Wednesday, 15 November 2017

GIBS Gears Up For Yet Another Dream Convocation 2017

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, does believe in an action-filled lifestyle on a campus that brings together diverse boys and girls from all over India and abroad. If management is not on the corporate professional agenda, which subject is hot on the planet? In the new-age careers that are beginning to attract students away from traditional jobs, it is management that promises the greatest ROI. Within a  few years of sustained effort, the high achievers among management graduates and postgraduates reach senior positions and draw mighty salaries along with a plush lifestyle, posted in MNCs and liable for transfers all over the globe.

From humble beginnings in school, it is a gradual upward journey for those who complete Class 12 with the vision firmly fixed on dynamic college careers. That higher education course reaches a culmination on the Convocation Day that officially recognizes the achievements with so much of sweat and toil, labor, time, money and software across several semesters. Can words really represent all that happened in the hearts and souls, minds and bodies of those nightmarish and frantic days that seemed to never end? The examinations came and went, sometimes lucky and sometimes not. And then the laborious internships and the lucky placements, not for everybody of course. Probably the majority needs to find happiness with ordinary appointments. Can everybody reach the top? Certainly not.

A degree that means so much

The contemporary 21st-century has opened its wings and sails across the entire planet. No continent and country today is all that distant, connected as we are through the internet. Not only do we see and hear across mighty distances but knowledge transfers and data exchange have become so much simplified. The memory of the past difficult days for students in research haunts us yet. Should we not consider ourselves lucky to live in this time and place?

18th November 2017 is the fateful convocation date!

The GIBS MBA boys and girls need not wait too long for 18th November now, anxious as they are to set sail in their professional careers. But, do you really need to hurry after all the waiting and the suspense, the endless weeks and months that have rolled past? Hold the patience a bit longer to complete a few formalities.

Those who consider that degree a mere piece of paper have missed out on the essential spirit. The world works symbolically and all the art forms like music and film are examples of that. The degree represents all the nobler aspirations that attract humanity. The desire to excel in academics is most pronounced in those who never had the opportunity to study. Yet, it is a bitter law of life that some must win and some lose.

When the dressing is done in those uniforms that tell many happy tales, the function held and words and wisdom fall upon eager listeners, the wheel will come full circle. Perhaps the boys and girls will attend more universities and earn additional degrees, but nothing is greater than the now. We live in the present moment before anything else.

Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Padmashree Professor RM Vasagam, Chancellor, Kapagam University would elevate the proceedings as the Chief Guest for the Convocation. Mr. Aamer Azeemi, Global Head, Smarten Spaces, would be the Guest of Honor. In the midst of all the action and drama, the dreams and aspirations, do not forget those GIBS titans who have steered your academic fortunes across the sometimes difficult semesters. Chairman BL Goyal, Managing Director Ritesh Goyal and Director Aparna Rao have honed the institution along ambitious paths to carve out student careers on the path to achievement. According to the noble principles, the students desire to redeem themselves and enlighten the society around them with the acquired knowledge after they succeed at management positions.

A pulsating residential campus approaches the end of the session

Another dawn is soon approaching when 2018 overtakes us rather soon. These students are accustomed to events happening all the time. Academics come first, of course. Anniversaries and festivals, international events, clubs and committees, professional development programs, culture, art and the literary etc.

Also in November is scheduled another rare event that involves the selection of the student of the year on 20th November. That would be a difficult process indeed when you need to find the best rose among so many pretty flowers. But so it is and everybody cannot carry away the awards. Some headaches may result, but the sporting spirit invariably prevails.
Recent events provided lots of thought-provoking occasions. The Library Committee launch was another grim reminder that academics is a hard nut to crack. The ICC RETAIL SUMMIT at Le Meridian in the first week of November did bring some business experts to share their experiences.

Great Career Opportunities Arise After Completing h GIBS MBA In Finance?

As a premier management institution that delivers high quality professionals well-suited to corporate challenges, Global Institute of Business Studies offers several courses. The two-year MBA combined with PGPM is most in demand, which is meant for graduates in any field and preferably in commerce and economics that provide an understanding of the business world. Job experience would help enormously to understand analytical, practical and logical approaches in daily working life. The other courses at GIBS are corporate BCom and Corporate BBA for students passing Class 12 along with a one-year PGDM meant for graduates. 

MBA offers several specializations like Marketing and HRM, Finance and Supply Chain, International Business, Operations and IT. It is obvious that the three essential aspects of any enterprise would be money, labor and materials. The managers of money, human resources and materials are in great demand internationally.

Besides, it is universally accepted that management for the last few decades offers the fastest career ladder. Within short years, the dedicated managers would find themselves rising fast and earning high incomes along with infinite prospects. Every field of human endeavor requires capable management and Healthcare and Hospitality are some particularly diverse fields. Specializations are the great secret and senior management positions require a mix of subject specializations along with a management degree.

Finance being one of the oldest management disciplines, once belonged to the subject of Economics. The 20th century for the first time in history ushered in the world of big business where financial resources required intensive management. The 21st century offers even greater roles for Finance MBAs with massive MNCs spreading their tentacles through many continents and countries. Electronics, health insurance and hospitality are only some of these diverse industries.

What skills are required to succeed in MBA Finance?

Exceptional skills concerning analysis, logical reasoning and efficient processing with regards to money and the economy would be required. In a world where everybody needs to specialize, choosing a niche would provide greater opportunities like foreign currencies.  It is most certainly a job that everybody cannot do, nor have the aptitude for. Be certain that you have the interest, skills and ability that would sustain through decades of the professional life.

Besides the personal qualities, much depends upon the reputed institution that serves as a career launch pad! While admissions are difficult in the first place, obtaining a seat is as good as succeeding, what with the internship and placements coming at the end of the semesters. Yet, much depends upon the course performance, willingness to learn, succeed and serve, and the favorable impressions created upon the recruiting authorities.

MBA Finance offers great career opportunities

Armed with a successful MBA after maybe 17 years of school plus college education, what designations could you look forward to?

It is the financial institutions like banks that require the MBA services, both in the government and private sectors. Accounting Managers and Financial Analysts are some of the roles. Insurance and Investment, Credit and Corporate fields are some other areas. Taxation and financial statements, financial consultancies and merchant and consumer banking would require MBA services.
The large companies require powerful financial management and investment of their profits. Legal problems concerned with money could arise and cases may need to be represented in the court. When mergers and acquisitions of companies take place, it is a sensitive moment when a lot of financial skills would be required.

Qualifying in management entrance examinations

Some entrance examinations are coming up in November and December 2017. MAT, CAT, XAT and ATMA are some of those management entrance examinations. Some universities conduct their own entrance examinations. Not everybody can afford to attend regular college to obtain an MBA due to some constraints like employment and the time factor. MBA during weekends is offered besides distance education programs available at Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Making a career beginning after MBA

Not every student is lucky to be gifted with a plush appointment through campus placement. A great majority of management graduates has to be satisfied with mediocre jobs. Do not lose hope, though. Besides reputed colleges, location is important and cities like Bangalore offer immense opportunities because of the presence of many international companies. The initial experience could commence the career as a management trainee, accounts or financial manager. Preparing reports and investments may be some important duties. Don’t forget that learning and research never ends even after the completion of MBA.

The roles of financial managers have increased in importance after the international financial crisis. Almost every country suffers a financial crisis nowadays and expert managers would help to control such problems. Thus, immense opportunities exist in the field for the right people. 


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Management students at GIBS need super entrance examination performances

Shall we say that a minimum of a month or 50 days would be required for a thorough preparation for an entrance examination? Many would not agree and say that several months of coaching would be required. Yet, it is generally known that a majority of students at all levels of study takes short cuts and study only at the eleventh hour. In other words, they do little during the semester and burn midnight oil when the examination date approaches. That may not be the right solution, but that is the system universally practiced.

While 2017 is gradually winding down and would end with the grand Christmas and New Year festivities, it is the time of the year for several entrance examinations that are instrumental in deciding student careers. Higher education, like graduation and post-graduation are compulsory if you wish to reach anywhere in life. Once you succeed in qualifying in entrance examinations and enroll in a renowned institution, we can assume that a lifetime career is made. The college course builds a foundation for professional work later in life. Entrance examinations are getting very competitive and are attempted by lakhs of students across the country.  

Thorough dedicated preparation, perhaps with some experienced teachers at an excellent tutorial would be effective in increasing chances of exam success.

CAT takes place in November and MAT in December. If you wish to write CMAT and XAT, wait until January and ATMA takes place in February. Those who will write CAT and MAT should be more than half-way through the preparation since the dates are fast approaching.

Take good care of health and nourishment

Always remember that health and regular hours of eating and sleeping should be observed. Nourishment and exercise in an active lifestyle are very important. Instead of being lost in books, many hours each day, find time for a brisk walk or run on a daily basis. Exposure to the media helps to remain updated and reading newspapers regularly will help with language and expression too. Identify a quiet room or corner arranged with your study materials where you work regularly every day according to certain timings. Early mornings are good for study, but late nights are not so effective with a tired body and mind.

Mental preparation is so very important too, besides remaining physically fit. A consistent preparation over several weeks and perhaps months would put you in the right frame of mind for attempting several entrance examinations.

Do’s and don’ts for exam preparation

Reduce the study materials. It is a mistake to think that several books and dozens of question papers would bring greater knowledge. The problem is that all the excess material creates confusion. A few well-chosen books from renowned authors and publishers should be sufficient since the textbooks and guides contain similar points. The only strategy that really works is ample practice and more practice.

Prepare a time table as a strategy for study with time allotted carefully to the different study areas. Knowing which are your strong subjects and weak areas would help to decide upon the distribution of time. Such a plan will not be needed for the November and December examinations with little time left. Yet, the time table will help even with less time when you can squeeze whatever little time is available.

Many students base the exam preparation upon question papers and that is the right approach. Some examinations make changes each year, though the same basic pattern would be followed. While solving previous question papers, attention to the time factor is important. If it is a three-hour examination, try to complete the practice work during a similar time frame.

Multiple choice and negative marking

Most questions nowadays offer multiple choices in an objective pattern. We got used to that in the television quiz programs. Looking at the choices often provides clues regarding the right answer. The process of elimination should be used to get rid of answers that are certainly not correct. In this way, the choices are narrowed down with better chances to get the right answer.

Since negative marking may be used, incorrect answers may not mean only a zero but a minus one mark. Be on guard in the hurry and avoid writing wrong answers as far as possible. Taking wild chances with answers may mean the loss of precious marks.

Plan the time such that some time is left for revision at the end of the exam. Avoid spending the entire duration on answers since revision is important too.

Avoid haste and hurry in the examination hall. Read the questions carefully first with enough time for understanding. While speed is important because of the time factor, accuracy should be aimed for.
It is an exercise in problem solving and you need to take smart approaches, avoiding lengthy procedures. Use instinct and intuition to solve questions that you did not find in the books and previous papers. Common sense would also apply to some questions rather than complex thoughts.
Make short notes of all problem areas during preparation. During the last days before the examination, avoid being too busy but relax and solve the doubts recorded earlier. The last phase can look at question papers alone rather than the big books. Keep the mind comparatively free during the last day before the exam.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

GIBS Students Participated in ICC Retail Summit 2017

GIBians were privileged to be a part of the most happening Retail Summit on 3rd -4th November 2017 at Le-Meridian, Bengaluru.
ICC Retail Summit 2017 ( IRS ) is the leading knowledge and networking platform for India’s vast, multi-dimensional and multi-hued retail industry.
Students had an opportunity to interact with some highly influential leaders from the retails segment. The platform presents the most comprehensive opportunities for retailers, consumer-facing businesses & support organizations to intelligently navigate the changing marketplace dynamics, and capitalize on emerging consumer expectations and aspirations.
It was indeed a great learning experience for GIBians …Happy learning

Friday, 10 November 2017

GIBS Business School, Bangalore

GIBS Business School has launched their own Innovation Centre on 14th September at residential campus. The mission of the Centre is to nurture student’s innovative ideas and unlocking their innovative capability. Students test and realize their commercial and public purpose ideas in a non-competitive and neutral environment. Mr. Paul Susheel (An International Speaker) has been appointed as a Centre-Head. #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #BBA #BCOM

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Conquer the Placement and Interview Headaches Successfully With Dedicated Strategies

When thousands of eager students join college courses each year after successful schooling, they begin to dream. Particularly it is the professional courses that attract the best students who have an exceptional chance of success. It is the lucky students who succeed at campus placements but it is a complex journey. Besides the innate dynamic potential that is crucial, the outstanding faculty and the corporate connections of the institution have important roles to play. It is a dream career that waits for the meritorious students who would start smooth sailing early in life with a plush job. Yet, certain techniques and strategies, approaches and commitments would improve the chances of success.

Start preparations early

Not only does it apply to examinations but to interviews also. A majority of students prepare intensely only at the last moment, perhaps a few days in advance and chances of success are greatly reduced. Start a survey of the professional set up and the number of vacancies, company history in the locality and the possibilities of future prospects. Besides the wealth of information nowadays available over the internet, seniors, teachers and industry leaders would provide valid material that is specifically related to the sector you wish to enter. Carefully consider the areas of specialization that you have opted for and aim accordingly since that is your expertise that would fetch rich rewards. Besides, in Rome, learn to do like the Romans.

Which companies are likely to visit your campus in search of good managers? Research those company histories and culture, organization structure, and pay packages and philosophy.

Common questions asked at interviews

Now get more and more specific by targeting what questions are usually asked in such interviews. Much of it would be subject related of course and you need to keep up to date with recent media news besides the highlights of the particular subject. Googling would certainly provide access not only to question papers but the trends in interviews would also be understood.

Favorites are often asked in interviews, whether it is a subject or lesson, country, celebrity or organization. Prepare accordingly but be prepared to answer some searching questions on the theme. Let it be something genuinely liked and not something prepared which would appear quite artificial. If it is Rural Management, what are the crucial issues and why do you like it.

Practice the written and spoken English skills

A crucial reason that some succeed and some don’t at interviews is the critical question of communication in English. If that is your weakness, go out of the way to get involved in language learning activities. Reading is essential to get at all the general information but don’t forget to practice speaking aloud. Grab opportunities to express through speech. You have to speak aloud without fear of mistakes. Many foreign students who are weak at English suffer from similar problems. Unless you dive into the water, it is not possible to swim.

Participating in the wide networks of social media does help to open up. Participate in group discussions and gossip a little more. Use all the languages you know to communicate. Express through images, art, quotations, whatever.

Written tests and essay type or aptitude tests, multiple choice etc

Preparing a CV, written tests of several kinds and screening are common procedures adopted at campus placements. Those should not be a problem since you are well-versed at it after maybe 15 or 18 years of school plus college years. Some practice may help with previous question papers according to the nature of the tests expected. Be careful when it comes to writing and always express positive approaches to life, highlighting what is good rather than looking at the dark side of life.

Avoid overdoing things

During interviews, do not behave as if you know everything, avoid hurry in speaking and shun serious facial expressions. Adopt a cheerful and friendly attitude with a smile. Avoid falsifying any information and be sure to be punctual according to the time set for the interview. Follow the accepted dress code and try to be conventional. Don’t forget to attract attention to some unique project or activity that you have undertaken if given an opportunity. Prepare for such a chance. You should try to convince that you are willing to run the extra mile for the company if selected.

A Renewal of Hope with the New Session Soon Descends Upon GIBS

Like the seasons that come and go each year, the end of 2017 culminates another dramatic year in Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore. The recent weeks after the celebrations of the Dassera and Diwali spectacular festivals witnessed singer Ankit Tiwari. What else happened in the never-ending action and drama at the GIBS campus? Besides the Quality Improvement Program and the Blood Donation Camp, several clubs organized presentations and inaugurations with numerous students actively involved. An anxiously awaited event is the selection of the Student of the Year in late November.

How to prepare for entrance examinations? Pay attention to health and nutrition, sleep regular hours and avoid stress. Maintain a portfolio of good preparation materials and consult with the group.

CAT 2017
Though not much time is left before the CAT 2017 this month, the preparation phase that must have taken months now culminates as the date approaches. Make sure that the preparation is on the right track according to the revamped exam structure.  The reading of newspapers and magazines with an emphasis on editorials should continue until the examination date. Aim for excellent performance in the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability.

It is time to revise from the beginning and even the basic concepts that will be only at a glance. Mathematics and Statistics practice questions are important and should be solved.  Weaknesses in particular areas must be given attention and sectional tests may be practiced accordingly, but observe time limits too. Experts and rank holders suggest that you should find different ways of getting at the answers. Develop your own methods to solve questions.
Speed and accuracy would improve with the practice of mock tests and plenty are available online. Consider all the three sections of CAT 2017 to be equally important. Data Interpretation or Logical Reasoning in DILR section and Quant are all important. Aim for an all-round improvement rather than focus on a single area.

MAT 2017

Even though time is running out, thoroughly rehearse each section of the exam. Practice Time management with the mock tests. Give equal attention to all the different sections since the marks allotted are equal. The distribution of 40 marks makes a total of 200 marks.

Instead of spending all the available time on tuitions and group study, set aside ample self-study time that should be treated as very important, particularly just before the examination. Avoid fear or worry as the date gets closer. Don’t be nervous if preparation has been done well. Increase speed and improve skills through mock tests so that all the questions can be attempted within the given time. Practice revision also that many students neglect because of the time factor. Concentrate on revision in the last few days of preparation.

XAT 2018

Make sure that mock practice is done with the previous year’s question paper. Study the expected changes in the exam pattern and remember that XAT changes every time. Even if the same pattern is followed, the number of questions changed in 2017. The XAT preparation is complicated and you need to choose some good books.

Mock tests and coaching centers do help to get rid of the weak areas. Online coaching in recent years has become very popular due to lower costs with more time available for your own practice tests.
The XAT 2018 exam will contain three major sections that contribute to percentile scores. Attempt the sections within the time limit. Aim for a high score in each section because of the sectional score cut off. Study smartly, maximize correct answers and minimize the wrong answers. It is not compulsory to attempt every question.

CMAT 2018

General Knowledge of current affairs during the last year, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability are all important and you need reference books. Quantitative Aptitude, Language Comprehension and General Awareness require a planned study approach with ample test questions for practice.
Be prepared to labor hard and that is the ultimate secret of success. Each day ends with some unfinished work. Mark the page with colored notes so that you can continue preparation from that point the following day. Avoid stress and concentrate on self-study. Refer what you do not understand to some teachers, elders or authorities.

ATMA 2018

Consider it essential to practice the question papers of the previous year’s ATMA and get mentally prepared about what to expect.  For the Verbal category, you need to read many newspapers, magazines and passages. Logical Ability will require an analysis of problems and an understanding of the underlying logic. By solving mock questions and puzzles, you can improve in Analytical Reasoning & Decision Making. Data Interpretation requires quick and accurate calculations. Read the newspapers, witness the media and watch educational television channels for General Knowledge. Corporate and business news is important. Group Discussion will require the strong ability to verbally put forward your points to the group. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

GIBS organized Quality Improvement Program “Accelerate your Success” for personal Effectiveness & Professional Excellence.

GIBS organized QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME “Accelerate your Success” for personal Effectiveness & Professional Excellence.
The fouce was to bridge the gap between academics and corporate. Mr. Deepak Justin ( Corporate Trainer, TEDx Speaker, and Short Film Maker ) was the Recourse person for the QIP, followed by a panel Discussion ,below were the panellist,
Mr. Chandrashekar, Manager HR – Mercedes Benz
Mr. Poornanand – Area Manager, BIBA India.
Mr. Prem Kumar Madamsetty – Mind Tree.
Mr. Anoop Nagarajan – Professor, Singapore.
Dr. Paul Susheel, life-skills trainer
CA Dr. Vishnubharath Alampalli Executive President – Karnataka Chapter of UNESCO.