Thursday, 14 February 2019

GIBS welcomes Lincoln University delegates from Malaysia

In a world of super fast and very effective digital communications worldwide, academics prospers fabulously by putting heads together. VR, AR and AI serve many crucial purposes so dramatically and multimedia presents absolutely stunning learning experiences. Well, video conferencing will not be required with the Lincoln University officials who arrived at Global Institute of Business Studies for a series of Research, Publication and Exchange Programs. With the Vice Chancellor accompanied by other representatives, GIBS can look forward to lots of stimulating academic action reflected in the rare culture that makes up this premier business teaching institution. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore inculcate the finest ideas and qualities in the future business leaders.

GIBS adds another glorious feather

Already festooned with a series of honors and recognition at the Karnataka level, the national education scene and internationally too, GIBS looks forward to an exciting future. While digital communication has brought about some sort of leveling of institutions and companies worldwide that share in similar resources in the knowledge and machinery areas, it is the breadth of experience that differs. The first aspect of the institute is the superb campus culture spread out on a pristine 4.5 acre campus in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. This location has served as launch pads for illustrious and persevering girls and boys who laid the foundation of scintillating careers.

Regarding the students who join GIBS in 2019, adjustment problems may arise initially after coming together from a diversity of backgrounds. After the orientation, it promises to be a joy ride through the intricacies of the business world, not without hard academic labor when the occasion arises.

A constantly changing business landscape

Just like the business world and the stock markets that experience ups and downs constantly, students need to be geared to face disruptions and the unexpected. Learn lessons from the weather that is getting impacted by climate change and becoming unpredictable. Keeping track of the business complexities is the first task of the successful business manager.

Research and Publications

Independent research and assignments, projects and publications online or in hard copy or both have nowadays become compulsory. It is an advantage for students that the faculty and the delegates are busy with similar pursuits. Identifying weak areas in the knowledge world of business and pursuing remote studies would bring rich rewards. Parroting the same information will not do, but venturing out into the far reaches of space would be rewarded. Research and Publications have earned a bad name because of the copy and paste culture that makes it very easy to prepare scholarly articles, but then plagiarism software would detect the copying. Labor on, dear students, and do not consider the rewards.


Student and teacher exchange programs

Rising levels of awareness and financial constraints set aside, the experience of foreign cultures and developing business connections internationally make exchange problems absolutely smart opportunities. Sons of the soil possess the patriotic instinct but need a breath of foreign air. An amalgamation of ideas like the rivers meeting the sea would be experienced. The mind opens up to new thoughts and cosmopolitan thinking is encouraged.

Ideally, every student and teacher needs to participate in such exchange programs across at least the nearby Asian and European institutes to intensify research and collaboration. Far from being isolated islands of knowledge and experience, the fusion would create one mighty iceberg of learning. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program would be a wise investment in the future business potential in Bangalore, the challenging world of mega companies and ambitious startups.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Global Institute of Business Studies celebrates a feisty National Youth Day

A rare moment transpired in the morning hours of 9 February 2019 at the GIBS UG campus! One of the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore hosted a rare genius. Though the occasion comes around once a year, just like many other awesome events, National Youth Day holds a special meaning. The girls and boys who toil every day to lay the foundations of what may be a lifelong business management career are in their prime. All the dynamic clubs that combine so many significant points of view cooperated to celebrate the grand occasion. Arise, wake and do not stop until the goal is reached. Echoes of the slogan could be heard everywhere.

Since 1985, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda on 12 January has been celebrated as the National Youth Day after the decision by the Government of India. Swami Vivekananda was the chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and was instrumental in the foundation of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, social service organizations that have been working tirelessly for the development of the weaker sections of Indian society. 

Swami Vivekananda is most famous worldwide for representing the Hindu religion at the World Parliament of Religions in 1893 in Chicago, USA. What most people do not realize is that 1893 was so much different from 2019! He introduced Hinduism to the West and built a bridge of understanding. It is only many years later that Buddhism also reached Western civilization through the efforts of dedicated teachers like the Dalai Lama.

India is a nation of passionate youth

Strange are the ways of history. While some countries have a majority of aging populations, India at present has a great majority of energetic youth. Hopefully, the youth on the right track will help in nation building and lay a mighty foundation for the future. If China can do it, so can India. It is dedication to the undying spirit of patriotism and the courage to surmount all weaknesses that can propel the path towards the India of our dreams.

Comparisons are often made to show India in an inferior light. How can you compare with nations that might have advanced but have a population of only 5 million? It is often said that the fish cannot climb a tree and cannot be adversely judged because of that. If the Indian population was far less, no doubt the manpower would reduce but so many less mouths to feed and jobs would be required.

An optimistic approach is crucial

Whether to see the glass as half empty or half full is the task at hand. The media certainly points out mighty problems every day but rising above the environment is important. While some things cannot change like the rising and setting sun, it is clear that youth power can change many things with a positive approach.

Nation building lies in the hands of the youth and GIBS students have to first build their careers with dedicated vision and cooperation. After establishing themselves professionally, it will be necessary to give back to the community. Swami Vivekananda will be your inspiration and light up the path. The best B school in Bangalore delivers great rewards for committed work.

Climb the business career ladder fast with PGDM from GIBS

One of the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies has earned a reputation for excellence. Considering the smart young boys and girls who pass out of the few courses in each session, they have fulfilled several duties and earned record placements and internships. Though the courses operate at different levels like BBA, BCOM, and PGDM, it is essentially the business world that they deal with. Whether it is the neighborhood store or a global corporation, it is fundamentally the same business structure and the basics are money, manpower and materials to deliver products or services.

The need for specialization
Now that information spreads so rapidly online and the contemporary world` is so well informed, the level of skills and expertise has sharply escalated. A general approach certainly will not suffice and detailed knowledge of a niche or two would ensure success in those areas. No matter the field like healthcare or hospitality, medicine or engineering, science` or IT, such a magnifying glass is needed to ensure success amidst the mighty competition.
As if a single specialization was not enough to cope with the business and employment pressures, GIBS offers dual specializations that would become a greater advantage. Choose from the list that is quite comprehensive and covers all the major areas where incredible careers are waiting to be made. The best B school in Bangalore would promote career prospects through a mighty network of national and global contacts.

  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Retailing & Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
Some authorities believe that space has no frontiers and is constantly expanding. Nobody has reached the limits of space anyway. The business world of the present day appears as infinite as space when the extent of mighty companies like in America and China are considered. Controversies there are bound to be, but while reading the business news of the billions and trillions of dollars, it does appear that business holds more wealth than any other sector. Yet, it is hoped that business has a heart and is dedicated to charitable works like building schools and hospitals and helping those who are not so fortunate. It is true that many business houses are well known for their altruistic concerns. .
Business managers as community leaders
Somehow, business has earned an evil image in the belief that business primarily tries to loot people of their hard earned money. While it is true that business is concerned with profit making and no society can exist without a marketplace, certain principles guide the process. Government rules and regulations provide the guidelines. Illegal businesses and smuggling would not heed such regulations. Now wonder people are scared of business with all the counterfeit currency and the fraud that is common online.
The business world consists of a system of procedures with the guidelines to be followed at every step. While calculating the costs of manufacture and subsequently fixing the MRP, such procedures are followed. At the same time, it is a mystery why the same products are sold at very different prices by the diverse companies. Such a mighty world of business cannot exist without a few mysteries, of course.
Study at one of the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore and get trained to become a successful business manager. Along with interest and skills in analytical thinking, a pleasant, well mannered personality is crucial. A business manager does not work behind closed doors or in the cubicle or cabin. Meetings and negotiations, seminars and conferences are the common events in the business manager’s life. Effective communication with excellent spoken and written language along with the media awareness would bring good chances. The personal capabilities are the heart and soul of the successful manager.

It is the world of intense soft skills with the society quite smart as a result of the universal media awareness. Leadership qualities along with team building, cooperating and achieving dynamic results are further assets. A vibrant manager brings change just like good national leaders succeed in transforming the country. Each has a little estate or home, business or organization within which such change can bring rich rewards. Be the one who influences and inspires that change.
Learn a bouquet of value added programs!
Along with the core syllabus across the four semesters of the PGDM course, certain value added programs bring a world of skills and understanding of the salient aspects of business. Authentic Leadership Program by Heartfulness Institute along with Certification Program for Microsoft Excel and Digital Marketing and Business Analytics Program are three of the powerful occasions. Campus to Corporate Certification (C2C) Program goes a long way to mold the business personality. Six Sigma and SAP (Systems Applications Products) take you further along the realms of business that depends so heavily upon technology these days and that is a great blessing indeed. 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM programs teach so much and so well along the business highway.

GIBS students get wise about dental matters at the free camp

The universal tendency is often to take things for granted, particularly at a young age! Students may be leading a golden life but it is best to keep eyes and ears open and maintain receptive minds to learn new thoughts and ideas. Students at Global Institute of Business Studies get a world of opportunities extending to academic and professional concerns. Many are the valuable learning experiences on and off the 4.5 acre world class campus with an elaborate educational infrastructure in Bannerghatta in the periphery of Bengaluru.

Dental concerns and the free checkup camp
Research reveals that dental problems are on the rise with the great prevalence of starchy and sugary fast foods. Yet, technology has advanced so much that treatments are faster and better besides being cheaper. Prevention is certainly the best cure and healthy, hygienic brushing habits inculcated at a young age would stand the best chances of lifelong healthy teeth. Regular visits to the dentist for routine checkups and cleaning would minimize the possibility of teeth decay.

The young boys and girls at the best B school in Bangalore hopefully will take teeth more seriously. Rather than consider teeth in isolation, they should be seen in association with the face and jaws, gums and bone. If these are healthy, it is a great boost to the confidence and the competitive spirit has many peaks to conquer. Pretty teeth generate sweet smiles that form an important asset in professional and social life. Crooked teeth could be set right early for a lifetime of smiles.

Dr. Gayathri P. (BDS, Endodontist) conducted the free dental checkup and consultation for the UG students of GIBS on February 2nd, 2019. PARTHA DENTAL has spread its wings in over a hundred centers across the three states of Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana. With 22 years of service, their happy patients run into several lakhs.  Gibs students got a rare opportunity and hopefully they will take care of general health in addition to dental health.

The rise of lifestyle diseases
The students in this leading business school hail from many states in India and several countries abroad. In general, it is an inactive lifestyle that leads to several diseases usually later in life like blood pressure and diabetes. At an early age, the decision to lead a robust life with regular physical activity would reduce diseases and ensure healthy longevity.

Caring for teeth would ensure that decay does not occur. Basically, decay leads to the many complications like cavities that require fillings and root canal treatments. Regular dental checkups would detect the problems at an early stage and prevent complications that could get serious. Costly treatments may then be needed. The gums also need attention. Tobacco and alcohol are some factors that lead to teeth problems and stain and corrupt the teeth.

Appropriate dental treatments
The traditional approach has been to avoid the dentist. It is a mistake to seek dental services only when problems arise. Correcting irregular teeth or shaping the teeth with veneers would make a great difference to the happiness level. Whitening procedures would leave the teeth so much fairer if stained by tobacco and certain foods.

An eye-opener for the smartly dressed students!
PARTHA DENTAL deserves credit for generating interest in dental health in students who stand at the threshold of their careers. After a few semesters, they would hopefully be placed in some of the companies that have become so common in Bengaluru, a global IT destination. Successful careers cannot be imagined without a pretty set of teeth and the consciousness was certainly aroused. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore teaches many lessons to students and this was one practical lesson they would apply all lifelong. Caring for teeth will never end throughout life with the daily ritual of brushing and regular checkups ensuring optimum dental health.

Awareness is at the root of existence in spite of the endless complexities of the 21st century. Surrounded as we are by many media forms that bring endless information, common sense is often lacking. In educational institutions, there are lots of friends. Otherwise, it is social media friends that are numerous but few who will help out in case of trouble. Instead of excessive information, the appropriate skills and expertise would help out in difficult situations. Health, survival and self defense are some of the important aspects of life along with the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.  

The bright and dynamic youngsters did look and feel enlightened about dental matters and the common issues that many people face. Preventive measures and regular checkups would greatly increase the chances of maintaining robust teeth into old age. Thanks to Partha Dental Clinic and Dr. Gayathri P., the students got another important lesson in the pursuit of business knowledge and excellence in professional careers. Global Institute of Business Studies wishes them success.

GIBS Curriculum and Faculty boost business management careers

Admission time has arrived and now it is a race to join the numerous courses available with fervent prayers for academic success. GIBS will take in the 2019 batch for BBA, MBA and PGDM and the fresh batches will launch their potential business careers with a bang.

While every parent and boy and girl wishes for reputed and outstanding institutions for higher education, it is often a bitter struggle. Unless the child gets a scholarship, does well in entrance examinations or belongs to a reserved quota, the chances are difficult. What is generally believed seems to be very true that the training at the top level institutions would guarantee a lifetime of professional success. Who wants to undergo the drudgery of mediocre jobs?

Study at the best B school in Bangalore

The choice of profession is a tricky one and difficult to decide. While parents would want engineering and medicine in the traditional days, such careers may not suit the child. Along with inclination and interest, skills and aptitudes, a business management career promises a world of achievement and happiness. Not only is the whole world in the grip of mega-companies but extremely well-paying jobs with fast promotions would be possible in the magical commercial world that has transformed many lives in recent time.

While every street and locality in the town or city life represents global companies with electronics and data and television companies, the media is truly inspiring. Some years ago, everybody talked of the consumer goods driven world and now it is a world of gadgets and AR, AI and VR! Realization dawns how great the opportunities in terms of business are when every family possesses several of these gadgets and the future will only bring more and more.

Besides, electronics is not the only world that shows a business explosion. Consider retail sales online and the many startups that are making it big globally. With shopping moving online in mighty dimensions, a great variety of products get easily sold at high profit margins with cheaper prices and greater variety. Expenses are saved on maintaining the mall store and paying labor and rents.

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore
Professional courses are certainly far more expensive in comparison to the other degree courses that teach no professional skills. Common sense indicates that the best courses need to be intimately connected with the requirements of a profession for an easy transition from the college to the workplace. Can there exist a better investment than investment in education? One can certainly expect mighty ROI that would lead to a highly successful business management career. Service to the family, community and country in addition to giving back to the college would be successfully achieved in the rightinstitution.

The basics of a business
Generating either products through manufacturing or assembly or delivering a range of services, any business organization requires similar conditions. Along with manpower and finance, raw materials would be required.  Besides the essential requirements, many more would be later included like equipment and advertising, networking and management but the fact remains that the blueprint requires certain essential factors. True stories are many of those who started with humble situations and worked their way up to build empires or construct colleges or hospitals to help the society! They chased one dream and persevered along with whatever extraordinary skills they possessed.
Global Institute of Business Studies is the best place to be
The megacity of Bangalore has numerous business schools and almost all follow a similar curriculum as is followed the world over. A few minutes online would allow the retrieval of all the important lessons taught at business schools. What differentiates the diverse institutions is the quality of faculty that delivers the curriculum and breathes life into the lessons. Further, the realistic teaching is important with industry experienced staff and the exposure to the local companies. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore successfully reaches the boys and girls to the peaks of the business universe.

Employability is the crucial factor and it is a well-rounded personality that is capable of handling the tough professional challenges and working in cosmopolitan settings. Soft skills and an attractive and confident personality along with superb communication skills would be compulsory. Dedication and leadership qualities, teamwork and the ability to motivate and inspire would make a successful business manager. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program at GIBS keeps its promises.

Top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore
Check out the GIBS placement and internship records over the last few years to be convinced that the best companies recruit their students after graduation. Take a tour of the Bannerghatta world class 4.5 acre campus and get glimpses into the infrastructure and facilities available.

Monday, 28 January 2019

An exceptionally unusual occasion brings smiling GIBS alumni together

When over fifty of the old students of GIBS assembled at HOTEL PAI VICEROY on 6TH JANUARY, 2019, it did feel like a homecoming! SHINING STARS ALUMNUS BATCH 2015-17 could not have met at a more opportune moment, immediately after the welcoming of the New Year and Bangalore City yet in a festive mood. Reviving sentimental memories did happen and a moist eye or two told sweet tales of success in professional worlds. Having miles to go yet, the young men and women hover on the threshold of dramatic careers that will take them very far in life.

A moment that means so much

The thrill of class and institutional reunions come but rarely in life. When they do, the ecstasies know no bounds and a bridge with the past is immediately established across the tumult of time.  Though circumstances have changed and companies and designations are different as compared to the shelter of the college and the teachers, innocence lurks in the faces and the thoughts.

The stories they shared did seem like a fictional tale. Having reached across the continents to faraway countries they had hardly dreamed of, the voices and body language, mannerisms and gestures communicated many truths. The lesson for the present day GIBS students remains that nothing is impossible to achieve and today’s dream would be realized tomorrow.

Internships and placements crafted the success stories

The youngsters fondly remember the initial experience of the professional world through the short internships as a part of the course that proved a blessing. While some did have previous work experience, many of them did not. Some business schools make many sweet promises at the time of admissions and the students suffer. The Placement Committee at GIBS did their duty well and linked up with a few leading companies to assist students to find good positions. No wonder it is time to be grateful. The dreams have not gone in vain.

Global Institute of Business Studies has marched from strength to strength in its relatively short existence as compared to many other institutions of repute. In the olden days, the age of an institution mattered so much when it came to judging institutional standards. We naturally feel great respect for institutions that have stood the test of time with a century or more in existence. Imagine the many generations of the family that passed through the gates. Not any more does age matter so much with the speeding up through digital technology of study and work procedures. The multimedia approach, the virtual world, AR and AI in addition to the classroom lectures along with seminars and workshops have made a great difference.

A source of inspiration

The current GIBS boys and girls who labor night and day towards the illusion of business management careers derive strength from the successfully placed alumni. In turn, the alumni should be reciprocating the efforts of the institution to train them and put them in orbit. It is mind-boggling to think at once of the demands of the courses and the multiple duties towards the profession, family and society. Yet, they must all happen in due course of time.

A hard hitting faculty

Good academic and professional performance is worshipped blindly in a commercial society and the GIBS dedicated faculty does make it happen. Combining Indian researchers and professors with industry knowledge and experience, the professors from abroad bring a set of different perspectives. Together, it is a win-win situation for eager minds trying to plumb the depths of the industrial, technological and commercial worlds.

Admissions for 2019

Though life is quite repetitive, be it at home, school and the world of nature, the enthusiasm and the excitement of a new batch are truly stunning. Once again, it is time for new visions to be born. Along with the PGDM, MBA and BBA aspirants will now come knocking on the doors. While many may wish to study here, the successful batch will certainly set their sights upon success from day one. GIBS wishes that the 2019 batches succeed as well as their predecessors, perhaps improve upon their sterling performance. Reaching forward, higher and faster has always been the motto.

Facilities and Infrastructure
Amidst the world class facilities and towering infrastructure at the 4.5 acre campus in Bannerghatta, students are set to go places. The future is not the problem but the present and immersing in academics and participating intensively in learning activities would bring rich dividends. A few weeks and the new students would begin a dream adventure that will culminate in successful placements. A good beginning ensures gorgeous futures at the peaks of business.

GIBS enables you to build a new age business career foundation for a lifetime

Lifestyles and careers are changing rapidly just like the approaches to work and study.  Perhaps the age-old life is still being lived in remote villages. The impact of digital technology and the coming of the internet will sooner or later profoundly influence the whole world for the better. While most would say that it is a positive change, the negative effects are also true like an automated existence, the stress and the loss of the human face, the sacrifice of jobs to robots and the internet crime. The rise of mega-businesses in the 21st century that make maximum use of technology raise many wonderful career opportunities!  Why not take up the challenge and study the 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program and make a dramatic start to a high flying business career?

The time for admissions dawns in GIBS

Just like dozens of institutions of various professional horizons across the bustling global city of Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies is taking in admissions for the 2019 batch of PGDM, MBA and BBA courses. Admissions are not so simple with the qualifying entrance exam to be written successfully along with good performances in the interview and group discussion. Subjects like economics and commerce studied earlier along with real work experience would be an advantage in the postgraduate courses PGDM and MBA.

The career graph begins in college!

Many students make the great mistake of thinking that jobs will commence only after study finishes and waste the precious college years. The truth is that the career foundation and beginnings are laid during the academic semesters. While studying the dual specializations according to inclinations and skills, the lifetime journey of the business management career has begun. In a similarway, education started long ago in the early primary school. If you are sure that the chief interest lies in business management along with the required performance levels in examinations and so advised by teachers and family, the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would be the best bet to invest wisely in the future.

The leading company internships and placements

Higher education in India in general remains in a terrible condition. Studying a few books and passing examinations certainly do not constitute professional education. Students may learn the complexities of a subject but remain unfit in the employment sector. As a result is the joblessness that affects the millions of students who pass out each year. In the business management education that is the leading field today along with computers, healthcare and hospitality, it is believed that only 7% possess the ability to find good employment. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will transform the boys and girls into slick professionals.

During the academic semesters at GIBS, the internship with a leading company provides the first glimpse of the real working world. A few weeks of duty would be sufficient to gauge your own skills and abilities in the tryst with the professional world. The sudden flowering of consciousness reveals the mind in an expanding state as you comprehend what the future would be like in those plush working places in the near future. For those who have already acquired some working experience, it is yet another feather in the cap. Read a few resumes online in the social media and you come across a list of foremost companies served across the years.  As a general rule, it is safer and wiser to dedicate services to a single company instead of becoming a butterfly.

As compared to professional degree courses and vocational courses too that have no bridges to build with work careers, the best B school in Bangalore brings a crowning glory at the end of the few semesters in the form of glorious placements. While the placement opportunity is not the same for all the students, some of them do qualify for superb beginnings to a business career. Others have to be satisfied with lesser initial stages. It is universally recognized that the career ladder needs to be gradually climbed with diligent effort over the years, but business careers bring fast track promotions, unlike in the olden days.

Commence the construction of the career foundation

Now is the time to build the career in GIBS and not later in the job. Internship and placement records of GIBS during the last few years confirm that splendid opportunities would arise for those who put heart and soul into the studies and learning activities. Look at the media full of mighty corporations and get motivated to shine amidst the stars. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help launch such a mighty career not after the graduation but as soon as the admission formalities are completed. Not everybody is built to succeed as a business manager just like not all could be doctors and lawyers. Once the career decision is made based upon certain valid criteria, commence the dedicated work that would continue for decades perhaps.