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Anticipate Research oriented new age Management Education at GIBS, Bangalore

While many things may appear attractive in theory and on paper, the truth about management education in India is a depressing story. It is believed that only about 7% of the huge numbers of management graduates each year really succeed in getting productive employment. One can well imagine the many thousands of management institutions online and offline that still teach the traditional methods of reliance on theory and rote learning. While passing examinations is the weakness of many Indian educational systems, internship and placement hardly exist in the majority of cases.
It is no wonder then that Indian management aspirants are interested in getting degrees abroad in advanced countries like America and Australia, Canada and Japan. But then the ideas of being Indian, buying Indian and Make in India do not make any sense. The Indian economy, industry, and technology have rapidly developed in the last few decades. University curriculums are industry specific and teach the same modules being taught in the leading world colleges. It is the delivery that matters, the faculty and the infrastructure, the spirit and the motivation.
Along with the several IIMs that deliver world class management degrees, a few private institutions in India take good care of students and equip them with the knowledge and infrastructure, industry connections and placements that they deserve. These few top notch management institutions feed the vast demand of MNCs in India that has now multiplied in large numbers.
Global Institute of Business Studies
Among the few private institutes that deliver effective management education is GIBS located amidst the challenging software and corporate world of the garden city of Bangalore. The institution has already realized the dreams of many bright youngsters who have successfully received fabulous placements among the multinationals that regularly visit the campus in search of productive business managers.
Unlike thousands of management institutions that deliver bookish knowledge alone, GIBS facilitates effective 21st-century managers through personality building, communication skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Since physical impressions matter so much, great pains are taken to ensure that managers make the right impact in professional terms. Imagine company mergers and acquisitions that many organizations are constantly busy with in the face of international competition. High-level meetings are held to bargain over various terms and conditions, ifs and buts. Business managers have to work hard for some years of course before they can reach senior level positions but the process is the fastest in the management world as compared to other sectors.
Personality alone is certainly not enough and the knowledge of the economy and industry, finance, labor and the governing laws are some compulsory areas. In this sense, GIBS has an advantage with numerous high-level connections in the industry who deliver guest lectures on a regular basis that reveals the inside story not learned through textbooks.
The research-based faculty of national and international scholars
The age-old formula of good teachers producing good students holds very true as the day to day events unfold. The three-year graduate courses include BBA and BCom. PGDM is a one-year diploma course. MBA plus PGPM extends to two years. The few semesters may pass quickly but their impact upon the student lives would last a lifetime. Molded by the faculty of international stature, their lives would never be the same again.
Along with the foreign tie-ups with universities and institutions abroad, it is a competitive environment of global exposure in which GIBS works. An international network of alumni in senior positions, besides the connections in the Bangalore commercial and corporate world, ensures that industry requirements are closely fulfilled. No person is an island here and study and work are not done in a vacuum. Close industry relevance is always insisted upon and so the pass outs have no difficulty in adjusting to the real working conditions.
Specializations provide the focus and the motivation
The present day professionals would be nowhere without a passion for a particular area of expertise. In a world where everyone is media enlightened and has reached a high degree of awareness, you have to stay ahead to beat the competition. Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, International Business and Information Technology are some of the specializations offered and almost all of them are crucial to the functioning of any business. A single-minded goal in a particular industry that is pursued with dedication results in supremely successful careers. Students need to develop their interests and aptitudes with knowledge of their skills and abilities. In consultation with teachers, parents, and counselors, professional decisions need to be taken in advance so that there are better chances of success after the completion of studies.

Friday, 18 August 2017

GIBS scales great peaks of professional learning in business management expertise

Management education in India started in right earnest about 50 years ago with the establishment of several Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) that are still going strong and producing world class graduates. What followed later were many management courses taught in universities, colleges and institutes, many of them private. Especially nowadays with the changing world order, the emphasis seems to be on technology but the truth is that knowledge comes first. Indian education needs to be resilient enough to withstand global competition. In the 21st century, we no longer reside in villages or towns but have become world citizens.

Global competitiveness has been ushered into our lives through the internet and television and attitudes need to change. We need to become more cosmopolitan and multicultural with international exposure and knowledge of foreign languages too. Is English all that important? Certainly English has a paramount role to play as the only truly international language though some European countries hardly speak English and countries like Japan and China uses more of their own language.

Global Institute of Business Education in Bangalore

GIBS has been doing well consistently in its efforts to train business managers of the future. Along with MBA and PGDM, the institute also offers BBA and BCom courses. The green campus in South Bangalore in Bannerghatta is stimulating enough with a diverse range of student activities. The educational infrastructure is well developed with ample library resources and smart classrooms quite capable of hosting workshops, presentations, and seminars. The students do feel motivated to study and excel in such an ambiance.

Shortcomings of Indian management education

One would expect that globalization would help the quality and standards of Indian education. Management is important because business managers work in every sector and occupation. Money and manpower extend to every field of work and effective management is required. Management is truly the mother of all occupations! The truth is that many of the management institutes of India lack creativity and the right attitude. The logistics, ethics, and standards are stagnating and the professional competency of the graduates is deplorable. How far will they reach in terms of career goals?

Research reveals that many Indian management institutes are not in touch with industry realities. That is true with most educational settings that build up a fanciful dream world and students exist in a kind of splendid vacuum that does not connect with the working world. Forget about global perspectives, students fail to grasp the Indian business scenario. The institutes have few links with the industry and it appears to be a virtual world in which they study. Research is lacking and most study is based on theoretical approaches. Lacking adequate resources and infrastructure, following the traditional pedagogy, the students are probably there because they did not find admission to better institutes.  Thousands of students fall prey to elaborate money making hoaxes that are passed off as quality education with a degree being awarded in convocations. Affiliations with universities and world bodies may exist on paper alone.

Accreditations, affiliations, awards, and rankings elevate GIBS!

How does one judge an institution? It is a formidable task but research organizations are constantly using certain yardsticks to rank institutions. In the world city that Bangalore has now become as a result of the global software industry, you would find numerous colleges, institutes and private universities besides the government universities. In management itself, a large number of institutions compete to attract students with sweet promises.

If you want to study business management, how would you choose? Reputations matter but online statuses can be manipulated with professional writers writing the reviews.  Rankings and awards are truthful enough and GIBS has been deeply honored regularly with several such recognitions by prestigious organizations, websites and research bodies.
An authentic institution opens up to the world like GIBS with its record of internships and placements. A regular report of placements each year reveals that students who pass out have received lucrative prestigious appointments with some of the leading MNCs in India and abroad. While many institutes do publish such reports, one wonders if they are all genuine. In any case, company names do not tell lies and it would be possible to confirm whether the placement records are real or manipulated. There seems no doubt that GIBS is telling the truth, the website is very convincing in intimate details.

The challenging role of Indian education in the present

We may hate to admit our deficiencies but reality needs to be accepted if we have to succeed. Indian education in general and business education in particular still has a long way to go to catch up with international standards. Perhaps the twin aspects of faculty and infrastructure would suffice to ensure quality education that can stand international competition. The weaknesses lie with the mighty student strength and the lack of courage and low morale among a majority of Indian students. Yet, inspiring faculty and industry leaders can make a difference to the big picture as they do in GIBS. We wish for more such institutions to elevate Indian education.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Janmashtami, Birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated at GIBS Campus on 14th August 2016.

Janmashtami, Birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated at GIBS Campus on 14th August 2016.May Lord Krishna's flute invite the melody of love into your life!! #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #BBA #BCOM #Janmashtami

Independence Day Celebration - 2017

GIBS celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm and respect at Residential Campus on 15th August, 2017. Chief Guest Mr. Srinath Jangam - Class 1 Gazetted Ex-Commissioned Air force officer, Aeronautical Engineer & Alumni Lucknow, Guest of Honour Mrs. Manoranjani Kotamraju - Microsoft Certified Professional & Global Woman Entrepreneur, Mr. B L Goyal – Chairman, Mr. Ritesh Goyal – Managing Director, Dr. Aparna Rao- Director, faculties & Students hoisted the Tricolour National flag followed by a chorus of the National Anthem at the premises. It was the event with zest by students who gave in their time and efforts to put forward a memorable tribute to a free India.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Inferno Outbound Training Program excels at GIBS MBA 2017-19 Orientation

The complicated application and selection procedures completed, the MBA 2017-19 batch of diverse, eager students are set to begin their two-year academic and professional journey. It is obvious that their participation would decide the most important specialized chapter of their young lives. The orientation assumes additional importance for students who come from different backgrounds.

Among several exciting and meaningful activities at the orientation programs came the Outbound Training Program. Mr. Dilip along with a dynamic team from the Inferno Event Management conducted the live event on 4th August 2017. The delightful activity-based experience did bring home several lessons geared towards improving productivity and understanding. Are we not basically members of a single family? Cooperation comes easy under the right circumstances and opportunities. It is the environment in which we operate that matters so much. Can we not manipulate the surrounding to our benefit and reap rich rewards in terms of heightened productivity?

The Global Institute of Business Studies’ unique culture

GIBS occupies pride of place among the reputed Bangalore business management institutes and numerous such training centers exist. How to decide which to join? Reputations matter as well as the awards, affiliations, and accreditations over the years. GIBS has earned many of those though it is a young institution that specializes in a single subject. Many institutions and universities have taken up much more subjects than they can handle successfully. GIBS alumni already occupy senior positions in a range of MNCs in India and abroad in sectors like pharma, hospitality, telecommunications, textiles, retail, and e-commerce, besides much more.

Action-based activities geared for the outdoors!

A lot of learning activities nowadays aimed at the mind are learned through participation and role play, simulations, preferably in the grand outdoors. Getting out certainly brings on the adventure spirit that is equated with the challenging nature based sports and the track and field events across the world. Many people would not have it any other way. As students become virtual slaves to desks and chairs, books and smartboards, laptops and software, that escape means a refreshing treat for a while.

When the boys and girls get a chance to work with charts and models, form groups and hold hands, deliver speeches, sing, and dance, it is truly a happy paradise of feelings and emotions. Long repressed emotions are brought to the surface and learning takes on an interesting new turn. Getting into groups and carrying out seemingly simple tasks like recording a few letters, numbers, words or sentences can bring such a dramatic impact and drive home mesmerizing lessons!

Some crucial lessons learned through fun games and cheerful team building

Experiences make up human existence and effective learning brings fascinating and challenging new experiences. Wellbeing is a crucial factor and in its absence, much of what we wish to achieve may not work out successfully. Companies take lots of pains to ensure that the staff works in positive frames of mind. The Human Resources team has an important role to play in this regard. Incentives matter and work atmosphere, laws and payments are some concerns. Spirit and morale may be boosted through certain time tested methods based on psychology. We must be happy in our work!

Confidence in social and professional terms needs to be boosted through a range of work, study, training and counseling sessions. Those occasions when students get together outside the formal classroom atmosphere reminds of social occasions when they open up and the spirit roams free. Some students suffer from an innate fear of teachers and that needs to be dispelled. A comradely feeling with the teaching fraternity would help boost confidence levels. Increased social skills are very much a result of the confidence boosting activities.

Empowering the students

Though MBA entrants have already reached a certain skill level and poise, they have miles to go yet in becoming business professionals. Building up the personality, teamwork and leadership levels to handle stressful managerial challenges appears to be like scaling a steep mountain. Field experience and the outdoors do remind of such earthy situations that require intense trials and stamina in the rugged terrain.

Training the emotions to tolerate setbacks and defeats should be part of the training. Professional careers involve ups and downs according to market forces and a stoic acceptance of the possibility of loss should also be ingrained in the psyche. On the other hand, the recipe for success needs to be inculcated. Most students succeed very well in professional careers armed with an MBA. Such is the business scenario worldwide yet we cannot take success for granted nor does it descend from the heavens above like rain.

Such was the innermost thoughts as the students went through innocent tasks in teams and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, followed by analysis and evaluation. Students should receive many such learning activities.