Sunday, 15 October 2017

When the sun rises over the GIBS Residential Campus …

As the Diwali Festival of Lights descends every year to light up millions of Indian homes and hearts, business management education at GIBS reaches dynamic dimensions. Unlike fast food, everything in life happens by degrees and study and careers require umpteen years to succeed. It seems a never-ending process of climbing scholastic and professional ladders across at least fifteen years of school and college education combined. By that time, students have essentially lost all patience and wait anxiously for certified success in order to accumulate the good things of life.
Global Institute of Business Studies should be considered a lucky institution, for the batches of students that enroll each year and for the educational authorities too. Accumulating honors and awards have become a regular feature at GIBS. Certain principles remain the driving factors behind this prestigious institution, and student accomplishment, dedication to the uplift of society and social and humanitarian causes have been at the heart of it. What lies beyond the boundaries of the smashing 4.5-acre green campus is as important as what happens inside each day after the sun rises.
Industry-specific training and global networks provide the best placements
While the academics, seminars and workshops, classes and projects take place within the campus, professional achievements will occur outside in the companies and industries after internships and placements. While each boy and girl has duties towards fulfilling all the course requirements successfully and on time, the faculty and institution have many duties too. Institutional responsibility increases immensely in residential campuses and students work better too in an ambience of mutual give and take like within a large family.
Year-ending activities for 2017
Navaratri has come and gone in late September with amazing grace, celebrated across India by several names like Dassera in honor of Goddess Durga. The inspiring mythology of victory of good over evil continues with Diwali that depicts the celebrations after the return of the triumphant Lord Rama. October 18th will be that stupendous Diwali occasion when the night sky will light up in the radiance of truth and the blessings of the almighty are showered upon us all. So it has happened for ages in the Indian culture and will continue forever. May the students at GIBS derive strength and inspiration from these two mighty festivals to pursue their studies with diligence and embark on lustrous professional careers.
Come November and the Quality Improvement Program is scheduled early in the first week on the 4th. That would feature another occasion for introspection and understanding priorities. Automation and technology sometimes make us think that no human effort is needed. Most people take things for granted nowadays and perhaps they are making a mistake.
Business management students are busy studying professional courses directly connected with employment. A good placement is a final proof of success after all that time, labor, and money spent over several semesters. November 11th presents the supremely important occasion of the JOB Fair at the Bannerghatta Road Campus. Just like students are in search of the best jobs, companies too are looking for superb workers. The problem is to find a meeting ground where they can connect. Such occasions build bridges between employers and would-be business executives who need to come aboard at some point of the company ladder.
The day that every student across the globe dreams of will dawn for the MBA batch of 2015-17 on November 18th. The date is not too far away next month, the date with destiny known as the Convocation Day. It is certainly the most thrilling adventure when the degree is formally conferred upon the students as a reward for educational attainment. It has been a long academic journey after passing a degree course after the successful completion of Class 12. They certainly deserve the MBA after showing tremendous resilience, infinite patience and working hard labor through the semesters. May the Convocation become a beginning for further professional goals being fulfilled, just as they have succeeded every year through school and college.
After all the academic stresses and the compulsion to complete projects and assignments on time according to certain standards, lighter moments are certainly necessary. Physical relaxation and entertainment, cultural programs, drama, and films form part of the activities in addition to the exciting and motivating club activities that help to develop interests and skills.
Selection of the Student of the Year for 2017 on November 25th will certainly keep everybody guessing. Look forward to plenty of action and drama, and a few disappointments too, but take everything in the best spirit.
Several clubs have finalized their inauguration dates but some have not. CSR Committee and Gardening, Library, Women Empowerment, and Maintenance Clubs have not decided upon inauguration dates yet.
Communications Club, Creativity Committee and HR Club will be inaugurated on 10th October. Marketing Club, Entrepreneurship Club and Finance Club will be inaugurated on 14th October. Mess Committee will go into action between 16-18 October.
Club Activities
Sports and Fitness Committee has identified 22 November as the Sports Day. Selection rounds have commenced. Creativity Committee will hold a carnival. Photography Club will hold the final round. Entrepreneurship Club will hold a presentation by five profitable business teams. Finance Club will have the final round of case analysis. Marketing club works on how to revive a lost product. Communications club works on Mime and a presentation on communications. HR Club has planned a situation based on HR activities. Mess Committee plans food identification on 16th, plate decoration on 17th and master chef on 18th.

Ankit Tiwari - playback singer and music director @ GIBS Bangalore

The youth Icon Ankit Tiwari, Renowned playback singer and music director has won millions of hearts with his enchanting voice across the globe visited GIBS Businesses School.
GIBS was privileged to host a promotional event for his upcoming album TUM HARDAFA HO, GIBS family wished him Success in all his future endeavors.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Professional Business Management Success is assured with Excellent GIBS Courses

An outstanding combination of research-based faculty and dynamic curriculum, superb infrastructure and an infinitely challenging learning culture has catapulted Global Institute of Business Studies to the highest peaks. A few other factors count too, like international exposure, global networking for internships and placements and the Bangalore location that brings numerous MNCs within easy reach. Study and work amidst the garden city ambiance is stimulating enough. Garden city greenery in traditional terms, but the Karnataka capital has come a long way due to software excellence. Bangalore lives and breathes IT and the mega business has attracted many international companies to set up branches in the Electronic City and other enclaves. You can imagine what that means to would-be management graduates looking to make it good with a dramatic beginning to professional careers. They need not travel far and wide with many opportunities within easy reach across the city.
The mysteries of exceptional business management education
GIBS offers several graduate and postgraduate courses in business management like the Weekend MBA, the MBA plus PGPM, Corporate BBA and Corporate BCom.  On what factors would you choose the best business school among the several found in every medium or large-sized city in India? Perhaps the opinions are based on reputations among colleagues and friends, online reviews, accreditations, and awards or the records of internships and placements. After completing Class 12 or graduation, it is a mighty chance to take since so much depends upon what procedures the institution would follow during those few fateful semesters.
The many students who get attracted to unscrupulous institutions due to one reason or the other probably never get a second chance at success. Perhaps the powerful advertising campaigns, fake news, convenient locations and affordable fees may tempt boys and girls towards moneymaking institutions. Waiting endlessly for employment or being satisfied with small jobs is the unwelcome fate of millions of management graduates each year after they exit the studies and enter the job market. Maybe books have been studied and examinations passed, a degree achieved, but to no avail in professional terms.
GIBS ranks among the best recently established business institutions
Does the age of a college or university have any relation to its excellence or performance? On one hand exists numerous institutions, many decades old that have gradually established awesome reputations through dubious means. Whether they deserve all the accumulated praise is a debatable point. The situation is different when it comes to traditional degrees that basically depend upon a qualified faculty without the need of excessive infrastructure or laboratory equipment. As a result, many cramped up city colleges have succeeded over the years.
Professional courses are different since they must possess industry connections that can ensure student internships and placements. That is a huge responsibility and few institutions succeed.  Though only ten years old, GIBS is endowed with the appropriate facilities on a 4.5 acre green campus. Residential campuses succeed very well in building corporate training grounds by inculcating the spirit of independence and adventure, far away from the shelter of private homes. 
Perhaps the recently established institutions are more in tune with the times like the new generation that is growing up with technology! Unshackled by traditions and conflicting thoughts on the past and the future, the new institutions like GIBS expresses innovation, the freshness of ideas and flexibility. The students study in a positive 21st-century environment and are progressive in thoughts and ideas. They experience no clash of cultures and ideas, unlike the older generation that is lost between two worlds. 
October 2017 has been a busy month at GIBS
While every week has its share of seminars and workshops, assignments and projects, two particularly enlightening Guest Lectures occurred in October. Eminent industry professionals Partho Ganguli and Devanshu Ballabh delivered talks on the current job scenario. Building up personality skills and generating better employment opportunities are exactly what the GIBS students are trying to achieve in the race against time. If time is money, they do not possess much of it, only a few semesters remain before the courses end and employment begins, hopefully, withy excellent placements. The two guests certainly possessed valuable information, PG representing GWFM and XHire and DB from Unity Excellence LLP.
An SME (subject matter expert session) by Ms. Hamsa Gururaj on Organizational Behavior also provided excellent food for thought. Companies and organizations of one kind or the other form the lifeblood of business management professionals. Otherwise, managers would remain unemployed. She hails from McMaster University and holds a Ph.D. How humans react as individuals and groups in organizations turned out to cover several disciplines. Not only did the talk dwell on management and communication, but also the complexities of sociology and psychology.
Guest Lectures provide illuminating insights into the present conditions of the professional world as different from the theoretical studies based on books and other study materials.  More of these eye-openers would be required to develop student ideas.

Communication Club Inauguration @ GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Communication Club was formally launched on 10th October. The main objective of the Communication Club is to create opportunities for students to experience the world of communications as it relates to career goals through events, informational sessions and further activities of future Professionals and to also lead in development and promotion of good practices in the field of Management.  Also events like Professional Self Introduction, Mime show, Situation based questioning for the I Semester students. #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #BBA #BCOM

Inauguration of Marketing club @ GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Marketing club formally organised Poster Making competition on 09-10-2017. The main objective is to uphold the ideas of students to come out with innovative products of various industries in market. This activity enhances student’s creativity, knowledge and presentation skills as well. The Marketing Club provides a community for students interested in the field of marketing. It is a great opportunity to meet other marketing-oriented students and to explore marketing as a career path. #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #BBA #BCOM