Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The importance of night sessions at GIBS

Many Supreme educational institutions worldwide offer residential programs that hold a great advantage over the usual morning to evening system. Traditionally, colleges work for a few hours of classes each day and everybody is in a hurry to go home. Residential programs like the business management courses at GIBS have the great advantage of working beyond college hours! A day and night involvement in academics along with all the other supplementary activities bodes well for a total development of body, mind, and soul.

Hostel life is a great lesson in community living, following rules, adjusting and learning from each other. Connections thus made may very well last a lifetime and serve on professional fronts. Leadership, teamwork and cooperation, independence and a positive approach develop better with the experience of hostel life. The students participate in a large number of activities in clubs and committees. As a result, the campus is always full of dynamic action.

While academics may be at the top of the agenda, cultural, literary and sports activities have due importance. Community activities to help the masses in the surrounding region are feasible too.

Evening and night programs!

After classes, workshops, seminars and presentations for the day have ended, it is time for rest and refreshments. Yet that is not the end and certainly not bedtime yet. Study sessions in the library can extend into the late hours. Burning the midnight oil would sometimes be necessary, though business management is more of a practical course. Hands-on training during internships teaches many of the important real life lessons.

A hectic round of games like basketball would probably end the day on a pleasant note since physical activity must balance the rigors of the mind. Cultural and literary programs attract the interests of many students who are in search of those rare experiences that would end with the college days. Wide participation is encouraged so that skills and abilities, expression and communication get a chance to develop well. These aspects would count so much in the later professional years.

Yet the GIBS students have the three or four years of graduation behind them. They possess work experience too, preferably in their areas of interest.  Thus, it is mature students who have joined GIBS with ample experience of study and working life. Such students would make the best use of the institute facilities to develop further.

 A variety of facilities

The amphitheater, gymnasium and swimming pool offer many stunning learning activities. Keeping in good physical shape is equally important as those complex lessons. Corporate life is very demanding and here is the chance to get sleek, active and vigorous. The speaker corners, cafeteria, and playgrounds offer lots of things to do at the appropriate times and according to certain rules. The dance studio, the temple, and the digital library are other choices on that robust campus that forms a little intimate world.

The many choices give everybody something to do, according to motivation and interests. Hobbies that originated here may well continue all lifelong. Whether it is through song or dance, delivering talks, swimming or body building, we need passions to fulfill life’s endless duties. Though interests did not get a chance to develop in earlier school, college and work experiences, here are opportunities before it is too late.

Socially beneficial activities

The GIBS Social Foundation has the welfare of the community at heart. The alumni who regularly get together pool their ideas and resources to help in various ways. Encouraging Adult Literacy that includes at least the ability to sign the name is one of the goals. Spreading awareness of health and educational topics is undertaken.

Blood Donation Camps and Food Donation Camps aim to mitigate the difficult conditions of society.    

Health Check Up and Eye Check Up Camps are similarly organized. The use of solar energy is encouraged along with rainwater harvesting as ways to preserve the environment for the sustainable future.

At the institute, learning activities never end

The unique ambiance of residential instructions presents round the clock learning activities. Living together, eating and studying together have their special rewards. Students may get homesick, but endless communication channels nowadays through technology lessens the sadness. Alumni meetings give them a chance to reminisce those impressionable student days when they dreamed of conquering the world. Guest lectures provide real-life glimpses into the industry they will enter in the future. When those annual events come around like the Convocation Day, it is a moment of sheer happiness.  Life will never be the same again! Welcome parties and farewell occasions, life is all about that.

An endless list of occasions to indulge the mind   

Parties for those who enjoy them would blow the mind like on Halloween.  Rangoli, poster, crossword and photography keep some dedicated students busy.  Business meetings, team building, networking and award ceremonies give everybody something to do for the big picture to be complete. 

Sunday, 28 May 2017

GIBS launches the Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning panel

SummaryInnovation turns out to be a rarity in the big world of business management education. When top-notch entrepreneurs and industrialists pool together minds and resources, a new enlightenment is born. Forget harsh approaches and concentrate on soft skills to discover the way to success often enough. Conquering the 21st-century complexities would be possible through TLEL!

Date/Time: The Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning panel launch holds tremendous promise for the GIBS students. Getting in tune with business reality is the cherished task at b-schools. Students need to develop appropriate skills and personalities, concepts and abilities to cope with a whole lot of professional pressures. Competition at the global level can be numbing and the heat is certainly felt everywhere around the IT capital of bustling Bangalore.

TLEL provides an inspiring lighthouse in that sea of uncertain futures though GIBS placement records show a great professional success. When students develop visions of innovative enterprise, they reach positions of safety in society and industry. Attitudes matter so much and exploring the world can be an exciting but nightmarish experience. What future roles would they step into? At different stages of the long corporate journey, they would solve problems as leaders, make decisions, motivate teams and boost company productivity. As the individual grows, so does the company and the parent institution. Destinies march together! Who put them there in the first place? GIBS, off course.

While some claim that entrepreneurs and leaders are born and not made, the opposite is true. Opportunities come unequally to individuals and making the best use of circumstances has always led to success. Life stories of successful businesspersons remind that no peak is too high to conquer! Thoughts and Ideas matter as do goals and strategies. Children of experience they are, but that experiential learning did not happen automatically. Success came one day at a time over the years and that calls for infinite patience and perseverance.

The MBA aspirants do not work in a vacuum but are constantly surrounded by the faculty, industry leaders and guest speakers. Celebrities share valuable experiences. The faculty grooms students well and the need for experienced mentors is often felt. Trainees need a safe and secure nest until they can fly with confidence.
The TLEL panel members
The distinguished panel now provides a foundation to deepen student efforts and provide a focus and a new direction. Though the institution provides an endless spectrum of facilities, the new feather in the cap will reach them to fabulous places. The panel represents the cream of success across the professional world as diverse as it is challenging. The same industries hold out the promise of excellent appointments for the earnest students, an attractive target to aim for.  The panel is here to teach and motivate, mold attitudes and promote the spirit of academic and practical accomplishment on the path to eventual productive success.
    Sujit Lalwani - International Entrepreneur & Speaker
    Ashish Vaidya - Senior SDE at Amazon, India
    Sonal Jain – Academician
    Ashwini KN – Founder,
    Sneha Chandrasekhar – Founder, Black & White Tech Writing Solutions
    Chetan Yallapurkar – MD, Honeymoon Havens & MYT Sports & Adventures