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A vibrant campus life is important for a Management Program

Deciding a college or a management program is a tough task, a good decision depends upon the consideration of a number of factors. One of the most important factors is the distance of the B-school or college from home. Deciding if you want to stay on campus or visit just for classes also plays a major role in selection. There are numerous programs that are only residential and require the students to mandatorily stay on campus; the students hence have the responsibility to choose the campus according to their needs. They may consider various factors while doing that including diversity, aesthetic appeal, sports and other activities and the like. Since your career and success depend greatly on the college you choose, it is important to choose something that makes the experience worthwhile.
There are many colleges whose campuses boast of state of the art infrastructure, diversity and vibrant surroundings; these are often go-to choices for students.
Vibrant campuses are also much more than the infrastructure, they are those that provide activities, sports, dance, drama and everything else in the right proportion with academics. Amphitheatres, inter-college events, activity clubs etc. instil life in these places.
The following points talk about how a vibrant campus life adds to the worth of a management program.
The college experience is enriched by diversity:
If you are on a campus that comprises of an amalgamation of cultures and people from various backgrounds and varying interests, you will get to learn a lot about different cultures, effective communication, differences in people of different ethnicity etc. and hence you will be equipped to interact with anyone in your professional life and that is one of the primary objectives of a management program i.e effective communication irrespective of the second party. With a cultural mix, you learn something new each day.
Preparation for the life after college:
A sneak peeks into the past school life and a comparative analysis with present life teaches us that in life it is the interpersonal skills, co-curricular activities, hobbies, effective communication that will matter and knowing that ‘mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’ won't. A vibrant campus prepares you for the life to come. While technical expertise and theory will be useful in your career, all round development will be useful for life. Think of a panel discussion with a client over a controversial issue, you may have the right facts and figures but the way you communicate and your body language will make it break it, a campus teaches you just that, it teaches co-existence.
A feeling of home away from home:
If you have chosen to live on campus over the daily commute you are sure to miss home. A vibrant campus is sure to instill that feeling of comfort with the security of surroundings, ever availability of friends who go on to be as connected as siblings, parental advice in form of teachers and the life. If the campus is dull and bland, you are sure to go homesick very soon. Regular events and activities make sure that you miss college during your vacations back home.
Communities for a specialised learning experience:
The emergence of learning communities on campuses is a great takeaway from vibrant campuses. Each community takes up a specific topic related or unrelated to the curriculum and all the activities taken up are around the topic hence facilitating a better grab and understanding.
Help in academics:
Think of a campus where there are no personal relationships, students and teachers interact but stay limited to classrooms versus a system where everyone can reach out to everyone else for help with academics irrespective of time. The latter setup paves way for better academic support and smoothens all communication glitches.
Social circle:
Coexistence and mutually beneficial and interdependent social relationships are one of the best gifts of a vibrant campus. You earn best friends for life. The campus dorms are not merely bricks and mortar but an unending saga of memories.
Break from monotony:
It is rightly said that all work and no play make jack a dull boy. A Vibrant campus gives jack ample opportunity to work and enjoy simultaneously and hence learn in a fun way. It gives a good break fro just textbooks to domains that one may want to brush their skills in.
While #GIBS has a great campus to boast about, the management program is definitely incomplete without it for the basic goal of a management program is all round development and that is the best accelerated on our vibrant campus. It bestows you with skills and relationships that not only come handy in professional realms but in personal life as well. A vibrant campus helps to inculcate mental health alongside theory knowledge and hence is conducive to a great future.

Monday, 24 April 2017

GIBS, Bangalore a heaven for Management Studies

Global Institute of Business Studies offers several business management courses as one of the most sought after b-school destinations. The location in the much happening city of Bangalore on a landscaped 4.5-acre campus that brings serenity to what are essentially business wars! Besides the MBA course combined with PGPM are the one year PGDM program, the industry integrated MBA during weekends, corporate BBM and corporate BCom. While all the courses are essentially business inspired and teach similar syllabi on different levels with different durations, the MBA course is the most sought after.

How does one qualify for an MBA?

Technically speaking, a graduation in any subject along with work experience is sufficient to apply for the MBA. Yet the score in the admission test also matters. It is best if the subjects in graduation tally with those opted for in MBA, though it is not compulsory. Consider the specializations offered at GIBS for the two-year MBA program:
Ø  Tourism & Travel Management
Ø  Healthcare Management
Ø  Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Ø  Retail & Supply Chain Management
Ø  Banking & Insurance
Ø  Marketing
Ø  Finance
Ø  Human Resource Management
Ø  International Business
Ø  Information Systems

The list of specializations forms a summary of the corporate world that rules the contemporary world. Industry and business are getting nowhere without top notch MBAs! Managers always existed, but businesses nowadays have learned how to embrace the whole world because of the internet. Electronics companies know how to manufacture their products in cheaper countries like China. That would require superhuman management expertise.  Not only is the present day a world of business, but also a world where b-schools have grown very commonly like a forest.

It is no wonder that students often find it difficult to choose an appropriate b-school. Many b-schools in India and abroad may promise the world but facilities and infrastructure, faculty and placements may be lacking. Yet they succeed in selling sweet dreams and attracting high-paying students who end up with a mediocre education. The syllabi may be similar across the world, but an essential something is missing from those courses.

GIBS makes a difference!

In terms of rankings and awards too, GIBS has come a long way besides praise and recognition in social media circles. Higher Education Review ranked GIBS the 3rd best b-school in India with the 8th best industry exposure and the 4th best in infrastructure. That is enormous praise indeed when the wealth of b-schools in the ocean that is India is considered. According to, GIBS is the 8th best b-school in the country. Careers 360 – The Education Hub also graded GIBS AA+ in terms of MBA quality.

A committed and sustained training course over two years of MBA does succeed in producing dynamic business managers who can weather the storms of management globally. Their skills are not confined to the Indian agenda alone. They have been blessed with the global touch amidst a fierce competitive spirit that does not sacrifice values. Besides the crucial, specialized understanding of an area like Healthcare, Hospitality or Finance, for instance, they have developed physically, mentally and spiritually. Personality matters, particularly in the glittering world of big business.

International affiliations and exposure

Numerous Chinese, Nepalese and Bangladeshi students have placed their trust in this mighty institution, bringing a global touch. Several prestigious tie-ups with foreign universities bring international exposure to the GIBS trainees. Managing cross-cultural situations is the challenge while working in big business. America and Germany, UK, Australia and Singapore provide some of these exchange programs. Some leading universities are Nottingham University, RMIT, Singapore University and the University of Central Florida.

An expansion of horizons, the promotion of cosmopolitan thinking and cross-cultural platforms may be achieved by means of international exposure. Skills and personalities are thus meaningfully developed, though national values remain intact.

Teaching methodology

A personalized attention is accorded to each student with the insistence upon an interactive and participatory study culture. It is true that bookish learning alone cannot succeed. A number of activities like seminars and workshops, presentations and lectures combine to create that final rounded personality that can fight extreme business management battles. Much of education suffers because of one-way traffic in teaching, but interactive learning where the student participates actively stands the best chance of success.

A variety of teaching methods would accommodate the various learning styles that students experienced during the graduation years. Besides, they work and study at different levels and speeds. The faculty makes a determined attempt to bring about a homogenous study culture by leveling. More attention is given to those who may be weaker so that they reach the standard of the better students. Gradually, such a homogenous level is achieved after one or two of the four semesters of the MBA.

Lectures and projects, the internationally recognized case method, teamwork, self-study and guest lectures, internships and finally the highly sought after job placements. The MBA does not give a moment to rest until dreams are fulfilled.

Qualified and experienced international faculty

Perhaps in every renowned institution and university and hundreds of them existed in history, the teachers made the greatest difference. It is teaching ultimately that inspires and transmits knowledge and experience and opens up an intellectual world for the students. Commercialization of education only achieves the opposite as if they were all teaching machines like online study courses nowadays. A fully residential program means that the students get the best of both worlds.

A qualified and experienced international faculty shapes student destinies in this renowned institution. The best of academic practices is passed on through the teaching faculty to the great business managers of the future. Perhaps some of the MBA trainees in their turn would become mighty teachers too, but not before adequate industry experience.

Clubs and committees on campus

It is the most happening campus at GIBS where the students get ample chances to develop their hobbies and interests in a state of the art infrastructure. Academics alone would bring boredom and an active lifestyle is encouraged with plenty of sports and games after study hours. Facilities are needed and the campus possesses plenty of that. The comprehensive experience turns out well-honed MBAs ready for the big battles of life.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Bag the Best of Salary Packages: B-School Placement Guide

Whether it’s about graduation or post-graduation, there’s always a tremendous amount of anxiety and excitement among the students when it comes to the important turn of placement. Placements generally start in the third semester of MBA and may continue for the entire second year. However, to be successful in acquiring the perfect job with high salary, one needs to be extremely cautious, patient, and skillful not only in one’s core subject area but also analytically and logically.
In the upcoming sections of this article, we will be considering the various factors which are important with respect to placement and must be especially given due consideration if you are aiming for the highest of salary packages.
Company Portfolio Survey
As a first step, it is always better to do some prior research on the organizations visiting the campus during the placement drives, and also the current market trend on the job opportunities presented. Moreover, knowledge of the company’s market reputation, financial position, and the upcoming projects’ status will help you stay ahead among the other candidates, as you’ll be more confident in front of the panel. Further, the eligibility criteria, recruitment procedure, and other such parameters should also be researched thoroughly.
Goal Driven Preparation
As soon as the placement time starts, do see to it that you revise all the subjects from the previous semesters, which students, otherwise, easily tend to forget. The reason being that the basics are covered in the initial semesters for all the subjects, which are actually very crucial for fundamentals as well as interviews. Adding to this, one or two subjects should be marked as favorite and you should have a strong hold on them. Further, mark your dream job and company, and start preparing for its recruitment process.
High Aptitude and Analytical Skills
The very first round of the recruitment process for most companies is aptitude test which is as important as the interview but is not taken seriously enough by the candidates. More than 60% students are rejected after the first round, so keep practicing hard and prepare well for this particular section. Some of the common topics or subjects covered under the aptitude section in the test are quantitative, logical reasoning, data interpretation, etc. Apart from aptitude, the analytical skills are also mandatory to be polished since they are required for reasoning in group discussions and interviews.
 Strong Communication Skills
The communication skills are required in almost each and every aspect of life. Whether, it’s the viva-voce conducted at different phases of student life, placement related discussions, interviews, or any other day in one’s social and professional sphere, strong communication skills are necessarily required. To gain an upper hand in the job interviews and to draw the best of pay packages available, it’s surely an important parameter to be considered.

The communication skills are important to express yourself effectively and show confidence in your work. It may so happen that even after knowing the answer, one may not be able to efficiently express because of poor communication skills. With respect to recruitment, strong communication is the most important factor required to clear the group discussion round where you need to speak up and emphasize on your points, and also at a later stage, where you are supposed to give to the point answers for interview questions.
Attentive and Logical Interview
Once the requisite steps of the recruitment process have been cleared, the last stage is the personal interview. This round is particularly conducted by the employer to assess whether the candidate is suitable for the position offered by the organization or not. To successfully crack this round, it is important that the candidate maintains high levels of confidence and patience, and keep a calm and composed mindset.

If any hint of over or under confidence, anxiety, and hesitation is caught by the panel, the candidate may get rejected straight away, no matter how skilled he/she is. This round also requires strong observation and quick learning skills since you’ll be expected to give some instant yet clever answers.

In other words, you have to be very attentive while sitting in front of the recruiter during an interview and should always answer with logical reasoning and data points (if possible). In addition to this, you must be very vigilant about how to answer the questions with respect to the job profile and organization standards.
Portray Your Best Self
The last, but surely not the least. Throughout the placement process, keep in mind that you have to portray the best side of yourself. This includes showing best of your manners, etiquettes, professional attire, and not to forget, punctuality.

It is very important to dress up like a professional and behave like one when attending the group discussion and interview rounds since it will be your first impression on the selection panel. In addition to this, never be late to reach the venue of the test, discussion or interview. It would be better to reach before time, so as to avoid any last-minute hassle, gasping, and unnecessary confusions. This would also help you to keep calm and confident which is considered to be a big plus during the selection process.

No doubt, subject knowledge, skill set, and competency are the prime factors that are essential from a recruiter’s perspective. However, the aspects mentioned above do play a vital role when it comes to bagging the best of salary packages. Thus, even if you have not remained a topper in your MBA class, remember to get hold of the aforementioned factors, which will not only help you impress the recruiter, but would also enable you to draw the finest remuneration offers.

At GIBS we give real emphasis on all the aspects written above to make sure that each student is hand held and guided for the best in life. To explore more visit:

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Bangalore is the best place in India to study an MBA

India has secured a place amongst the top five study destinations in the world and that is news to be proud of. While we offer quality education, choosing a business school still remains a daunting task. With a new B-school mushrooming in every corner of every city it becomes even more challenging to choose the right one. There are various factors that one needs to consider before plunging into the decision as it not only affects one professionally but securing an MBA is expensive and you need to be well informed of your decision before breaking the bank. One of the major factors affecting your decisions is the location of the B School, its proximity from your hometown, safety parameters, employability and the like.

A comprehensive study of all cities in India reveals that Bangalore might be the best place to study an MBA in India. While we do not say that the other cities are any less; a number of reasons make Bangalore a feasible choice.

The good things about Bangalore that make it a viable destination for studying an MBA program are as follows:

Weather: A respite of harsh winters and cruel summers, mild rainfall frequently and pleasant weather throughout the year, make Bangalore a great choice for studying MBA or any other course opposed to cities with extreme temperatures to discourage the student in you.

Safety concerns: While crime touches all places and safety is always a warning note, Bangalore still remains to be one of the safest cities in India and parents are much more comfortable in sending their children to study in Bangalore than to other parts of the country. Same is indicated by a survey conducted by the Times of India where parents have admitted their inclination towards Bangalore as a preferred study destination for their children owing to safety parameters.

Connectivity: Bangalore is well connected to other parts of the country through rail, road, and air and hence is easier to reach and commute. Easy connectivity through these modes of transportation also makes it a viable destination.

Cosmopolitan status: The cosmopolitan status of Bangalore makes it easier to study consumer behavior for MBA students due to close contact with diverse sets of people.

The abundance of courses and good colleges: Bangalore is home to one of the premier B-schools in India i.e IIM but apart from IIM there are abundant business courses and colleges to suit each budget and individual needs. These colleges boast good infrastructure and various facilities for residents. Higher education is a breeze here owing to the number of course options. One can even attend workshops conducted by IIM for other students.

Employment opportunities: Bangalore has quickly evolved from the garden city to the IT hub in recent years and the transition has opened the way to lots of companies and hence employment opportunities within the city. The coming up of startups each day is also adding up to the scope of employment. Studying an MBA in Bangalore opens up avenues to secure employment in many companies. There is also a plethora of options for internships and research projects.

Faculty: The presence of a lot of companies ensures the visits from well-qualified guest faculties and industry insights from those already working in the domain. More opportunities for industry visits also pave way for better learning during MBA.

Student clubs and organizations: Budding and established student bodies across the city ensure proper and worthwhile engagement for MBA students. The vast alumni network is sure to help you with your academic needs. You even have greater access to resources with the ecosystem of students that are always ready to share everything from textbooks to notes.

The quality of student life: Bangalore has some great malls and markets to break the monotony and also a lot of holiday destinations around to take that much-deserved vacation from your MBA studies. Nightlife here will also ensure a good outing to a pub if you just want a break. The easy availability of all basics is also a win-win.

The cost of an MBA: We are not claiming that Bangalore offers low-cost MBA programs, but there are colleges to suit each budget and you necessarily don’t have to shell out a fortune to ensure a good education. Also, the cost of living in the city is not exorbitantly high.

GIBS offers two-year full-time residential MBA program the ROI of which is most talked about in the town.

The popularity of Bangalore as a destination to study MBA can be well attributed to various factors as listed above, if you are on the hunt to find the right business school, your decision will primarily depend on the scores of entrance exams but the next factor of location will be well satisfied by Bangalore in all terms. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to paradise to secure your MBA and the right employment to suit you.

Friday, 14 April 2017

The superior faculty makes the difference at GIBS Business School

The institute is named Global and rightly so. The faculty that consists of several doctorate holders possesses a truly international outlook in inculcating 21st-century values and Ethics amongst the students. Besides, they not only teach in the lecture halls and the classrooms, the teachers are also avidly busy in research, having published several research papers in academic and business journals. Corporate training requires their presence across the industry to cater to senior executives in search of a new direction. Consultations are ongoing with the greatest heads of industry.
Bookish learning hardly exists anymore today, though the print media flourishes greater than ever. Printing technology lies at the heart of the digital revolution too. The chalk and talk teaching sessions of the past have transformed under the impact of the digital and electronic media. The lecture hall contains smartboards with students seated at laptops, having access to internet facilities. Screens become very handy along with audio and video for more effective multimedia teaching.

A few faculty achievements at GIBS

The best teachers are constantly busy updating knowledge and skills. Essentially, learning never stops, especially nowadays with accelerated development in all fields. Research is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge night and day. The GIBS faculty is blessed with such a restless knowledge search with a constant beehive of activity of gathering the best ideas to transmit to students. Keeping up to date is more important than anything else in every field or stagnation would occur.

Just like the chalk and talk teaching of the past, the digital and electronic media of the present may not be sufficient. International exposure through their presence at seminars and workshops abroad bring the best minds together. They return from such national and international events, energized further to motivate the students towards higher performance.
In every great educational establishment worldwide, it is the quality of faculty that matters far more than the infrastructure. That indefinable quality of the great minds at work brings an aura of educational attainment that inspires the next generation of students. So it has been for generations at those universities, hundreds of years old. Institutes recently established like GIBS are also catching up with the best practices and learning from the experiences of many generations.

Sample research papers:
•    Director Dr. K. Aparna Rao- “Impact of Occupational ‎Stress on Work life balance of women employees in IT Sector”
•    Prof. Lakshmi RB - “Knowledge Management and Inventive HRM”
•    Prof. Sree Harsha C – “Role of Financial Management in Organization Development”

The international faculty hosted by GIBS

Visiting professors and industry leaders make a difference to student learning and motivation when they share real life experiences. Such celebrities who possess expert knowledge of their respective fields deserve to be called torchbearers who will generate a new generation of enthusiastic managers. GIBS has been working with international faculty from across the world to set up a global competitive culture of excellence. Intellectual achievements get passed on from teacher to student like one candle lighting many others. If knowledge is like the light or the flame, there is ample motivation for managers to succeed in this hallowed institution.
Some international faculty members

•    Prof. Bergstresser Daniel M.B.A. (Ph.D.)
•    Dr. Sandra Carver Ph.D., MBA
•    Prof. Robert Cha B.Tech., MBA

Research keeps the world moving

The world would come to a halt without constant striving after research in search of the unknown. Besides business and management knowledge in various specialization fields like finance and international operations, climate and environment are some urgent concerns for humanity. Research in politics, peacekeeping, and religious problems are also very much necessary to maintain world sanity.

GIBS serves as a research and knowledge base and some areas of intensive study are the following:
    Corporate Entrepreneurship
    Corporate Venturing
    Cross-cultural adaptation
    Diversification
    Human Resource Management
    International Finance
    Managerial and Organizational Cognition

Teaching methods at GIBS

The daily round of study and scholarship in this institute relies upon participatory and interactive learning. Students are constantly involved in the teaching-learning process and are constantly occupied with activities. The target is not merely to fill up the minds with facts, information, history, laws, rules and regulations. While data may be important, stress is given to the development of personality and communication skills. Motivating students and building up confidence are essential too, as they join a bitterly competitive rat race to professional success.

Accommodating the diversity of student levels

While all the students may be graduates with work experience, they remain on different levels with the diversity of backgrounds. The intellectual achievements belong to different levels. The faculty takes many pains to pull up the weaker students with additional training programs in order to create a homogenous culture. Personal attention in great detail is given to students who may be lacking in some characteristics. Mentoring very often succeeds in bringing desirable changes in students who become more cooperative and receptive. Grooming would be necessary in some cases in terms of character and personality, communications and sensibility. By the end of the course, it is assured that the batch members would have achieved equality in many senses. They are prepared to step outside confidently into the real world of work after successful placements.

Guest speakers bring an additional facet of experience

Occasional guest speakers bring further understanding when unfamiliar faces speak to students on elaborate research themes or industry experiences. It is a pleasant surprise for students who are mostly used to the same set of teachers meeting them all the time. It is a refreshing change to encounter a new personality with a changed approach who throws light on important areas.

Some guest speakers:
    Dr. Indumathi IISC  Senior Knowledge Mgmt. Consultant - Oracle Contribution of body language to Personality Development
    Mr. Pradeep Mehta YOGA ART Well-being, Happy living, connectivity with YOGA
    Prof. Vijayanand Associate Prof - The Oxford College of Business Mgmt. Insight into Indian Financial Scenario

A word about the infrastructure

Projects and presentations, case studies, lectures and assignments along with tests and exams make up the GIBS experience. They succeed with the support of world-class infrastructure that includes the amphitheater, auditorium, seminar halls, classrooms and recreation parks.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Global Business Forum, India & GIBS schedules the largest Business Meet in Bangalore….

Jan 2018, Bangalore

In an age of international business that keeps expanding all the time, A Business Meet planned and conceived by Global Business Forum (GBF) in January 2018 should serve a variety of purposes. The venue at the 4.5-acre world class residential campus should be inspiring enough. The GBF & GIBS collaboration with IIT alumnientrepreneurs and corporates should become an occasion for a lot of stocktaking. Exchanges of ideas at such a gathering promise plenty of action and drama. An intellectual stimulus, new horizons opening up and many silver linings may be expected amidst a sky of fireworks. When the best business minds get together on a global scale, sparks will fly.

The Goyal Educational Trust Chairman Mr. B.L. Goyal along with GIBS Chairman Mr Ritesh Goyal are truly dedicated to the noble cause of education and Employment.  Spreading awareness and creating superb business management oriented industry leaders have been some of their passions. A personal concern and a devotion to society needs have been at the core of the efforts. A social change with greater productivity would thus be possible in the face of a globalization initiative.

Living as we do in a world of opportunity, global prospects are very much in order. The Business Meet has such a very important agenda. A new approach to age-old questions is being planned. A new beginning needs to be made. An agreement needs to be reached.

“Heads should come together to forge some common goals “

The Global Business Forum is scheduled to organize one of the biggest Business meet event Jan 2018 which aims at being the best executive networking forum for budding entrepreneurs and to make the union of present and future leaders to generate opportunities that contribute to the world’s sustainable developmentThe greatest beneficiary would be the new age business men and students! The world over, it is the same concern for the new generation that keeps society on its toes. Management colleges across the world, and particularly in India, need to take on greater challenges at this critical juncture.

The promotion of the best business practices globally should occupy center-stage at the Business Meet. When trainees are blessed with real life skills that they can apply to a variety of realistic business situations, great opportunities arise. When leaders are trained well and succeed in the industry, institutions endeavor and dreams deliver.

The private sector across the globe has rendered tremendous business services. Such a contemplation extends to Indian business that could collaborate with the government and educational circles. Change is crucial while contemplating development, but who will be the agents to make a difference? Opportunities, Connections, confidence, and superior networking will be some of the earthshaking issues that will be raised at the Business Meet and it is certain that many wise answers will be found.

Such magnum events turn out to be very charged occasions. Coming together is possible all the time nowadays with the benefits of technology. Yet there is much that can happen face to face on those spectacular live occasions that could change the face of history. While GBF & GIBS goes from strength to strength as a worthy business school among the top achievers in the country, the Business Meet promises to become another feather in the cap. For Membership forms and application to the event please please

Monday, 10 April 2017

The magic lies in the PGPM Program at GIBS

The UGC recognized GIBS (Global Institute of Business Studies) has carved a distinctive place with its much sought after MBA program in Bangalore. Among the thousands of MBA institutes and colleges in India, one often wonders what the exception is at this institution. The answer lies in the unique interactive and participatory teaching-learning environment that allows for authentic learning to take place. The industry leaders of tomorrow are created here. Rather than classroom study alone, a challenging mix of academics along with presentations and discussions, industry visits, role plays and simulation tasks take place.

Post Graduate Program in Management

MBA is no ordinary academic dream! After graduation in any discipline, preferably in keeping with the MBA specialization, sufficient work experience is needed. Qualifying examinations have to be passed before MBA becomes a reality. The best students obtain fabulous job placements at the end of the course.

The MBA is a fully residential two-year program that incorporates all the essential learning, skills and professionalism towards business management. The postgraduate program in management is additionally offered to all the MBA trainees. The aim of the autonomous PGPM is to refine business skills and create efficient business-ready managers honed with all the requisite skills. While MBA in itself is often enough the world over to ensure professional success, the additional PGPM degree brings professional dreams closer.

Just like the MBA, PGPM offers specializations too. While Finance Management may be highly preferred in the present days, Marketing, Health Care, and Human Resources management are also very important in industry. Supply Chain, International Business, and Information Technology Management are other options, all of them sure winners in the global industry race!

The Continuous Evaluation System at GIBS

Regarding the theory and practical papers for individual subjects, as much as 75% weightage is attached to continuous evaluation. This strategy ensures that students are constantly busy with study activities. Periodic testing takes place throughout the semester. Only 25% weight is given to semester examinations.

The Value Added Programs in PGPM

Like the icing on the cake, the PGPM extends, refines and consolidates what is taught in MBA. Consider the various Value Added Programs like the Campus to Corporate Program with a duration of 500 hours with 10 credits. The Project Management Training Program comprises 40 hours and 6 credits. The SAP training program is similar to 40 hours and 6 credits. Six Sigma Training consists of 40 hours duration and 6 credits. Life Skills and Innovation Programs last 20 hours with 4 credits. Microsoft and Google training is meant for 4 credits.

Internships and Guest lectures

Getting adjusted to the real needs of the industry out there beyond the campus walls can be quite a trial. At GIBS, internships that may last a few weeks with corporate partners reveal the world different from the textbooks. That is where the future managers would work, not in the simulated virtual surroundings, but in brick and mortar factories and company offices. It is surely a wake-up call, though the trainees gained work experience earlier after graduation too. This time, it certainly works at a higher level.

Additionally, interaction during guest lectures helps to get tuned with real industry requirements. Besides the highly qualified faculty who may possess plenty of industry experience, the frequent guest lecturers highlight future needs. By sharing their own experiences, an imagined world of a working future is easily understood.

The guest lecturers are often the celebrities and industry leaders who have shaped the corporate philosophy. Those invaluable experiences play an important role in inspiring students towards towering roles in management in taking up challenging roles.

The semester-wise training programs for PGPM

Semester 1
Along with the Orientation and Foundation Program, the Google and Microsoft training are administered for 4 credits. The Campus to Corporate Program for 140 hours comprises of 3 credits. Industrial visits are held along with seminars and workshops. A self-defence training is given.
Semester 2
With a duration of 30 hours, Life Skills and Innovation Program brings 4 credits. Project Management Training Classes have a duration of 40 hours for 6 credits. Campus to Corporate Training has a duration of 120 hours for 3 credits. Industry visits continue, along with CSR activities and sports activities besides faculty development and workshops. Outings include a trip to Art of Living.
Semester 3
Six Sigma Training has  40 hours duration for 2 credits. The Microsoft and Google training is worth 6 credits. Campus to Corporate continues for 120 hours and 2 credits. Besides routine activities in each semester, a student of the year is selected and an optional foreign tour is included. Mumbai Dabbawallas hold a session. Placement activities are held along with CEO/HR talks.
Semester 4
C2C and SAP programs continue. Indoor and outdoor sports and CSR activities are held. Industry experts hold career counseling sessions. Placement activities, job fairs, and the recruitment process take place.

Personal attention to students

In the final analysis, it is the recognition of individual differences at GIBS that makes a difference to student achievement. Though the students are all work-experienced graduates, each is different and require individual attention to develop personality, skills, attitudes and abilities. According to researched methods, students are grouped in three levels in view of their communication skills and maturity levels, motivation and learning ability, etc. Now the process of leveling begins by paying more attention to the weaker ones.
Diverse abilities and learning styles result in developing the personality and managerial skills. A confidence boost is often required. A healthy competitive spirit is required for skills and abilities to improve to desired levels.

Assignments, live projects, and case study

Along with individual research, participative learning is found to be very effective in real learning rather than rote memory work. Working on live projects brings a dynamic feeling. Case study method of learning is practiced all over the world. Real cases from industry present situations where analysis and decision-making skills are required. A powerful method of application of knowledge, case studies result in deeper understanding rather than textbook methods of study. Teamwork and mentoring help better understanding. PGPM at GIBS is a dream come true for Management aspirants!