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GIBS gears up for the thrilling annual sports events

Sports and games have always attracted challenging human performance and some animals too throughout history. Whether on the ground, the air and water, getting better and faster always excites. The most innocent of activities, keeping in shape and getting physically blessed are the results. Whether it is walks and runs, furious games on the field like rugby or meditative games like chess, action is something everybody loves. Global Institute of Business Studies, the best B school in Bangalore, launches the annual sports festivities from 17th to 29th March in Bangalore.

Look forward to lots of achievements! Group events, singles and doubles along with individual performance present quite a variety of sports and games. PUBG is a group event. Table tennis has both the singles and doubles versions. Chess is an individual event just like the 100 meters sprint. Carom and Badminton both have doubles participation. Cricket and volleyball, football, kabaddi and throwball are team events and the number of players is specified. A total of 150 medals and 150 certificates would be awarded to the deserving individuals and teams. The enthusiasm and spirit of competition have reached sky high. Student coordinators would get yet another learning experience.

The inner and outer worlds need to tally
Scholastic endeavor can often mean a deep study of educational materials over hours and days! Sustained study for too long would turn students into book worms, oblivious of the environment. Just like smartphones and social media can be addictive, study could result in similar attitudes. Though academic effort is very good, too much of it can be debilitating, harmful to the eye and mind. It is recommended that students take regular breaks from study sessions, work in groups and balance physical exercise along with the mental labors. Further, eat a healthy diet at regular timings and ensure adequate peaceful sleep rather than study all night long. Don’t allow study work and assignments to pile up but work regularly throughout the semester to be better prepared for the examinations. A kind of sport, yoga, meditation and mindfulness help release mental tensions and induce a calm mind.

Sports activities throughout the session
Though the formal sports and games competitions would be held annually, interested boys and girls play basketball and volleyball, kabaddi and throwball, indoor games like chess and carrom, along with other activities, throughout the year. Keeping physically fit and feeling invigorated are some of the positive after-effects of sports and games indulgence. A healthy appetite is worked up and a restful sleep is the consequence. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore encourage sports participation in principle and provide the facilities in the campus for wholesome, friendly competitions.

Choosing a favorite sport
Just like the professions are expanding and new sectors are opening up with the development of technology, the sports world is also diversifying. Choose a sports activity and get better at it. Sports brings fame and prestige and is one way of serving the society and making the country proud like Mary Kom and Sunil Chhetri. Studying the rules of the activity along with easily available online video and audio files would enhance performance but the interest needs to be sustained by joining a club perhaps. While settled in a smashing business career some years hence, the activity would still remain to inspire.

GIBS aims for international exposure for business students

What could be more international in outlook than business that brings together the best talent from across the world? Bangalore is home to numerous multinational companies that maintain branches in different countries and cater to local populations. Many wonder how it is possible when you consider all the barriers of race, religion, language and culture. Yet, that is the utopian dream of a single family of humanity.
The magic of digital media
Though the factors may be many and complex, it is the highly developed data driven digital media that has brought the world to the doorstep. First came the television influence a few decades ago when the world media was imported to every Indian home. In recent times the internet has not only brought entertainment but education and affordable communication and social media. Gradually, the borders are vanishing though regional differences may remain. A cosmopolitan outlook may not be visible everywhere but Bangalore certainly has it.
The best B school in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies, has succeeded in infusing a world spirit in its green 4.5 acre campus. Teachers and students hail from many nationalities and live happily together to pursue academic and professional labor through several semesters. Students from Nepal, China and Bangladesh and the faculty from European countries mingle freely in the search for knowledge.

The need for international exposure

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore will set you up for a lifetime career. Particularly in the challenging world of big business, an amalgamation of human resources, infrastructure and financial resources would serve the needs best. In the pursuit of manufacture or services, maybe both, assembling diverse talent would succeed amidst the stiff international competition. The phenomenon commonly witnessed nowadays is that big businesses and chains of hotels, malls, supermarkets, schools and bakeries are coming up. The retailer of the olden days would be difficult to find in the future. Running a business nowadays requires the adequate training that GIBS provides unless it is a family run business through several generations. Even they would benefit from higher education in business.

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore realize the need for international experiences and promote such tours for experience and the making of business connections. Exchange programs do take place and the lucky students can get such an opportunity. Certain experiences within Bangalore of attending seminars and workshops with industry leaders from MNCs too provide such immersive experiences. The digital experience promoted by the internet through online webinars and putting heads together via Skype and Zoom are also very revealing. The GIBS campus does bring many precious experiences within the range of the students. Field trips around Bangalore too become valuable sources of gathering industry intelligence.

Joining hands with universities abroad

Study in isolation on lonely islands will not serve in the 21st century unlike the past when monastic education achieved so much. Even now serenity is conducive to effective study but there are too many people and too much happening everywhere. Give and take, collaboration and sharing the spirit of enterprise are some ways success could be achieved. Whether it is faraway America and neighboring China and Malaysia, England, Germany and Singapore, many positive influences cement effective international attitudes.

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore have been working hard to instill the competitive spirit among the boys and girls. Growth nowadays will only be possible by looking beyond the mountains and the seas. Nottingham University, Singapore University, RMIT University, University of Malaya, University of Applied Sciences, Lubeck, and University of Central Florida represent the hallowed international collaborations. An amazing wealth of study and research materials along with student and teacher exchanges set the scene for high powered business knowledge flowering across national borders.

Broadening of mental horizons
Experience is certainly the greatest teacher. The 36 Indian states and territories present a massive diversity of races, languages and cultures that attract large numbers of students especially from neighboring SAARC countries to study at several renowned Indian universities. African students too travel long distances to reap the benefits of the advanced Indian education. It is an age of amalgamation of cultures just like food and music are combining a variety of genres. FUSION and REMIX are mighty expressions that show that the many can merge into one.
Conversely, Indian students and teachers need to reach out. First comes the decision in the mind and then the experience will be possible. Developed countries in Europe and America inspire with the immense possibilities of a great career future. Business opportunities open up across the internet and job applications, interviews and appointments regularly take place online. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program in GIBS ends with successful placements after internships with some of the finest companies in a variety of sectors like telecommunications, textiles and banking.


GIBS wakes up to the inspiring Holi colors of spring

Global Institute of Business Studies, located amidst the corporate fantasy world of Bengaluru, celebrates a variety of national and international occasions in addition to the academic activities.  It is valuable experiences, learning and fun combined, when the boys and girls come together in their clubs and committees to arrange the meaningful action-filled events. The colors that light up Holi are no less spectacular than the lights of Deepavali, but they pollute the environment. Holi has no such negative impact but only spreads smiles. The best B school in Bangalore enjoys the spirit of the occasion and spreads cheer through social media along with the frolic and the spiritual colors in mesmeric shades.

Lights, colors, sweets and food
Festivals of lights and colors have unique fascination and symbolism the world over, though originated in India. Lights are truly universal as are fireworks on every important occasion. Colored lighting besides dresses, food, architecture and media bring grace and beauty to existence along with art and culture. Sweets have traditionally played an important role in Indian culture and Holi cannot be imagined without sweets and feasting in addition to the lavish play of colors. While several bright colors excite the consciousness, gulal or the pink shade is very much loved in the revels.  The pichkari or water gun and the water balloons involve a lot of splashing and the fiesta does get wild sometimes. Finally, it is mufti-colored faces, bodies and garments that require laborious scrubbing!

An annual event that should be celebrated more often
Depicting the changing of the seasons and the advent of spring that signifies growth that will end in bountiful harvest in good time, Holi was spread across 20 and 21 March this year. Phalgun Purnima came and went and the auspicious day brought many prayers in its wake. The conquest of good over evil and the hopes for another successful year were on everyone’s lips.

It is true about each festival like Ugadi that it leaves behind a tinge of sadness after the celebrations are done. The truth is that you need to wait one whole year for another round of Holi. Why can’t Holi be celebrated more often? Firecrackers that signify Deepavali are often used to signify various events around the year like New Years Day. Yet, such is the custom that every major festival like Dassera and Christmas for instance are celebrated annually only and thus its importance. Celebrated more often, they would lose their charm, though Durga Puja is celebrated twice in the year. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore realize that every day cannot become a Sunday.

Legends and rituals that signify Holi
Have you heard of the demoness Holika whose burning in the fire came to be known as Holika Dahan? Like every Indian festival, mythological tales signify the origin and knowing them achieves a greater understanding of the spirit and the significance.

The proud Demon King Hirnakashyap prevented the worship of the god, but wished to become immortal.  As a result of penance to Lord Brahma, Hirnakashyap received five boons. No human or animal can kill him; he will not be killed during the day or night, neither inside the door nor outside, no astra or shastra can kill him and not on the land, water or in the air. It appeared as if Hirnakashyap had assumed the powers of the almighty.

Prahlad, his son, became a dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu that angered him and he wished to kill his son with the help of his sister Holika. She possessed a super power too, blessed by Lord Brahma. Holika had a shawl for protection and the brother asked her to sit in the flames with Prahlad in order to kill him.  What happened is that the shawl in the fire protected Prahlad and Holika was burned to death. This event is re-enacted each year as the conquest of good over evil. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore believe in virtues and fairness in all aspects of life.

Holi celebrations across India
Barsana is thought to be the birthplace of Radha, consort of Lord Krishna. According to popular belief, the Lord came from Nandgaon to meet Radha and the gopis. Lathmaar Holi in Barsana continues the tradition with men coming from Nandgaon to Barsana where the women playfully beat them with sticks or laathis.
While Ajmer has Mali and Gair Holi, Bharatpur has Brij Holi and Bikaner plays Dolchi Holi. Local variations may differ but the spirit is the same with colors and revelry, sweets and intoxicating bhang or cannabis.
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore bring a  variety of business learning experiences and combine them with clubs and committees, workshops and seminars to gain industry familiarity. Cultural and religious occasions along with important international days in the calendar add to the variety of activities when the boys and girls work as a single, united family.

GIBS Admissions Open for the 2019 Academic Year

Like the seasons, each year the process of admissions renews itself. Such is the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of young boys and girls in search of higher education. While schools lay the foundation of culture and character along with an understanding of the environment, colleges bring professional roles and career opportunities get a chance to flower. Global Institute of Business Studies located in the picturesque garden city of Bangalore that is also a premier techno hotspot may become a lucky charm. It is business that is the driving force behind the greatest achievements of this 21st century era. Mega corporations like never before in human history tower like mighty mountain peaks over the horizon with footprints across the continents and the oceans. Just imagine the employment potential for dedicated staff that needs to be competitive and cosmopolitan, perhaps speaking foreign languages too and at home working abroad. The best B school in Bangalore during its short existence has fulfilled many dreams with outstanding placements in multinational companies in several sectors.

Complexities of Indian higher education

At a time when millions of students are busy obtaining admission into colleges across the country, the fact remains that the education racket is going very far. In many cases, it is merely paper degrees that are not effective in delivering realistic quality education and do not bring hopes of worthy employment. The system of providing education for the sake of income is simply learning lessons by heart and passing examinations. While it may satisfy the vanity to become a degree holder, it does not serve the purpose of getting a good job. Who is willing to be satisfied with a mediocre job?

GIBS achieved popularity and high rankings with dedication to students and their futures. Being well connected with the industry and training students to become high caliber business managers, the future is assured with campus placements succeeding every time after internships bring a  taste of the world of work. Though many such business schools operate in Bangalore and across the state of Karnataka, the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore occupy a special place in the hearts of the people.

A complex selection process

To qualify for admission to the graduate courses BBA/BCOM, candidates need to pass both classes 10 and 12 from a recognized board. Though class 12 may not be completed yet, candidates may apply with the marks obtained in classes 10 and 11.
A candidate needs to be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university with 50% aggregate marks to apply for the one year PGDM. Candidates who are now writing the final year degree exams may also apply.
In order to qualify for the MBA/PGDM program, candidates need to write an entrance exam like CAT/MAT/XAT. In addition, they must have finished graduation with 50% aggregate marks from a recognized university. Applications may be made while writing the final year degree examinations. Along with the 10+2+3 or 4 years of study, work experience and additional qualifications would get additional weight. 
GIBS is among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore


The Postgraduate diploma in management of four semester’s duration deserves to be considered the most dynamic course at a top rated business management institution that has won many awards and honorable mentions. Along with a dedicated faculty and incredible educational infrastructure stretching over the 4.5 acre campus, soft skills, business analytics and personality grooming would transform hesitant girls and boys into successful business managers. Six Sigma and SAP along with the Campus to Corporate program would result in triumphant placements with exceptional companies by the end of the course. Industrial visits bring the business world within touching distance and it is a gradual process of dreams turning into sweet realities. Dual specializations help in broadening the areas of interest and choosing a particular business niche that may serve as a special interest all lifelong, perhaps with a single company. Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


Masters in Business Administration is of four semester duration. Meant for graduates preferably with some work experience, the course provides a powerful bird’s eye view of the world of big business and Bangalore remains at the top of the industry universe. Like skills and innovation, industrial visits, digital marketing training and research papers are some areas that would hone the knowledge and skills and bring a refreshing approach to entrepreneurship. The laptop and the uniform, the hostel and the infrastructure along with the seminars and workshops would have a magnetic effect and encourage creativity in business terms.

Scholarships and financial assistance

GIBS encourages meritorious students who possess the skills and aptitudes and deserve to be supported under various schemes.  Obtaining loans to study and paying back later is also accepted practice. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program would be the best investment in the future.

Business career foundations with a difference at GIBS!

The few semesters spent at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore not only imparts holistic industry knowledge but also creates a personality well-endowed with soft skills. It is the market out there that needs to be understood more than the lessons in books, though academic knowledge is an important starting point. Online resources and research journals, publications and assignments further intensify the studies that began simply enough. The corporate world of Bangalore that has succeeded in attracting some of the biggest names in the contemporary industry offers a mighty hunting ground for the most challenging jobs. The best B school in Bangalore has a world of gifts to offer the girls and boys lucky enough to find admission there.

A vibrant culture of infinite events keeps you busy

Gone are the dreamy school days and now it is time for hard intellectual labor in higher education. Whether it is the diploma, bachelors or masters courses, the subject is enterprises and how to succeed in the world of fast-paced business where the algorithms are constantly changing. If you consider currencies and shares, values are constantly changing around the clock. With small shops and schools, health clinics and hotels being overtaken by larger companies in a chain of global connections, it is time to take on the big business challenges. GIBS paves the way to a close understanding of the skills and abilities, knowledge and approach to succeed at big business. Each year, the record of placements proves that the system is working very well.

Educational, social, cultural, and athletic events keep the students constantly on the move. Amidst the nature blessed extensive campus comprising of trees and hills stand the architecturally marvelous buildings where many dreams are nurtured and business managers created. It is the spark and the seed that make a beginning here.     Success at the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore requires a passion and a dedication. How does one know correctly the aptitudes and the interests that would endure through the decades, perhaps for a lifetime? It is a tricky question and teachers and parents would help the students choose the career accurately.

When the classes and assignments, workshops and seminars are done, it is time for games and sports, song, dance and music. The quality of experience, the thought and the emotion, the interactions with business leaders in revealing lectures and the outings to business centers gradually reveal the secrets of the world that are overshadowing anything else. The tallest mountain in the planet is not Everest but the mega businesses in a variety of sectors, healthcare, and hospitality, for instance. According to special interests, it might be telecommunications or textiles, manufacturing, and architecture. Business unites them all with common principles wherever HR, money and products or services are concerned. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore do inspire with innovation and challenges in the making. Become the river that flows to the sea.

Infrastructure shows the way
Along with the fundamental classrooms and lecture halls, there is so much more! Experience the system that has created highly placed business executives who have spread through the world. Let the alumni become a source of inspiration as to the endless possibilities. Experience the villa type hostels and catering and transport services. Among so many things to do are the Swimming Pool and Amphitheatre, and the Speaker Corners. Academics will occupy the Libraries, Auditorium and Seminar Halls. Strict Security and Surveillance ensure that there is never anything untoward happening.

Value-added programs update skills
Success in the 21st century requires superhuman ability and value-added programs bring that extra bounce in addition to academics. SAP, Project Management Course, Personality Development Programs are some of those incentives and a high achieving culture is very much apparent in the institution. The digital world requires certifications too in order to cope with the increasing use of software and technology like Google Analytics. A well-rounded business personality that knows every niche, nook and corner of the business world is in the making.

Career Counseling & Placement Sessions

Becoming business savvy and building dynamic personalities is one side of the coin. Recognizing career opportunities and succeeding at interviews with special skills would be equally important in the search for success. Career searches lead to internships and placements where professional opportunities beckon and a good start may last perhaps the whole life in a single company, though the trend is different nowadays. In principle, it is better to work for s single employer and attain seniority rather than frequent job switching for the sake of a better salary. Consider several factors. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program clears a luminous path through the complex forest of the business universe.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Competitive spirit leads to business career success at GIBS


The digital world has brought the essentials of education and literacy within everybody’s reach and even in remote areas. In recent times, India has witnessed the growth of numerous business colleges, and not all are similar. Learning a few lessons via the multimedia and receiving certificates and degrees does not assure of professional positions. Rote learning and commercialization of education continues unlimited. Global Institute of Business Studies runs several business management programs and ensures that internships and placements in mega companies are successfully achieved. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program is worth the time and expense in view of ROI.

GIBS reaches the limelight within five years

The awards and recognitions that the institution has steadily earned through the years and records of student placements with leading companies vouch for the fact that the system is working well. The Bannerghatta 4.5 acre campus in Bengaluru with its greenery and the research-based faculty and advanced educational infrastructure promote excellent student learning experiences. Travel the world and visit the leading university campuses and it is similar technology and syllabi that would be encountered. What differs is how well the students and faculty interact and what happens during the weeks and months of the few semesters they come together. The Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are excellent places to build awesome careers.

A competitive spirit develops values and skills

Each girl and boy who succeeds in joining GIBS has already finished at least 15 years of school education. With reputed institutions, it can well be said that the admission itself is a passport to the success of a lifetime with the assured placement. All along it has been learning by doing, interacting and living through the experiences in clubs and committees along with field trips, seminars and workshops. In early school, it was the classroom alone and the playground that were the scenes of action. In the later stages of education the learning experiences turned more diverse and now in GIBS it encompasses a variety of learning situations. Psychologists confirm that it is the competitive spirit when students are pitted against each other in cooperative ways that learning takes place. Learning is not possible in a void on an isolated island and rote learning is only memorization.

The feel good and safe factor

In colleges across continents in countries like America and China that host massive numbers of international students, the richly cosmopolitan campuses feel good, pleasant and safe. There are no tensions and peace and security is where students learn successfully. The library and the internet, the lecture halls and workshops all work together to promote little bits of action that must all combine at the end. So it is at the best B school in Bangalore.

Active and busy through eternity

Many health problems arise as a result of a sedentary lifestyle addicted to all kinds of gadgets along with television! The GIBS campus lifestyle would inspire many as an example of how body and mind sustain each other. The intellectual labors during the day need to be complemented with physical activity, rest and sound sleep along with a nutritious diet. There is never a paucity of leisure activities at GIBS. Most play games like basketball and volleyball but that is not the only leisure activity. Yoga and meditation, perhaps, or a round at the swimming pool to beat the heat?

Academic work and the completion of assignments and projects via honest and dedicated means rather than the copy and paste culture may be foremost. The sustained intellectual labor requires great positive thinking and a faith in the authorities. The alumni and their placements indicate that something good is waiting. It is an inspiration that becomes the ultimate driving force.  And so labor on and on with a career foundation for a lifetime being built across the semesters. It is true that updating knowledge and skills will be required later and perhaps additional degrees and training. Yet, what you do now is what matters. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore bring out the best qualities and performances.

Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore

Face the heat of competition but avoid stresses on the way to the top. Those who have adjustment problems and feel like a stranger will undergo counseling sessions and work with the staff and seniors to find the right opportunities. Besides, it is an energetic world in Bangalore that offers every kind of motivation for business success. Though study is effective in remote monasteries as happened long ago, the spirit of enterprise and competition, encouraging influences and accomplishments are truly present in urban settings. Give up the pleasures and celebrations for the moment and invest in the future. A few semesters and it is a moment of light and achievement when you join a great placement workforce at the end of the study.

GIBS gathers numerous dynamic awards and recognitions in five years!

Global Institute of Business Studies as the best B school in Bangalore set up its infrastructure in 2014. Five years down the road has been hectic and inspiring too. Having reached a glowing five-year milestone in 2019 with a bouquet of awards and recognition on the Karnataka State level and the national and international levels, it is time to celebrate. The faculty and the administration, the alumni and the media have many sweet words of praise for an institution that ranks among the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore.

Taking stock of five years of operations is no easy task, though the history invokes several smiles since many luminous peaks have been conquered. Yet, reality beckons and a summing up is due, both for the alumni and the faculty, the current students preparing to fly and the future students of this challenging seat of learning. Attracting students from across the diversity of India, a few short semesters of dedicated study will suffice. A professional foundation for a lifetime has been laid through prime internships and plum postings. Bangalore provides a fertile training ground and an arena for hunting the best jobs with an abundance of multinational companies in several areas of business.

In Recent Times

Associated with CAT – 2018, XAT -2019 and ATMA – 2019, "Careers 360 – The Education Hub" – 2018 graded GIBS with AA+ for providing a high-value Practical & Quality Academic MBA program in Karnataka. GIBS was recognized as the "BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE" by the Worldwide Achievers in the World Education Summit & Awards 2018. Just Dial honored the institution with a 5 stars Rating Certification. College Search bestowed the “Student Choice Award 2017“ for "The Best Industry Exposure” and "Best Startup Incubator" upon a well deserving GIBS.

Success stories in 2015

Higher Education Review awarded GIBS the MBA College of the Month in March 2015. Silicon India as the largest community of Indian professionals followed up with the award of MBA College of the Month for April 2015.

Recognitions in 2016

In the B-School Survey 2016, Higher Education Review recognized the GIBS achievements again and ranked it 3rd Best B-School among the top 20 in India, 4th Best among the top 10 in infrastructure facilities and 8th Best among the top 10 in Industry Exposure. That was an awesome feather in the cap and there was no looking back ever again. The progressive march towards greater strengths continued like a fabulous waterfall that never pauses. ‘Student’s Choice 2016’ for ‘Best Academic Infrastructure’ by College Search went to GIBS.

A college that has assumed great stature within five years

Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, GIBS motivates high achieving business careers. At a time when information is spreading fast worldwide, it is still a great mystery about acquiring degrees and settling in good professional roles. A dynamic few semesters at this committed institution run by Goyal Educational Trust would train the business manager with a variety of world class skills and vibrant personalities to take on cosmopolitan challenges. The highly placed alumni across the world stand testimony to the quality of internships and placements practiced at GIBS over five years.

The ISO 9001: 2008 seal of quality

AICTE, HRD and UGC approved, GIBS provides competitive courses in business management and specializes in this field alone, unlike some colleges and universities that teach a number of subjects. In a world of specialization, success belongs only to those who have painstakingly researched one particular field, though dual specializations are offered in subjects like finance and HR. Soft skills along with software and analytics getting very important too, a  number of value added courses create a winning personality well versed in the fields that matter.

Those searching for the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore can safely consider GIBS. Reasons for student hesitations are many in view of promises unkept and rote learning common among many colleges of higher learning. Digital technology makes it look as if academic wonders have been achieved because information transfer and copying is so easy. Here is a college that provides a richly satisfying life consisting of authentic learning experiences.

Dazzling honors for staff
·         Honorable Chairman Mr. Ritesh Goyal received the Prestigious Award “International Achievers Award for Education Excellence.” The honor recognized Leadership and Lifetime Achievements.
·         Director Dr. K Aparna Rao was declared the Most Influential Director among the Top 100 Directors of India by World Education Congress 2016.

Choose from a bouquet of dashing courses

While a few other courses at the bachelors and masters levels are available, the 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program has been instrumental in designing fabulous careers. An excellent placement is an important beginning along the professional path. Join an outstanding institution like GIBS with a superb faculty and incredible educational infrastructure well in place in a green oasis in Bannerghatta, Bangalore.