Thursday, 13 April 2017

Global Business Forum, India & GIBS schedules the largest Business Meet in Bangalore….

Jan 2018, Bangalore

In an age of international business that keeps expanding all the time, A Business Meet planned and conceived by Global Business Forum (GBF) in January 2018 should serve a variety of purposes. The venue at the 4.5-acre world class residential campus should be inspiring enough. The GBF & GIBS collaboration with IIT alumnientrepreneurs and corporates should become an occasion for a lot of stocktaking. Exchanges of ideas at such a gathering promise plenty of action and drama. An intellectual stimulus, new horizons opening up and many silver linings may be expected amidst a sky of fireworks. When the best business minds get together on a global scale, sparks will fly.

The Goyal Educational Trust Chairman Mr. B.L. Goyal along with GIBS Chairman Mr Ritesh Goyal are truly dedicated to the noble cause of education and Employment.  Spreading awareness and creating superb business management oriented industry leaders have been some of their passions. A personal concern and a devotion to society needs have been at the core of the efforts. A social change with greater productivity would thus be possible in the face of a globalization initiative.

Living as we do in a world of opportunity, global prospects are very much in order. The Business Meet has such a very important agenda. A new approach to age-old questions is being planned. A new beginning needs to be made. An agreement needs to be reached.

“Heads should come together to forge some common goals “

The Global Business Forum is scheduled to organize one of the biggest Business meet event Jan 2018 which aims at being the best executive networking forum for budding entrepreneurs and to make the union of present and future leaders to generate opportunities that contribute to the world’s sustainable developmentThe greatest beneficiary would be the new age business men and students! The world over, it is the same concern for the new generation that keeps society on its toes. Management colleges across the world, and particularly in India, need to take on greater challenges at this critical juncture.

The promotion of the best business practices globally should occupy center-stage at the Business Meet. When trainees are blessed with real life skills that they can apply to a variety of realistic business situations, great opportunities arise. When leaders are trained well and succeed in the industry, institutions endeavor and dreams deliver.

The private sector across the globe has rendered tremendous business services. Such a contemplation extends to Indian business that could collaborate with the government and educational circles. Change is crucial while contemplating development, but who will be the agents to make a difference? Opportunities, Connections, confidence, and superior networking will be some of the earthshaking issues that will be raised at the Business Meet and it is certain that many wise answers will be found.

Such magnum events turn out to be very charged occasions. Coming together is possible all the time nowadays with the benefits of technology. Yet there is much that can happen face to face on those spectacular live occasions that could change the face of history. While GBF & GIBS goes from strength to strength as a worthy business school among the top achievers in the country, the Business Meet promises to become another feather in the cap. For Membership forms and application to the event please please

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