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A dynamic GIBS educational infrastructure that spells business success

Among the best AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, GIBS promises flourishing business careers. Awarded 5 Star ratings by ‘Just Dial’ and BEST EMERGING B SCHOOL IN BANGALORE’ by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2019, GIBS has been highly honored through recent years.  Associated with CAT, XAT and ATMA 2019, the institution looks forward confidently to the new session.

A little something in common unites superb college and university campuses around the world. Medicine or anthropology, business or engineering, it is the thirst for knowledge, competition and accomplishment that motivates scholars and professors alike. Yet, down the centuries, the accumulation of information and experience, research and practice has resulted in vast quantities of educational materials.

Does the 21st century citizen need to know so much in order to succeed in family, professional and national goals? The truth is that communication and work have now acquired a new meaning. Particularly in global software hubs like Bangalore, the use of information technology at every turn has set new standards of accomplishment. The task of the student, researcher or professional is primarily with digital data that is easily created, stored, copied and transmitted online. Join the 2 year AICTE approved PGDM course in Bangalore.

A global education destination

Inspired by cosmopolitan Bangalore that is both a garden city and a global center for manufacture and services along with educational facilities, Global Institute of Business Studies combines the best of both worlds. The green and peaceful 4.5 acre world class campus on the periphery of the bustling city brings everything the student would need to succeed academically. It is a scene straight out of a textbook! Whether it is work, study, leisure activities or workshops and seminars, games, dance and yoga, swimming or worship, every facility is readily available. The comprehensive campus leaves nothing to chance with high security in place. It is a dream comes true for the bright-eyed boys and girls who have come from distant places to lay the foundation of a business management career.

Super placements bring the happy ending!

Whether it is the PGDM, MBA, BBA, they are all business studies at different levels like the peaks in the Himalayan ranges, all of them essentially attractive. It is luck that puts you in one of those honored courses. Internships and placements are sensational enough with some of the dozens of multinational companies that have made Bangalore their home. Get admitted and it is a one-way ticket to the career of a lifetime. After bidding goodbye to GIBS, it is a professional ladder that is always pointing towards the heavens. Colleges offering PGDM course in Bangalore will bring life success.

The villa style hostel

A second home with all the essentials in place waits at the hostel for students who migrate here temporarily from distant locations. Understanding the complicated process of adjustment to local conditions, the hostel Warden and Caretakers ensure a hassle-free study experience. Security Staff make sure that no law and order issues exist to disturb the tranquil surroundings. The room facilities, the food experience and the air of freedom and cooperation are divine. Students who are now settled in mega careers speak extremely well of the hostel facilities.

Research amenities

The academic block along with the well-equipped library and internet café, seminar room and conference room are facilities dedicated to satisfy the daily quest to know more and more. As compared to institutions that teach a variety of subjects in several subject departments, the specialization in business studies has a great advantage. It is a world of specialists in the contemporary times and little knowledge will not suffice.

A faculty that goes very far

Along with the study atmosphere at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore, the faculty of learned, experienced and dedicated professors take personal care for the welfare of the boys and girls. Good education certainly has interactive lessons with a range of activities across the campus infrastructure to make sure that the lessons are thoroughly understood. Once learned well, the concepts would remain imprinted in the mind forever.

Live it up physically

Since the mental and physical faculties work together, remaining active on the campus brings many rewards. Study alone would be detrimental. The playground with cricket and volleyball, football and kabaddi are some of the possibilities. Set aside some time each day for physical activities, just like a few minutes for prayer. According to interests, the gymnasium, the dance studio and yoga room should provide healthy pursuits for those who are no so keen on games.
The amphitheater and swimming pool, jogging track, club house and auditorium present many more opportunities of indulging in individual or group activity. Just like there is a study time, chances of learning activities are many, diverse and interesting. Though starting with the syllabus and books along with digital learning materials, the courses present a large canvas of a bouquet of intellectually stimulating activities. Choose the top colleges in Bangalore for PGDM studies.


The best procedures for successful PGDM studies at GIBS

Procedures for study have been already practiced for at least fifteen years before the opportunity arises to enter one of the best AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore. Since primary school, perhaps some similar study habits have been followed but now is the time to get serious amidst stiff competition. It is a race not only to obtain the best results to ensure excellent internships and placements but a reflection of the excessive competition in the 21st century world. No doubt it is that the greater the merits and skills, the greater the chances of professional success. Dedication to the study task at hand in regular order and on a sustained basis through the four semesters of PGDM at Global Institute of Business Studies would earn a place of pride in the professional world. Giving back to the family, society and country is certainly recommended in gratitude for the nurturing that elevated careers.

The race against time

According to every authority that exists, time is never in abundance; neither for the farmer nor the researcher, the manufacturer nor the service provider. Time is eternally limited. Managing time and allocating time effectively is the first priority. The clock seems to run faster than ever before. Distribute the available time in a schedule, according to the time available on weekends and holidays particularly. Hostel inmates are able to better manage tile with the regular life.

Avoid postponements and stick to the plan of action as far as possible. Be prepared for disruptions in the timetable set and take some well-deserved breaks. Never get into the habit of cramming study material but begin test preparations well in advance.

Arrange an organized place to study

While a silent place free from distractions may be perfect for study, such an ideal setting is not always available. Some students are able to study successfully amidst music and the television playing. Suit your requirements and arrange an appropriate place with a desk and chair and copies of relevant study materials of your own. The study materials may include DVDs and audio and video files along with books and hard copy notes. Internet facilities would be required and available somewhere. Make sure that the study corner is neatly arranged in a filing system so that there is no confusion. Avoid having the materials scattered about, since it will have a negative impact. The Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore do inspire dedicated study and research work.

The note taking habit

While reading text, listening to lectures and even while witnessing videos, writing down points or short summaries should be considered crucial. The mind quickly forgets and recording points for study sessions later and while preparing for examinations at a glance would help remember. Further, involvement and activity, participation and doing would aid true understanding and memory is certain. Whether through highlighting, sticky notes or handwriting and typing, make sure that the tidbits are recorded and avoid the massive confusion that would otherwise arise.

Break up large lessons into smaller chunks

The textbook does look awesome and topics when first introduced in lectures and seminars look mighty indeed. Subheadings and sections help better understanding. Just like a single body contains so many organs and bones, studied individually, do the same with the extended topics. The truth is that the vast lessons are built around several smaller units and they can be handled one by one. The immensity disappears quickly.

Involvement in study groups

The same study agenda unites many students chasing the similar dream but the group should not be bigger than five. Meeting for study sessions should set out a plan of action and for not longer than an hour or two. Basically to exchange notes and literally too, it becomes a convenient method of staying in track and clearing up doubts. You feel stronger and more confident since there is strength in numbers on an intimate footing. The 2 year PGDM colleges in Bangalore would finally fulfill all those rosy professional dreams, but not before some tears have been shed through diligent study on a sustained basis through four semesters.

Healthy diets and regular sleep hours

It might be commonsensical but reminders are important. Where will all that great study energy come from? Nutritious food without addictions and destructive tobacco and alcohol habits would go a long way to ensure academic success. The student community does suffer from substance abuse and particularly in ultramodern Bangalore, but it is best avoided early. Late night study is hardly effective after all the tiring activities of the day, though midnight study does appear convenient and practiced by many. Regular and sufficient sleep would ensure the best study habits. Lack of energy and listlessness need to be discussed with the parent or doctor and vitamins might help. GIBS would see you through on an excellent career path.

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Best B school in Bangalore connects with knowledge partner QUIKLRN for 2019 and beyond

Looking back at the process of education some decades ago, it is a sea of a difference! Though mighty personalities steered the world and the oasis of education, things were so much different. What exactly was the crucial difference in spite of mega companies and a materialist, industrial society like today? Technology has overtaken us and some people are worried that it might be excessive, so much so that it disturbs the peace of mind and could be counterproductive. Many are concerned about the safety and security of sensitive data, whether official or personal. Looking at the positive side of things, the Global Institute of Business Studies’ new partner is QUIKLRN and the future looks very promising indeed.
Almost everything is going online these days
Everybody knows about the shopping advantages online but administration, communication and research are a few aspects that enjoy supreme advantages with the rise of digital technology. Compared to the textbooks in the shops, online study materials are more up to date, representing the latest developments in the field whether science or humanities. Remaining connected in the olden ways meant getting together for workshops or speaking on the phone and writing hardcopy letters. Getting together nowadays can be achieved so conveniently via webinars and sharing study materials becomes so easy. The result is that even remote areas are getting enlightened via internet connections.
QUIKLRN and the best B school in Bangalore

Some apps work even without the internet connection that may not be available everywhere and unreliable too. The educational mobile digital platform QUIKLRN does not require the internet and thus would be doubly advantageous. A college student today is overwhelmed by excessive study materials and it is necessary to maintain personal copies. Like an online storehouse of garments or jewelry, here is a collection of study materials that may be considered far more valuable.

Several advantages make such a platform very desirable. There are no time restrictions. Colleges function for a few hours each day. Students can use study materials anytime and anywhere. A great advantage in the successful learning process, it is true that the students have grown up with gadgets and feel comfortable with them. Rather than hard copy books, most would prefer to study on the screen and use all kinds of digital study methods and digital materials. Most exams have become digital that also point in the same direction.

Academic study and Social media sharing

The process does look and feel like social media sharing that makes students more human. Why not clarify doubts by putting heads together online? Like almost everything else, life is getting more personalized even though the inspiration is technological. Mobile technology would facilitate personalized learning to a great extent. Though one may wish to return to the simpler chalk and talk teaching methods of the past, it is common knowledge that it cannot happen. Certain farfetched places may still follow that path. The complexities of the 21st century make it more difficult yet easier for the average citizen to study, work and play.

Study at the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore

Effective learning requires interaction, participation and doing. Multimedia presents a complete package, even in the virtual classroom. Though all may not be comfortable with technology, such is the present culture and adjustments are necessary. Consider all the advantages of online learning when everything is delivered at the doorstep, just like the pizza! It is all data management, to put it simply. Every kind of study uses data, whether textual or through figures and graphs. Digital methods easily manipulate data and figures and so the task of the student is simplified. Copying and transmission of data is easily and cheaply done. Nothing remains secret anymore.

The QUIKLRN advantages

Colleges and universities already have their own networks to link students and teachers and share study materials besides connecting with social media and external agencies. QUIKLRN will integrate with those systems already set up, displaying content conveniently on a single screen for the benefit of students of the Best PGPM program in Bangalore too.

·         Like a pot of gold, faculty members will upload learning content department wise. Like a bookstore, faculty and students would access the materials when they wish.

·         Further, like a notice board in the sky, easy communication is achieved with the students. Important messages are communicated and a close understanding is established.

·         Serving the purpose of a relevant search engine, the materials are easily organized in study modules.

·         Among the greatest modern challenges, publishing and accumulating content is so much simplified.

The leading 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM programs like in Global Institute of Business Studies needed a network like QUIKLRN and the time has come to raise management education to the next level? Never were the advantages for students greater in the garden city of Bangalore that has transformed into a global city with the power of information technology.

The Challenging GIBS Location in the Global City of Bangalore

Associated with CAT 2019, XAT 2019 and ATMA 2019, Global Institute of Business Studies was hailed as the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE" by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2019. GIBS certainly brings a lot of ideas to those searching for the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore.  The postgraduate diploma in management or PGDM promises to be a joy ride into the most attractive business positions with attractive salaries and perks. The hurdle of faring well in entrance exams will have to be crossed first, along with good performances in the interview, written tests and group discussion. Many ambitious young boys and girls are making it each year into successful placements at the end of the PGDM studies. A glance at the previous records of internships and placements would reveal some of the leading corporations globally.

Founded in 2014 by the Goyal Educational Trust, GIBS has an extremely well qualified and experienced faculty that cares for the future of the children. The management board, the academic advisory board and the global advisory board are composed of distinguished individuals who have been honored many times over in their respective fields of endeavor. They represent the leading lights of industry and the celebrities in a variety of sectors that combine many shades of excellence for the benefit of the students.

Renowned cities gave birth to hallowed educational systems

Researching the global history of universities and institutions that earned renown through the decades and centuries, one thing in common united them all. The names of towns and cities were associated with the educational infrastructure from the very beginning. If it was not for the place names like Harvard or Cambridge, there would exist no such university. Considering the fact that Bangalore is a mighty beehive of industrial and corporate activity involving numerous mega-companies from all over the world, it is better understood how the inspiration for GIBS was born.

The software and IT growth

Bangalore used to be a peaceful so-called pensioners’ paradise in the olden days several decades ago, beloved because of the cool climate at 3000 feet. The greenery and the ‘garden city’ label was enough to attract many who wished to settle and work in this education and commerce hub, far away from the disturbances of the national borders in the north of the country or the hectic life of the mega cities. Nobody knew then that a mighty rapid growth would result from the communication technology boom and the internet explosion of the late 1990s.

Bangalore never looked back since! Just like each famous city has its distinctive ethos and culture, whether food or beverages, handicrafts or automobiles, software became the brand name and the trademark of a cosmopolitan city of many languages and cultures living happily together.

The GIBS passionate dream!

Like the fish in the ocean, educational institutions and private universities in Bangalore are too many to count on the fingers. Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore is the exceptional GIBS that genuinely nurtures students and grooms them towards the makings of a successful business management career. With the rapid development of digital technology, educational facilities have become much easier and cheaper now. Study materials are easily duplicated and sent across long distances. The syllabus of large and small institutions hardly differs in essentials. The multimedia online easily creates mock classroom settings and even remote areas can study well.

The Bangalore inspiration

As compared to the mushrooming colleges that promise the world and betray students in order to make quick money, GIBS has a well-established network not only in Bangalore businesses but globally through the alumni who have reached senior positions in industry. It is a constant interaction with industry representatives and campus placements that the links are regularly maintained. Faculty members from abroad facilitate student and teacher exchanges in the virtual and real worlds and thus a rare exchange of know-how is possible. Like the churning of the ocean waves, it is the regeneration of knowledge that keeps the learning on its toes.

Just like the capital of Karnataka, the best B school in Bangalore is reaching higher every year. Plans are being made to set up branches within the country and abroad that will soon become a pulsating reality. When that happens, many more boys and girls would join the list of successful industry placements. Sandalwood has been one of the many inspirations that drive Bangalore, a city state of potent facets of the future. Already three centuries old, it is further history in the making for a city that never sleeps.

Consider the multifarious benefits of outstanding education and infrastructure, curriculum and faculty, ending with dream placements when you study in GIBS. Get past the entrance exam and study the 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program and be ready for a lifetime of professional accomplishment.

Campus Placements and Internships at GIBS

Global Institute of Business Studies located in picturesque Bangalore caters to the business management needs of dynamic boys and girls from several countries. Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, it is certain that the academic course of studies with multiple practical sessions would lead to an exceptional professional career. While many institutions make rosy promises that are not eventually fulfilled, this college honors every commitment to ensure the welfare of students.

Established in 2014, though not many years have passed, the records of previous years indicate that several leading corporations have absorbed the successful candidates in excellent postings. The admission process is complex too with the entrance examinations, but once a seat is obtained after all the labor, it is a one-way ticket to success up the corporate ladder. 

The beckoning world of business that surrounds!

It might be an age of technology but the same has fueled mighty business growth like the startups in Bangalore. An endless variety of businesses locally and across India and the world presents infinite opportunities. In the olden days, it was necessary to work perhaps for decades to reach somewhere high in life. Business management will get you there to senior positions within a few years with the right institutions and pioneering effort in the right direction. Having the right connections in business, the college infrastructure and faculty would soon reach you at the peak of the business adventure. Avoid hopping from job to job, but aim to settle down with a single good company that respects its workers.

Unlike medicine and engineering, management courses like PGDM last a single year, provided a graduation degree has been obtained in any subject with commerce being an advantage. That means a total of four years of study after class 12. Some engineering courses require four years of study too, but PGDM applies to many fields according to the dual specializations available.

Internships come first
Business management courses traditionally require entrants to have previous work experience but many do not have significant job experience. As a result, understanding of the practical aspects of working in companies would be absent. Especially for those candidates who did not really work earlier, the internships with the leading companies do come as a sensational venture. Though it might be called an apprenticeship, this is the kind of lifestyle and ambience in which they will work during a business career of many decades. Many do succeed in starting independent businesses after a period of service to understand the ground realities. Those who already have family business running would become great assets in the future.

Among the many advantages of studying in Bangalore are the multiple mega corporations that operate manufacturing, assembly or service units here. It is a dazzling world in business terms and even short internships of a few weeks with one of these would go a long way to increase prestige, skills, understanding and experience. Aiming high is what everybody needs to do. Will it be telecommunications or textiles, automobiles or banks for internships?

The Placement Advisory Board

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore certainly work hard along with the right business connections and approaches to ensure the best campus placements for the students. Otherwise, students may have to apply to a dozen places, undergo harassment and finally get a mediocre job to rot all their lives. As a result of the policies and professional training to write the CV and appear successfully in interviews and written tests, it is mostly smooth sailing to get well employed all. It is true that everybody does not get the same designation and the cream certainly gets the best deals.

Along with the faculty and the institutional connections are a group of renowned experts in senior positions in industry that make up the Placement Advisory Board. Student representatives also contribute to the task of contacting companies and arranging for the campus interviews. Similarly, companies that wish to recruit would contact the institute and express their intentions. Some leading companies have been recruiting staff there every year and particularly during diversification plans or setting up new branches.

PPT or Pre-Placement talks are held to make the details final and information concerning candidates and job requirements would be discussed. Registration of the right candidates would be followed by the selection interview and other tests like the written and group discussion.

Many are the advantages and blessings of studying at the 1 year PGDM colleges in Bangalore! Escape from the frustrations of job hunting independently with no certainties.

The assurances of GIBS are realized through a dedicated and qualified, caring and dynamic faculty along with an expansive 4.5 acres of educational infrastructure that leaves nothing to chance. Like a well-oiled machine, everything moves like clockwork, assuming that the students are dedicated too.

Make it through the entrance examination to an institution that will lead up the career ladder quickly and lay the foundation for a successful life.  Hyundai, Kotak or Amul may be waiting!

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10-tips strategy for optimum management entrance examination performance

Aim for the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore. GIBS offers both MBA and PGDM. Do you wish to appear for CAT, MAT, XAT or CMAT?

·         Ask once again if business is really your passion. Once you are convinced that it is business that you want to make a life career, attack the task positively and plan a time-table over the period of weeks or months available.

·         Keep in constant touch with the media and read the daily newspapers besides watching the news programs on television until the examination date. English Language skills would be promoted by nature and news channels and quizzes would help general knowledge. A dictionary and a thesaurus are good friends.

·         Keep physically fit with a healthy diet, regular hours of adequate sleep and exercise. Take breaks between study sessions and maintain a personal copy of all the study materials. Relax on the examination date, avoiding excessive mental stress at the last moment.

·         Pay heed to the application procedure, payments, dates and timings. Be early for every appointment. Be careful about the do’s and don’ts. What can be carried and what cannot to the examination center? 

·        An excellent start to the exam preparation would be to solve the previous year’s question papers. Aim for a thorough understanding of the current examination format and the sections, time, marking system and types of questions.

·         Understand the differences of pattern among the important exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, and MAT etc. English section, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative section are found but the names of the sections may be different.

·         Joining a tutorial in titution would bring greater confidence but is not compulsory. Belonging to a study group has advantages too. Plenty of study materials are available online, including audio and video files. Make sure that a mentor or a senior is guiding you.

·         Aim for several types of preparation material like books and magazines, DVDs and question papers.

·         Practice and more practice of mock exams is the ultimate strategy in conditions that mimic a real exam with the set timer alone in the room. Match the answers later to check.

·         Speed is important since most examinations are multiple choice questions and conducted online. Computer experience is crucial and a few sessions of answering online mock tests would bring greater prowess. Once again, practice in plenty.


Common Admission Test is the most sought after entrance test for MBA and 20 IIMs and over 100 B-schools in India use the results to decide admissions. Each year as many as two lakh MBA aspirants appear for CAT. Changes have taken place in the examination pattern and now CAT has three sections and candidates cannot switch from one section to another.


Management Aptitude Test is conducted four times a year by All India Management Association (AIMA). The four occasions are in February, May, September and December. Students have a choice of the computer-based mode and the paper and pencil mode.


Held in January every year. In order to appear for Common Management Aptitude Test, students need a graduation with 50% and above marks for General Category and 45% for reserved category. Final year Bachelor degree candidates can also apply. CMAT is a computerized test in four sections and carries a hundred multiple choice questions. The four sections are Logical Reasoning and Language Comprehension, Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation and General Awareness, each carrying 25 marks. The total time is 180 minutes or three hours.


Xavier Aptitude Test to select management students has been held for over sixty years by XLRI Jamshedpur all over India. The XAT scores are used for the selection of students by over 140 management institutes. Graduates are eligible. XAT is a paper and pencil test.  Mostly consisting of objective type questions, subjective type questions are also present like the essay writing.
The exam has two papers. The completely objective type Paper 1 of 140 minutes has sections on Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making and Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation with no fixed number of questions.

Paper 2 of 30 minutes duration has both objective and subjective questions. General knowledge has 25 questions and essay writing has a single topic.

In order to apply for PGDM, it is necessary to write one of the leading entrance examinations. At this point of time, aim for the 2019 examinations. The application period is usually set a month or two before the examination date and now it will be too late to appear for the December 2018 examinations.

PGDM courses at reputed institutions like GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES offer a dynamic course of academic interactive study sessions and numerous learning activities along with attractive placements. Why not work hard and try for admission to the PGDM Colleges in Bangalore? Make a powerful beginning to a challenging and worthwhile management career at GIBS.

A Dynamic Facility-filled Campus life at GIBS

Affiliated to Bangalore University and managed by the Goyal Educational Trust, Global Institute of Business Studies would be an excellent choice among the MBA colleges in Bangalore with best placements. Study at the best B school in Bangalore and look forward to a challenging career amidst the mega businesses that have now become a hallmark of contemporary life. Many are they who contemplate setting up private businesses, but it may be a long and hard climb to the top of the profession for the service minded.

Study at the world class 4.5 acre campus in picturesque Bangalore
Start dreaming from day one at the splendid campus that inspires, builds careers and motivates. A pensioner’s paradise of a sleepy town that Bangalore that once used to be! Bengaluru has transformed into a global city of software professionals along with mighty industry potential in automobiles and healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing. Just imagine the potential employers of business management graduates and postgraduates. There are no employment battles to be fought with lucrative campus placements among the top industries handed over as a part of the GIBS package for the sincere students.

Some give a lot of importance to feelings and emotions that are certainly important after all. The academic block at GIBS does whisper many sweet stories of past success and the gifted boys and girls who passed through the corridors. Life offers no short cuts, essentially speaking. Just imagine the patience and perseverance of at least 15 to 18 years of study before embarking upon a business career. The truth is that the career has just begun. Such is the nature of the system. A lifetime is very long and many activities remain to be accomplished, including giving back to the family, country and institute that nurtured the dreams and realized them.

Like the shopping fever that affects everybody, all the choices cannot be bought and picking and choosing become necessary. Certainly wanting the best, many would choose the best industry oriented MBA program in Bangalore. Maybe that is not possible for some due to time or funding constraints and PGDM is a shorter duration course that teaches the same fundamentals, though MBA is the globally preferred degree. Qualifications do not always guarantee success in career goals and those who have a greater drive and initiative, willingness and perseverance are those who succeed eventually. GIBS figures among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore.

A supportive and disciplined hostel life
While many parents would worry about the safety and welfare of the students, protecting them from evil and violence, the GIBS hostel provides effective security. Research reveals that hostel life brings greater independence and incredible smartness, initiative and wider participation. Students from near and far come together for a crucial few semesters here. The warden and the caretakers, attendants and supervisors would ensure student personal development amidst the freedom that college life brings. Rules and timings in the hostel ensure a military precision and nothing is going amiss night and day. Be blessed as a student of the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore.

Clubs and Committees
Besides the built infrastructure, student life would be wanting without wider participation in learning activities and opportunities to apply the lessons taught in the class. Some would call the classes spoon-feeding, but practical applications in clubs and committees ensure that the lessons are really understood and practiced. Library, sports and fitness, gardening, marketing, finance, photography, HR, getting together to learn in clubs and committees opens up great vistas and challenges. Organizing a series of programs or exhibitions to depict what the club or committee has been up to constitute a part of the semester activities. An industry integrated MBA in Bangalore is the beginning of an active and challenging career that could take you across the world on assignments of adventure.

Experience the Bannerghatta Road Campus and Residential Campus
Live the peaceful life in the outskirts of cosmopolitan Bangalore without traffic woes and little pollution amidst the serene institute campus and build the foundation of a progressive business career. Gather at the Residential campus to exchange notes and keep track of the academic and professional events as they unfold. There is little time to stand and stare in the hectic business scenario and getting familiar with the mighty industry that stretches across the world. Specializations help to narrow down the focus since the mind has its limitations. Life will be productive evry day at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore.

Dreams come true at the 1 year PGDM colleges in Bangalore
Everything that the heart and soul desires would appear within touching distance. Whether it is the temple, gymnasium or swimming pool, all the facilities are right there and not in the virtual world. Library and cafeteria, yoga and jogging, amphitheater and internet and so much more, a little town is waiting to build business futures. Global Institute of Business Studies would usher in a glorious professional life chapter.