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Full-time MBA scores over part time MBA


 A major proportion of students, almost 50 percent of students who are studying at any business school go for part-time courses. Apart from being popular, this also has many drawbacks whereas a full-time MBA course is in a tradition which has MBA degree formats. A majority of world's top considered business schools are offering full-time MBA education. In spite of the fact of expanding executive MBA course and improvement in the technology of distance MBA degree as well as online MBA degree, it is seen that full-time MBA still stands to be the most popular format. Students are able to concentrate particularly in a full-time MBA course. This provides students with a detailed understanding about how business functions and leaders have risen and met the ever-changing circumstances and challenges.

An Overview of an MBA degree

 There are a number of MBA programs. People keep on looking for options and the one that is best suited for their aims. This is a very demanding procedure where students need to get their choice of course with all the favorable conditions. The first option they look for is to identify the type of MBA they are looking for. Each MBA student has their vision of career development and scope of a job after having completed their course. MBA programs are classified into full-time, part-time, distance learning and executive MBA.

A number of joint MBA programs are being introduced in the market. There are a few programs which teach both part-time and full-time students together having a difference in the time of completion. Part-time MBA takes longer time than a full-time MBA. These programs are available in both online as well as on-campus formats which consist of internship and studying abroad opportunities. An MBA degree covers important business disciplines which include economics, human resources, and management, marketing or international business. Students might get qualified for the position in management among a variety of industries which consists of healthcare, government, and manufacturing. Students who are a graduate in MBA have an option to continue their education until the completion of a doctoral program. MBA provides you the advanced training in business that you need to become a top executive apart from the fact which industry you are willing to work in.

Advantage of full-time MBA over part-time MBA

If you are struggling with the decision about which course you should go for, here are some factors to be considered while comparing part-time and full-time programs:
·         Pre-MBA Career Path-To get you to the next level, for a better package and career options you need an MBA. This is a general review, when you focus on your age and the level of experience, it might seem that you are old enough for a full-time MBA course. But you need to understand that this is not a very unusual case.
·         Family-Part-time MBA course programs have classes during the evening or during weekends, whereas full-time have their classes on weekdays. If the student holds the position of a spouse or has kids or any other dependants play a role in taking this decision to opt which of the two courses. No matter you have a part-time or full-time course, if you are attending classes it is equally stressful.
·         Career-If you are having a proper career in some MNC and you are also experiencing proper growth with your present employer, then you can opt for a part-time MBA to accelerate your trajectory. By this, you can easily show your management that how hard you are working and a can also bring b-school knowledge into your workspace. Recruiters keep lining up to hire students from a full-time program whereas part-time students go for independent searches.
·         Fitting with the regular MBA program-Even though age difference exists, still, there are a lot of common things which you might find in other students who are younger than you. So, in this way you become flexible with time. You can connect the MBA requirements to your aim irrespective of your age.
·         Focus mainly on MBA related projects-While having part-time MBA classes, you have less time for good projects. Having a full-time MBA course you have sufficient time to apply the concepts of class to the real time projects. This might turn into your business plan.
·         Abroad opportunities-MBA provides international exposure. You have the option to take classes during vacations in different countries which are considered as international study trips. By utilizing these opportunities you can have better exposure while having the international business world.
·         Part-time students are not as competitive in terms of admission as the full-time students. Part-time programs last longer than 2 years which also causes the problem to the students and is not flexible. Also, social life keeps lacking between work and college. Full-time students have the option of on-campus recruitment and attract the top students globally.

Eligibility criteria for full time and part time MBA course

Eligibility criteria of MBA course include an aggregate of 50 percent in bachelor’s degree which includes the percentage of marks in 10th and 12th. Students who are presently appearing for their final year exams can also apply. If a student has a composite score of 500 in GMAT / MAT exams or a minimum of 70 percentile in CAT /XAT/CMAT exams is also eligible to apply for an MBA course. There are no age restrictions for this degree. For foreign students, they must have a student Visa which is valid throughout the duration of the course and they need a clearance from Human Resource Development Ministry. The only difference between part-time and full-time eligibility criteria is that part-time students can have a job going along with the MBA classes which are not possible for a full-time MBA student.

Career after undergoing full-time MBA course

MBA graduates have number opportunities available. After receiving this degree you can easily advance in your organization and you can refine your career by developing new skills. You can start a business if you are passionate enough and create a sustainable career. You can also go for freelance work as a consultant, mentor, coach and you can also experience multiple types of organization and work culture. The main objective of getting an MBA degree is to earn more money, get a promotion in job and have better job options.


Full-time MBA programs are usually self-sponsored and are best for getting an MBA degree without having any external pressure. It provides the best environment as it provides you with long lasting friendship and contacts and also offers better career options with increased salary, networking, and a proper educational experience.

We at GIBS offer a two-year full-time MBA Program with a great career ahead. The Program has various deliverables including Project management and steers into direct on campus placements and thus making GIBS one of the best B schools in Bangalore.  

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GIBS Business School Bangalore wishing you Happy Ugadi !!!

On the auspicious occasion, GIBS Business School Bangalore wishing you good Health and Prosperity. May the coming year bring you all the Success & Happiness. Happy Ugadi !!!

The importance of Spoken English in the Management course.

Though the Chinese language may have a larger number of native speakers, English represents the greatest opportunities! English represents the several countries of the developed world like England and America along with others like Australia. Several developing countries like India make extensive use of English for education, communication, and administration.
Knowledge of English represents the universal passport to professional success

Many countries of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa do not speak English, but the most job chances come to those who know English well. Knowledge of speech and writing in English brings ample professional chances and development in life. A person with such skills has a high status in the society. Chances to travel abroad and obtain lucrative jobs would come only to those who possess excellent communication skills in English.

Business English requirements

Indirectly, the spread of the internet has been a catalyst for the contemporary spread of English worldwide. Even people in remote locations who could not get a formal education can benefit from internet sources. The internet contains all the facilities a person may need in doing business. Writing emails and reports would be needed on the job. Making phone calls and attending conferences would be part of the duties. Delivering presentations via software would be required. Meetings and negotiations would be an essential part of the work.

English skills required to study management programs

Along with written communication, fluent speech skills would be a positive factor in management education. The ability to speak well with confidence before an audience is compulsory to success in the business world. Group discussions would require confident speaking too. Attending interviews initially brushes up such skills.
On the one hand, it is intimate speech amongst a few students while opportunities would arise to debate and address large gatherings. Speech is the medium of instruction and speech also expresses how much has been learned. Writing could also express what has been understood.

School life develops the basic English skills

It is early in school that speaking first develops by means of participation in activities. Besides reading in class, students get to deliver speeches, recite and debate in school gatherings. Students often deliver speeches at the morning assembly like during national and international day celebrations.
Children who did not study in the English medium would experience great difficulty in college. However, the study of management takes place at the college level for a bachelors or master’s degree, while some students opt for a shorter duration diploma. Work experience is usually insisted upon for admission to management study programs besides scores in examinations like CAT and MAT.

Spoken English for non-native students

Students originating from Asian and African countries often face the English learning problem while attending western universities. An English language course would become quite necessary to learn the fundamentals of speech and writing. While daily study and work would require fluency in speaking, examinations would require more of written skills, though oral English would also be put to the test.

Participation in English language learning activities

It is often said that one needs to have a feel for the language. Surroundings matter too, like the difference between a remote village and university campuses with students of several nationalities. Developing international understanding and a better chance of rising in life would come in those progressive college campuses.
Language learning like with spoken English cannot succeed without social and emotional support. Listening to television news programs on BBC and CNN on a regular basis would expose to powerful spoken expression. Since we need models in every aspect of life, those newsreaders would be good to learn from. School teachers do use recorded news broadcasts for teaching, on which questions are set to test assimilation.

Appearing in qualifying examinations to test English ability

An important part of the testing in English requires a recorded talk to be heard in the examination hall. Using the understanding, students answer a series of questions to test comprehension. By way of preparation for the examination, several practice tests can be undergone.
Thus, listening to recorded audio and video materials would help the development of speech fluency. Along with the basic grammar, a little boldness would be required to speak up in different situations without fearing mistakes. It is known that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Recording voices and playing back

A very useful method to improve speech skills would be the recording of your own reading and speaking voice, whether alone or in a  group. Recording devices like phone cameras are found everywhere nowadays and they would prove very useful for English speech training. Listening to your own voice is a certain method of improving spoken skills, preferably in a group rather than alone.

Exposure to learning situations

English movies and even drama and songs would be excellent English learning situations. A classmate guide or peer would be very helpful initially to instill much-needed confidence and take care of egos. A positive approach is often seen to succeed and a ‘never say die’ approach succeeds in the long run.
Finally, practice words and sentences aloud in the privacy of the room or even outdoors amidst the silences of nature. As the voice opens up, better spoken English would prevail. Avoid hesitation and speak short sentences, to begin with. Talk to native English speakers. Practice finally makes perfect. English is an easy language to learn since it is highly developed!
GIBS Business school has separate personality development and English sessions for both UG and PG level Programs which makes sure that all our students undergo a transformation required in the industry. For more please visit

GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Run for education at the annual EDUTHON event organized by GIBS Social Foundation. 30th of April marks the beginning of a marquee event that is slated to create a legacy which will turn a new leaf in the lives of many. Providing education for the underprivileged children, signifying "freedom through knowledge" is the unanimous goal. Educators, principals, teachers, students and all torch bearers of education are invited with open arms to make this event a grand success. Spirit of humanity and sportsmanship will be given a single platform to generate awareness for education and fitness for all.


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Importance of socio-cultural groups in an Institution

Perspective of socio-culture

The human being is the creation of group life. This is normal, that all individuals love to live within a flock. People belong to different society and they believe in varied cultural values. A human being from all parts of the world behaves according to their religion, rituals, beliefs, etc. The viewpoint of different cultures will help us to understand actions of every personality according to the rules followed by diverse communal collections.

What is a social group and its effect on human behavior

Wherever you go, you will find clusters of individuals, coming from varied societies and with mixed religious thinking. Whether it is in college or workplace, you will surely be in touch with your friends or colleagues who are from different communities. Consequently, these gatherings of colleagues and friends are popular as social groups. Here you may find a similarity in thinking process between them within the assembly or you may find that all are involved in performing the same task.

People from the separate community, ethnicity, gender, traditions have a large impact on the individual’s behavior. The viewpoints of individuals vary according to their rituals, faith, civilization, etc.

Types of grouping of people within the society

A wide range of grouping of individuals can be noticed within every society.  These clusters are mainly developed depending upon the creed and the way of life. These clusters have a huge influence over every one of us and this gives a shape to the activities and personality within all persons. The first type of assemblage is obviously the family. Here you will grow and learn about your own culture and creed. This primary cluster of humans helps to find out how to carry on face to face interactions with others.

The secondary grouping of individual develops on the basis of hobbies and interests between people. This can be a temporary gathering of individuals.  This type of gathering is formed among the students within schools and colleges, colleagues within offices, etc. Here people can interact with each other and can share their thoughts, perspective, interests with each other. A collection of students has always been effective in their lives as well as in their studies. Again, a team of employees is helpful for them to discuss the work related matters.

Significance of social groups in our everyday life

You will definitely find several sets of people within your locality or college or workplace. You will surely want to hang out with any of the clusters where you find utmost comfort. Being attached with such set of humans is essential for own maturity. Well, here we can take a look at the areas which can get improved with the help of such gatherings.

    Improvement in individual’s capacity: We have to perform lots of tasks in our daily life and all of which cannot be performed singly. To complete these tasks we need to take the help of others. Most of the time, to support us, our family comes forward and this enhances the capacity of any person.

    Completion of basic needs: Humans are the social creature and without a group life, it becomes tough for them to survive. Involving within a gathering, it will be helpful to take pleasure in all the basic needs such as biological needs, sociological needs, and physiological needs. 

    Development in personality:  While an individual starts interacting with others, he or she learns many things. This interaction helps them learn the way of living. With the lessons of discipline and rules, the personality within every human being also gets improved.

Importance of social groups in colleges

In this present era, we can notice a huge effect of globalization in the field of education too. Students are joining from diverse background to schools and colleges. Hence, we can notice a nice blend of different cultures and religious within the students. Here in colleges too, students have their own assemblage. Surely, there are lots of benefits of such clusters.

    Improved communication skill: When lots of students from wide-ranging backgrounds take admission in colleges, the interaction between them starts. This is, no doubt, the best way to develop communication skill. Here learners will have an idea about various languages.

    Enhance social values: These flocks will surely make students aware about other communities. This teaches students to respect the feelings of other religions, rituals, faith and beliefs. Thus, this will definitely enhance the communal values within the aspirants within the colleges.

    Problem solver: Learners of a college can become a problem solver as much as they do communication with others in the institutions.  Conflicts can arise between any of them or sometimes situation can become quarrelsome too. Now, if a student understands the problem properly and can interact well with others, then he or she can surely become a good problem solver.

Consequently, those above are the areas where we can notice that the existence of varied socio-cultural groups within an educational institution is always good.

At GIBS we understand the need of the students with respect to changing needs of the society and thus enough emphasis is given on social activities for all our programs. For More please visit:

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GIBS Business School, Bangalore

The goal of our MBA Programme is to empower the students with knowledge and skills through all-round development of body, mind and soul. The entire infrastructure at the campus is designed to help students achieve this across a hectic two-year education plan. In 2 Years Package students are enhancing not only theoretical knowledge, but also gaining practical exposure through various certification programs.

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Changing the face of Management Education: GIBS is evolving through leadership at the front.

In the most cosmopolitan City Bangalore, Mr Ritesh Goyal has what it takes to make a difference to business education as Chairman and CEO, GIBS. While accepting the diverse roles played by the faculty and the advisory board, a single person’s dynamic vision has inspired a generation of students. Many movements in history have similarly resulted from the efforts of a single luminous personality who stood up against all odds. Considering that humanity has advanced so much more as compared to medieval times, the credit should be accordingly higher.

Business management education has reached a peak globally today with the rise of industry, technology, and entrepreneurship. Countries can progress only if they have a sound educational structure. Not only is early education important to instill the noble virtues but tertiary education must excel. A challenging, competitive environment that motivates and energizes, and that is what GIBS has succeeded in establishing in Bangalore.

Ritesh Goyal is an entrepreneur who excelled! Not only is he dedicated to student welfare and success in the business world but is a great philanthropist too. He built one of the greatest business schools in India that is often praised by media sources for its excellent infrastructure and ambiance. Praise alone may not convince and statistics reveal the extent of successful placements. A long list of MNCs regularly knocks on the doors each year in quest of the best MBAs.

All the way from Rajasthan

The Indian subcontinent combines many worlds! Growing up in everyday surroundings in small town Rajasthan, Ritesh Goyal studied in Hindi initially. Communication problems did arise but he studied Engineering in Delhi and decided to study MBA in Bangalore in 2007. Two years later, it was recession time which taught that opportunities arise amidst distress.

Next came Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training and then Excel Business Academy. Practicing business skills had begun and the long and hard road lay ahead. Lucky to be supported by a younger brother, Ritesh established Pathfinder. It is truly hard to believe that he set up nine organizations across Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi in four years. That seems quite incredible and speaks so highly of his business and management skills. Bangalore is lucky that Ritesh decided to study MBA here and grateful for GIBS.

Life, after all, is a series of situations people are faced with. Learning to cope with pressures and make informed decisions in the heat of the moment is what management expertise is all about. Ritesh did learn how to make the best use of opportunities that came his way. Besides, a  social commitment and concern for society drove him on in an endless pursuit of excellence. If large numbers of MBA graduates from GIBS are well placed today, they have him to thank for his endearing role in institutional success.

The associations and partnerships

While society is a composite of high achievers, Ritesh Goyal has spread his net far and wide. He certainly did not stay at home but inspired many with a spirit of enterprise. A ‘never say die’ attitude drove him on and on towards business and management success. It is a fervent hope that students under his guidance would also reach for the skies and create the India of our dreams.  Goyal Educational Trust, Global Business Forum, GIBS Social Foundation, GIBS Sports Academy and Adarsh and Community Group of Institutions are some of the ventures he has been connected with.

The spiritual basis of education
Ritesh is primarily an educationist that has always been regarded as a noble profession. The light of truth and the blessings of culture are some of the teacher’s gifts to the students. A constant striving for the sublime is what a teacher inspires in students. The spirit of social work and assistance for the deprived is certainly a part of that glorious mission. The GIBS Social Foundation renders humanitarian services to help relieve suffering, among other duties.

A cherished recognition

In 2016 came a prestigious honor for Ritesh! Bestowed with the  “International Achievers Award for Education Excellence” at Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi, it was truly a moment of truth. The award particularly recognized his outstanding leadership qualities and excellence in educational achievement. Considering other elite winners of the coveted award through the years, Ritesh now belongs to a deserved company that has influenced the course of social history.

Several other awards came his way during a distinguished career though so very young still and without an initial financial background. “Parivarthan Prabha – Goenka Group” gave home the “Vishishth Nagrik Samman” award as the youngest entrepreneur. The “Innovative Entrepreneur” award came from

A career that shines like the sun

Ritesh has many years of sensational achievements ahead and we may look forward to great, further business and management achievements. The greatest message that he practically demonstrated is constant striving in search of success. Skills may be learned in training institutions but learning never really stops. While many people struggle to establish a single institution or organization, he has been regularly associated with several, some of which he was instrumental in setting up.

A rare life in the service of education and social causes it has been so far. Ritesh was lucky that he received the support of his brothers. A dynamic drive that knew no reasons to hesitate helped him persevere.

Meanwhile, business and management theories are changing as compared to a few decades ago. Keeping in tune with contemporary thinking, theories and practice must adjust to circumstances. Distractions and temptations are many in the 21st-century scenario and youngsters have a hard and bitter battle to fight. Not only is competition so intense but lifestyles are rapidly changing. Value systems are changing and technology now appears to be the master.

Yet science, industry, and technology cannot be allowed to overtake humanity. If that happened, humans would be reduced to mere robots. Ritesh has proved the importance of humanitarian values with the dedication to social work in spite of a career that was based on business. A right balance between business and humanity is what every MBA should strive for.

The media loves him

We can pray that more like him are born to serve the noble causes of education and the relief of humanitarian problems. As an educationist and businessperson, management specialist and consultant, it has been a career that shines like the light in the darkness. If education removes ignorance and replaces it with light, such has been the graceful achievement of a rare personality.

Media interviews on television channels and in magazines have highlighted an illustrious career and informed the public of notable achievements. Few have achieved so much at such an early age, originating in ordinary beginnings. Though history may contain many such dynamic stories, here is a living example of one who achieved so much.

Indians particularly should be proud and render due recognition and encourage him further. Publishing life experiences is one way of sharing some striking chapters and providing valuable insights into how the elaborate success finally came about. An insight into the mind that achieved so much could be revealed by penning and publishing life experiences.

GIBS successes continue

It is the work of a living legend at GIBS where batches of students continue to toil for MBA success every year. They know that excellent placements wait in the real world of work. When they eventually succeed in the business management career or at least make a positive beginning, they know it is Ritesh Goyal who made the difference to their lives.

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An Institutional Acadmic Advisory Board

While formal education may be many hundreds of years old, society has undergone tremendous change in recent times. After the Enlightenment and the Scientific and Industrial Revolution, now it is a technological and software revolution! As a result of the changing conditions, the life of the citizen is transformed. Social media has brought immense change to the community and political life. Compared to the past, the citizen holds greater responsibilities and is a thinking and tech-savvy entity. Competition for college seats and placement jobs with big salaries is immense. No wonder everybody talks of a global citizen! at GIBS we take pride in having a responsible advisory board. 

The role of education

Higher education, particularly in business and management has a great role in shaping and transforming society. Life’s battles are essentially fought in educational institutions because a rehearsal takes place of what would occur in future life. Business and management principles apply to every field, unlike the study of chemistry or languages for instance. Go everywhere around the world to find large-scale businesses online and offline. Management would similarly apply to every establishment mega and mini.

Leading lights of society on the advisory board

Besides the dramatic buildings and the faculty, the equipment and the placements, leading institutions contain something more. Colleges and universities have the ability to inspire a new generation and motivate them to lead a life of values as productive citizens. The advisory board plays a major role in this regard.

Business and management experts who are not only academically accomplished but professionally experienced too. at GIBS After serving for decades as Directors, Managers, and CEOs, all that knowledge and experience would be wasted if they remained idle at home, pursuing hobbies like reading and gardening. If they spent a few hours on a weekly basis guiding and lecturing to the citizens of the future, it would be time well spent.

The initial formative years in school are innocent and life is guided by parents and teachers. It is only later in higher education that intellectual faculties and higher skills are developed. Professional challenges are faced at the college level and that is where expert guidance is most needed.

Some lucky institutes have well-experienced and qualified academicians and professionals on the advisory board in addition to the distinguished faculty. The professors inspire within the classroom walls and lecture halls while the advisory board goes a step further. Advisory board members are truly the light in the institution. They are selfless, caring, and generous and dedicated to the uplift of society and GIBS we are extremely lucky to have few such souls of inspiration. 
Mr. Ritesh Goyal as the Managing Director is one such dedicated educationist who was nominated for the International Achievement Award for Education Excellence in 2016.  Mr. B.L. Goyal as the Chairman and Dr. Aparna Rao as the Director have played crucial roles in the betterment of the institution and the welfare of the students.

The spirit of social service

While society consists of doves and vultures, the people of peace and goodwill are the representatives of God on earth. Just like some great leaders and social reformers, their only purpose in life was to wipe away tears, heal the sick, and shelter the aged and the orphans. Advisors in educational institutions play some such noble role. Their impact upon the educational culture of values and dedicated service is immediately felt within the walls of the institution. Students have the ability to feel even though they are long past that tender age of school. Just like plants grow towards the sun that nourishes them, students can instinctively feel that they are being nurtured well.

A source of inspiration

Under the impact of the caring and dedicated advisory panel, students do respond. Considering all the evil and violence that is rampant nowadays, especially in urban areas, may God bless educational institutions with such a compassionate advisory board. 

Positive influence upon young minds

Youngsters today are often lost amidst all the excessive digital development. Pollution and political problems, wars and crime do disturb the peace and sanctity of life. Role models are crucial at every step and that is how students learned all along. Parents and teachers are the first role models and the impression continues lifelong. When the caring advisory board members participate in meetings with parents and students, it is as if the early school has come again.

The advisory board members bring a wealth of experience. Padmashree R.M. Vasagam is an ISRO scientist. Mr. Pawan Agarwal represents Mumbai Dabbawalas. Mr. Pankaj Jain is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus while Mr. Hemant Sharma is an IIM Bangalore alumnus. They have played enlightened paths in putting the institution on the right track with amazing leadership roles.

Finally, it is not the advanced degrees that matter and the vast pay packets! It is the concern that people have for each other, for the young and the values that were installed in early life. These values and principles form the foundation for a life lived in service of humanity as a productive citizen. Advisory board members can certainly make an institutional difference.

If you wish to get further information about this meritorious institution lucky to be blessed by eminent personalities, follow the link to GIBS at