Tuesday, 31 May 2016

CSR Activity on “‪‎Cleanliness & ‪‎Health ‪‎Care ‪‎Awareness ‪‎Campaign.

GIBS Social Foundation flagged off its CSR behaviour change communication “‪#‎Cleanliness‬ & ‪#‎Health‬ ‪#‎Care‬ ‪#‎Awareness‬ ‪#‎Campaign‬” to tackle the unhygienic condition in Bangalore to make the City Clean, Green and Safe. The campaign Organised on 29th May 2016, with a drive towards making our very own Garden city to “‪#‎Cleaner‬ ‪#‎Society‬” enabling healthy environment for better health.
In association with World Merit India and ‪#‎WeRiseForHer‬, our volunteers inspired the localities to mark themselves as a responsible citizen, thereby taking mass pledges to keep their surroundings, city and overall the country clean & motivated them to BE THE CHANGE. It also an attempt to bring about a behavioural change and create awareness on Clean Bangalore.

Friday, 27 May 2016

GIBS - India’s First Business school to have Placement Advisory Board

The best award a college can get is 100 percent placement for all its students. There is a joy in the air when all the students of a college are placed before they walk out of the college! But this task is easier said than done. No doubt the students have to work hard but along with this, the college also has to work around the clock to attract the right companies to its campus and also orient the students towards getting their dream jobs.

The GIBS Business School gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting suitable placements after successful completion of their studies. The Placement Cell, one of its kind in India, ensures that every student gets the right skill and domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable in the industry. GIBS has its separate Placement Advisory Board consisting of a group of renowned experts who exist to help further, as a visible body of leadership, influence and support in achieving its objectives and fulfilling the student’s mission.

The placement cell at GIBS acts as an academic interface by helping the students to improve their employability through systematic exposure to business organizations and offers the corporate companies a platform to find the best managers from GIBS. Some of the best brands have found GIBS students to be ‘Industry ready’ and some of the companies are regular for campus recruitment.
Also the courses at GIBS are well integrated with soft skills, etiquettes, logical and analytical reasoning and the like to help students prepare for their job interview not at the fag end of the course but from the beginning itself. This helps in building confidence among the students and helps them in facing the interview positively.

It can be said that GIBS, one of the best MBA schools in India has taken the right and progressive step in increasing the quality of educational institutions.

Industrial exposure and business interaction should a part of MBA learning - a GIBS perspective.

MBA schools today boast of a holistic learning process where student participation and interaction among students is encouraged and also is a necessity. But the question rises that despite following the best teaching practises and imparting the best of education, there is wide gap between the industrial expectations and reality.

It has been seen many times that the real zest is lost in achieving academic excellence but what the industry needs is quite different. Many a time it comes as a surprise that during campus selection it is not the topper but an average student with good logical and analytical skills getting the most lucrative job.

But we are seasoned to believe that academic marks equals the quality of job and money we earn. It must be brought to the notice here that the students have to be exposed to the industrial environment and interaction with the business stalwarts, start-upentrepreneurs and all involved in the market should happen time to time.

Industrial exposure from the initial stages of the curriculum helps in giving the right orientation to the young minds. It so happens that these youngsters are in the illusion that only the subjects taught to them will land them in good jobs. But it is not so true. Many times it so happens that what we study in colleges has nothing to do with the jobs and careers we get into! Hence the right orientation plays an important role. And the best persons to do this are industrial stalwarts themselves.

GIBS, a renowned MBA college in Bangalore has recognized the importance of this and taken the necessary steps to bring down this gap between expectation and reality. The GIBS Business Forum arranges for interaction been the MBA students and industry’s who is who from time to time. The students benefit from such interactions and they get the real exposure of what is required from them. This gives the added advantage setting the right tone from the beginning.
It can be summed up that industrial exposure and business interaction should a part of MBA learning and GIBS has set the ball rolling in this direction.

Importance of sports in student’s life.

Sports is an integral part of student life. But it is hard to find any sportsmen finally emerging out of school and colleges. Students who are gifted players also are forced to join the rat race of academics and it is always preferred by parents that their kids excel first in academics and then if time permits, they excel in sports.

Sports is not just about the game. There are many lessons learnt in the playground rather than class rooms. Class room knowledge is all about subjects but what they learn in the playground builds their personality. Their confidence, the ability to accept success and failure in equal terms, the art of giving and sharing are all life lessons learnt here.

An active sports life helps an individual to have grit and determination. It boosts one’s self esteem and helps to garner better grades in academics as well. The physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduating.

Currently, the arrangement for sports at any educational institution is not up to the mark. It is left to the students to decide whether to play or not. Many schools and colleges do not even have a decent playground. Having trained coaches is a luxury.

GIBS, one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore, realizes the vital role sports plays in a student’s life. The GIBS campus is well designed and sports facilities are an integral part of it. Sports at GIBS generates a lot of enthusiasm. The academic calendar is crowded with sporting events -be it the intra-hostel and inter-hostel events, or the inter-collegiate and intra college tournaments. Excellent facilities are available including a swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, the impressive cricket ground, volley ball ground, basket court, etc.

No wonder, the performance of GIBS students is extra ordinary as there is a healthy blend of academics and sports. It is high time other institutions realize the importance of sports and start promoting it. GIBS has shown the way for others to follow.

We need thinkers not graduates - GIBS take on this

Recently, the state department showed dissatisfaction towards the lack of knowledge and industrial readiness towards graduates walking out of college. Even the industry think tanks were not satisfied with the standard of education provided in colleges. Most of the syllabus does not make these youngsters industry ready.

It has been noticed that there is a missing link between the education provided and the market requirements. Moreover, most of the educational institutions just adhere to the syllabus and not engage in inculcating the thinking and questioning of things. This creates a wide gap between the realities and expectations.

The industrial requirements are different. The bookish knowledge will always be there. It can be retrieved anytime. But what matters is creativity. Something like thinking out of the box and sometimes even discarding the box! Students should be encouraged to think differently and their questioning ability should be encouraged. Accepting everything the way it is will kill innovation.
By the way, the question remains. What is real education then? Real education is not only about subjects but also about ethics;about training the mind to be healthier. To embrace the differences and respecting the environment also.

There is big lacuna in the education system today. Necessary steps have to be taken to control the seepage of knowledge. People’s participation is important. The educational system has to be developed which is robust and scalable. Moreover, the system has to be evolving to accommodate new trends and needs.  It should not be time struck as it is presently. Integration of values is the need of the day. Youngsters getting alienated from the society and family is a serious issue.

This type of system will give raise to thinkers and not mere graduates who are not even well versed in the subjects they take up. A good educational system will give raise to a healthy society.

GIBS - A Business School with a Difference

It is raining business schools everywhere. In fact, in a city, it is common to find a business school in every nook and corner. When this is the state of affairs, there raises an important question about the quality of education. Do all these schools cater rightly to the market needs? Are the necessary prerequisites met to start such colleges? Many a times, the government comes down strongly in case of discrepancies and it is the student’s life that is jeopardised.

So, the students have to tread cautiously while choosing their colleges. A good college should have a strong infrastructure, good teaching faculty and encourage its students to bring out the best in them. Such colleges are rare and scarce. One such college making waves is GIBS in Bangalore.

In a very short span, GIBS has carved a niche for itself. GIBS boosts of one of the best infrastructures in the country. With villa- styled hostels, state of art library, amphitheatre, gymnasium, cafeteria, swimming pool, recreational park and so on, GIBS is a student’s paradise.

The teaching faculty is the backbone of any educational organisation. GIBS is endowed with the best teachers who are experts in their subjects. Practical training is also imparted along with the standard curriculum. Guest faculty are also invited including entrepreneurs, top level executives who share their experiences. The Value Added Program and C2C – Campus to Corporate Program at GIBS gives the added advantage of knowing the nuances of the industry driven market. This benefits the students greatly by being exposed to the additional perspectives.

Extra-curricular activities are taken quite seriously at GIBS!The GIBS calendar is fully loaded with events relating to music, drama, sports, debates, competitions and so on. This makes for an interesting college life where students learn some important life lessons which cannot be taught within the four walls of the class room.

All these make GIBS one of the most sought after business schools in India. GIBS brings in together a culmination of education, ethics and fun which is a rarity today.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

GIBS Business School

‎Entrepreneurship Day!!!

#‎Entrepreneurship‬ is more about ‪#‎Innovation‬, Sustainability and Team Building.GIBS Bangalore Students proved "A Successful ‪#‎team‬ is a Group of Many hands but of ONE Mind." during Collage Making, Best Out of Waste and Guest Lecture events on the occasion of E-Day.