Tuesday, 2 May 2017

GIBS and the intensely motivating world of Human Resource Development

Each year indicates an extraordinary triumph for business management education at GIBS, Bangalore, a global IT hub in South India. Whether it is the stringent admission procedure, the endless learning activities or personality development programs, the trainees are constantly on the go. It is a two-year battle that may result in a lifetime of successful professional development, perhaps as a senior business executive after some years of experience. The lucky ones start off on fancy salaries and never really rest until retirement a generation later.
Among the best b-schools in India, according to reputable rankings by Higher Education Review, Gyanduniya.com and Careers 360 –The Education Hub, GIBS deserves all the praise, and perhaps much more. When questions are asked regarding the secret of institutional success, it is the topicality of the curriculum and the industry relevance that keeps them zooming at the top. GIBS alumni have spread their wings across the Indian industry and abroad, at every level of accomplished designations.  Other areas of excellence could be stressed like the greenest campus in Bannerghatta, the world class infrastructure, the high-tech study facilities and the cozy hostels. In a word, it is sheer dynamism that rules the ambience where students are inspired each day.
The Human Resources factor!
In spite of the fact that the world is getting carried away by science, industry and now technology, humans still call the shots. Humans analysed how apples fall and sent astronauts into space.
DIGITAL WORLD OF HR was the theme of the HR Conference organised by GIBS Business School. Hotel Sanman Gardenia in Jayanagar hosted the event on 26th November 2016. The grand opportunity to put heads together assembled PR departments of companies and educational leaders to deliberate new methods to stay alive in a sea of competition.
Panel discussions dealt with the following issues:
HR Strategy - Education, training, compensation and the medical and moral support of workers are crucial to developing HR. Alive to the increasing competition, HR needs to forge a step ahead in order to preserve the glories of the past. Human labour through the centuries may have suffered upheavals, but made it possible for the world to live and work, study and smile each day.
Talent Acquisition - Human Resources today will mostly get hired online and that is a supreme advantage in the global marketplace. Talent can reach across to worldwide employment.
Learning & Development in the Digital Era – Technology has transformed the face of the industry. The opportunities for workers are better now than ever before in history.
Work Force Management – Connecting Workforce Data and Organizational Outcomes - Higher organisational productivity requires expert handling of workers on the part of senior management.
Though the workforce issues may appear overwhelming, the secret to industry success lies right there.

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