did seem like dream sequences with recognitions of untiring scholastic efforts over the last two years for the MBAs, absolutely deserving girls and boys who have proved themselves incredibly well. Prayers remain for their wholehearted success in professional roles too. May they come back to the GIBS campus with senior designations and the hallmark of social and patriotic success.

The glittering, glam Student of the Year did feel like one great party. If some were disappointed at not being awarded, perhaps they need to wait a while longer and accolades will certainly come as a deserved reward for earnest toil. Skills and abilities will not go unrewarded.

An action-filled student life is successful

It has long been proved through research that learning by doing and interactive learning are the most effective methods of study. As witnessed in social media, it is pictures and videos rather than text alone that are drawing all the attention. Images stick to the memory, unlike text that is quickly forgotten. Then, how do you expect scholars to learn hundreds and thousands of pages of lessons spread across endless volumes? Rather than being lost in words and spending sleepless nights, especially before examinations, dynamic new approaches to seminars and workshops, activities and media-based learning should be followed.

A campus endowed with world class educational infrastructure in a clean and green environment stands GIBS in good stead. Sports, cultural and literary activities provide ample respite from academic rigors. It is a great opportunity for new interests to grow and be pursued with zeal and a purpose. A long list of clubs and committees provide learning experiences in organization and management, preparing programs and executing them. Working within and outside the campus, handling responsibility, people and materials besides money can be challenging and present some difficult situations.

The faculty and the management at GIBS cannot help but admire the student prowess and the skills besides the energy and the acumen of the batch passing out. Like seeds that promise to develop into mighty trees, the students are waiting to blossom. Much of what happens in life is the product of opportunities and experiences. While internships and placements have already provided enough adventures to make a powerful beginning, the highway called life runs for very long across many decades of professionalism.  While the immense journey commences now, GIBS looks forward to remaining in contact with the alumni and meeting up again, perhaps years later, when several ladders have been climbed.

A Vigorous Sports Day

It was an occasion to get rid of many pent-up mental frustrations after the intellect had been stretched to the limit during all those scholarly researches. While games had been regularly played through the session, the spirit of participation was commendable. Competitions as diverse as cricket and football, chess and badminton, kabaddi and swimming along with some others captivated the students and contributed to physical fitness.

The pleasant sight once again reminded what an important role physical fitness plays in student and professional life. The intense competitions of corporate life that business management is all about can hardly succeed without powerful physical skills in addition to all the mind and leadership ability. Students certainly feel very good about themselves and so much more confident after that euphoric sports dedication. Chief Guest Yeshwanth Prakash did set a good example with his achievements in the field of bodybuilding and his passion as a certified fitness trainer.

Six Sigma Training Program

How the complicated tasks in the industry are managed by professionals to deliver high-quality goods and services is quite a mystery! The Six Sigma approach answers some of those questions in terms of quality management. Statistical research uses certain methods and techniques to improve efficiency and networking, analysis and affordability.  The students spent 40 hours covering those intricate lessons and certainly reached very far as professionals.

The Six Sigma is a global phenomenon. In fact, business school syllabi are similar in leading institutions throughout the world. While some aspects may differ in institutions across the world, essentially the lessons are the same. Cultural and linguistic conditions may differ like the fees and physical infrastructure, but it does bring satisfaction and unity to know that the lessons are quite similar.

Congratulations to Alumnus Mohd. Afzal!

Ending on a cheerful note with well-wishing for a student of the 2015-17 batch. In Pune, he started a new venture Indian Cake Studio and Café and wishes to build branches across the country and Dubai too. May that dream succeed.


GIBS Business School, Bangalore


Wednesday, 6 December 2017



An event filled with Fun, Cultural extravaganza, Awards & Recognition for student’s excellence across genre, has been the purpose of STUDENT OF THE YEAR (SOTY) year on year

SOTY  hosted by GIBS to recognize the students excellence was a treat to watch at GIBS residential Campus , a vibrant show not less than a Bollywood party with glitter & glamour  ,and each of our students feeling like celebrities. 
We had a pleasure of having, Sharat Hegde, Director of HFI as our Chief Guest & Aruna Singh ,Winner of three most prestigious pageant crowns in a row ,Classic Mrs India 2017 runner up,Winner Classic Mrs India Karnataka 2017 ,Sub-title winner of Mrs Inspirational 2017, and were accompanied by Our Chairman, Shri. B.L. Goyal , MD Mr Ritesh Goyal the youngest chairman in the educational field in India, Dr K Aparna Rao-Director on the Dias.
Among the guest list we had Founder Chairman , Social Reformer Satish Mittal,Bipin ,Ram Agarwala , Girish Gowda to mention a few of a lengthy list.

Event Hosted By Sandeep Bhansali & Emcee Archi was an additional Bliss.

Following Award were given away to the deserving students.

Student of The Year - Valasala N V A Sai Shankar ( Trophy &  1 Lakh Rs Cash Prize)
Best Sports person - Muthu Venkatesh
Best Talent Female - Marziam Fatima
Best Talent Male - Sameer Khan
Best Club & Committee - Creative Club

GIBS facilitated Organizing Committee also with rolling trophy

GIBS choose to Felicitate Sarthak Bhaskar Mangaonkar ,1st year MBA Student, who is a  International skating champion represented India on various International platforms, now qualified for 5th international skating tournament going to held in Turkey in the year 2018, a proud GIBian,during this event.

 The event was a conglomerate of Corporate, Academicians, Alumnus & Students counting up to 400 and more.