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A motivating new beginning for BBA/BCom entrants at the GIBS Orientation in Bangalore

Some events happen regularly each year at Global Institute of Business Studies! The Orientation program over a series of sessions that commenced on 14th July 2017 means a grand beginning for the two batches of eager young boys and girls. The batches of BBA and BCom aspirants would remain immersed in academics and practical lessons, discovering the industry and their true callings over the next three  years until 2020. They are fresh out of 12 years of school education and have so much to learn. The business world with internships and placements does seem a complex universe. The 21st century existence itself is getting rather difficult amidst all the technology and controversy, though so much easier with online facilities.

Theradiant occasion

The event goes down as a memorable instance. Seated on that impressive stage were several luminaries who would light up the lives of the students. Along with the Chief Guest Mr. Suresh Babu - Performance Coach, Project Management Professional & Corporate Trainer, the other eminent personalities included Mr. Ritesh Goyal – MD, GIBS, Dr. Aparna Rao – Director, GIBS, and Ms. Uzma Nayeem - Head of Placement, GIBS.

Along with theimposing faculty and dignitaries, let us wish successful studies and professional accomplishments to those children of diverse backgrounds who have taken up the business management challenge. The students were congratulated for obtaining admission into a prestigious institution like GIBS which is a powerful beginning to the realization of their corporate dreams. Adjustments take time but as the weeks and the months of the future unfold in the success-filled Bangalore ambience, a smooth transition to a new lifestyle would dawn to bring fresh thoughts, hopes and aspirations. By the end of the course in 2020, your lives would be transformed after laying a professional foundation to build upon in the yearsto come. Growing from a seed to a tree may take decades but three years is a short duration in comparison.

The intensive orientation schedule over several days includes talks by some experts in the field of business and education. Along with Dr. Aparna Rao in the first session, Ms. Bhavana would speak on Career making and the importance of soft skills on 15th July. On Monday, Prof. Beena speaks on the Importance of Time Management while Ms. Uzma delivers a talk as Head of Corporate Relations. Dr. Chitra throws light on Finance and Career Management on Tuesday while Leema and group deal with the Importance of Communication. On Wednesday, Mr. Shubhendu speaks on Marketing and Mr. Sriram delivers a talk on General Management. On Thursday, 20th July, it is the turn of Mr. Pradeep, Senior HR Consultant. Prof Laxmi R. and Mr. Kumar Sai Deepak take up Team Building Activities. On Friday, Dr. Nandeesh V. Hiremath speaks on DISHA - Power of Focus for Achieving Success in Career & Life.

The GIBS success story

GIBS has often been in the headlines in the bustling business education world that India has rapidly become. Honors and awards, accreditations and rankings continue to grace this towering symbol of business studies in Bangalore, itself a global city after the software revolution. Famous for gardens too, the greenery filled 4.5-acre GIBS campus in Bannerghatta is an intimate focus of all that contemporary management professionals can dream of.

The IndiaCollegeSearch rankings for 2017 and 2016 both reflect GIBS and that means so much because millions of students and hundreds of colleges figure there. Consider some affiliations and accreditations like the University of Mysore, Bharathiar University, UGC, NAAC, MHRD, ISO, AIMA, and so many more!

What sets GIBS apart

Many thousands of college entrants and graduates try for business education each year. Courses of varying durations and fee structures, full-time, part-time and online are available in plenty. Yet what are the job opportunities later? The dismal truth is that a great majority of businessgraduates do not succeed in the corporate world andhave to be content with mediocre jobs. It  is a sadstory that is repeated each year when mighty dreams collapse within a few years.

GIBS has been keeping up with its promises. The hefty fees in business schools should have valid returns when many students obtain loans for study. How will the loans be repaid unless the company salaries are good enough?

Well, the two or three years of education come first before postings are possible through the internship performance, campus interviews and the selection process.  MBA plus PGPM is a two-year full-time on campus course while PGDM is a one-year course. BBA and BCom are three-year courses.

A sound investment in your future is the outcome of study at GIBS! Sound educational practices that combine a diverse mix of academics, presentations, seminars and workshops with sports and cultural activities in a green campus keep spirits alive. Industry visits and guest speakers enable a practical approach that is realistic and achieve a true  understanding of what professional lives would be like after quitting the institution. GIBS alumni across the world maintain contacts and further the corporate web that results in outstanding placements.

Learn, Earn and Return

With all the social and humanitarian work activities that GIBS participates in, it is a sustainable world of values that is imparted to students. Firstly, it is a challenging world of semester-based work spread over several study and work modules. Semesters do get rather hectic with assignments and deadlines along with outings and activities. Together, they keep the clock ticking to indicate the passing of weeks and months. The countdown has begun. Like everything else in life, time is not infinite.
After successful placements are received, it is the time to build upon the foundation created in the institute. Students now know quite  welll what to expect, how to talk and behave and how to find solutions to professional problems. A global business perspective has been achieved and the ability to work in multicultural environments learned.

After some years of successful work experience and raising a family, it is time to reward society for everything that has been received by the grace of the divine. Joining humanitarian causes and helping environmental conservation along with art and culture are some areas that need dedicated efforts.

Start dreaming, children, but heed your teachers and study and work on the right track.

Management Programs that Instil Educational Brilliance

Known as a business school par excellence, Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is active in nurturing talent and fulfilling dreams of many. Establish under the tutelage of Goyal Educational Trust, the institute is indulged in offering innovative and globally acclaimed programs that are worthy of taking admission. Adding to the goodwill of the Institute is its recognition from University Grants Commission (UGC), which unfolds the worth of the education at the Institute.

The Brilliant Infrastructure:

Talking about the infrastructure of the GIBS Business School, it is spread across a sprawling campus that includes a well-established hostel for the students, swimming pools, air conditioned academic block, gardens, cafeteria, playgrounds, temple, libraries, specialized language center, monitoring rooms and even gymnasiums. Certainly, the authorities make sure that students are provided qualitative education by empowering them through the equated amount of education and recreational activities.

•    For a deeper insight into hostel facilities, GIBS has a very well expedited villa style hostel for the college residents or students from distant places. With a care-free atmosphere, students are able to stay comfortably. Well, a distinctive thing about the hostel is that its villas or blocks are named on scented flowers like Lotus, Jasmine, Carnation, Oleander, Daisy, Rose and much more. Definitely, CCTV cameras are installed and a warden monitors the activity for retaining discipline within the premises. And of course, the safety of the students is kept at priority in the Institute as well as hostel campus.

•    Taking note of the academic block, GIBS has a Dance studio for students willing to fulfill their passion for dance. Also, there is a Yoga Room, Auditorium, Conference Hall, Internet CafĂ©, Student Syndicate Rooms and Air Conditioned Class Rooms. In the class rooms, one can find LCD projectors for the easy understanding of the concepts by students.

•    The Amphitheatre at the GIBS Institute is its highlight with open air circular building. It is one such place in the institute, where students give beautiful performances and shows are organized too as a part of the entertainment. It has been able to serve as a platform for great plays.

•    Its swimming pool and gymnasium is one such place, where students can sweat out for a healthy body. Certainly, a swim after hectic study schedule can be quite relaxing for the students. And definitely, the gyming enthusiasts can exercise on the latest machines installed in the gymnasia.

•     GIBS have a wonderful library with ample amount of books on almost all subjects. Acquiring knowledge knows no bounds and the library explains it further. Along with the normal library, the institute is having a digital library that offers books and digital equipment to grab extra knowledge.

•    Sports are one such activity that keeps body and mind healthy. This is the reason that GIBS is equipped with special playgrounds dedicated to the sports section. Its indoor gaming area includes table tennis, chess, carom and snooker; while, the outdoor play areas calls for a football ground, basketball area, cricket ground, cycling section, badminton area, netball and kabaddi grounds.

•    One of the prominent places in the GIBS campus is its Language Centre. The center conducts happens to organize language teaching sessions for students on an everyday basis. This includes imparting English language skills and teaching other languages as per the requirement of the student. It chiefly emphases on the development of students’ speculative English skills to back current and future university studies.

•    None of the institutes are complete without its qualitative cafeteria, where good food is served with precision and hygiene. Its poolside cafeteria allows students to enjoy delectable dishes in the presence of serene naturalistic environs. This makes students spend quality time with friends and discuss other things than study for a while.

Programs and Eligibility Criteria at GIBS:

Being a hardcore management institute, GIBS offers Bachelor Degree in Management, Corporate Level Bachelor of Commerce Program, Industry Integrated MBA for weekends, and a Master Degree in Management with Post Graduate Program in Management. Each and every course focuses on introducing the varied scenarios of management to the students with a deep insight into its core efficiencies. The institute’s summer internship is the impeccable chance for students to apply in practice the theoretical concepts gained within the classrooms. By doing so, they get a better understanding of the imperative inter-linkages among various functions and progress a convincing managerial outlook on corporate workings.

On the other side, the eligibility criteria for taking admission in GIBS calls for securing of 50 percent marks in aggregate at graduation level for the aspiring students of MBA program. And for the Bachelors Program, the students are required to have passed higher secondary with excellent grades and have specific kind of work experience. Well, the students having work experience with other educational background are given weightage at the GIBS Business School. The institute has pioneered in providing high-quality education in sync with a modernistic approach for a better learning experience for the students.

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Global Institute of Business Studieslaunchesan Innovation Center

Date: Time: Place:

GIBS has reached several outstanding milestones within a short ten-year duration of existence.  Large modern institutions contain several smaller units that form its different branches, somewhat like theendless stories of a building. The complexities of academic and professional tasks and training purposes can thus be achieved at diverse venues, each with a different thrust.
The GIBS Residential Campus witnessed a special event on 14th September 2017 with the inauguration of the Innovation Center. The GIBS Innovation Center is a creative step in the right direction. An International Speaker Mr. Paul Susheel has been appointed as the Head of the Innovation Center.

An Innovation Center with a hallowed mission

Everybody, students and workers alike, needs an oasis or a retreat where they can rest and work in peace, away from the stresses of the classroom and city tensions. The well-organized atmosphere nurtures such creative thinking that results in innovative ideas, quite lacking in the humdrum life we otherwise lead. The Innovation Center is such a refuge meant to engender that spark of creativity and innovation beyond academics and rigorous curriculums.
Discovering themselves is the task at hand for students in a surrounding where the mind feels free to explore and to experiment with innovative ideas.
Besides the inspiring Head in the form of Mr. Paul Susheel, we would expect motivating materials to be provided to set the mind working towards innovative endeavors. Like a laboratory, perhaps audio-visual materials along with subject-based materials would prove useful. Along with management that is the chief theme at GIBS, materials to encourage hobbies and wider interests would prove a blessing. It is important that students go beyond their management domain and its components to discover the wider world beyond the campus.
Ideas flourish in a non-competitive environment
The tremendous stress of competition often destroys the spirit of creativity. Out here at the Innovation Center is a place where the mind can be at peace, far from industry and institutional stresses. The pressure to perform excellently is absent here. The best minds can come together to find new approaches and discuss novel ideologies.
Neutral environments allow us to be who and what we are, where you are not compelled to adopt any judgments or take sides. The flowering of thoughts and ideas would thus be quite possible. A brainstorming and a passion are essential and the Innovation Center is scheduled to become a womb for the new age research and a fraternal spirit of togetherness to discover, to cooperate and to entertain.

Through such a process, the GIBS students would set off on intimate voyages of self-discovery to unlock hidden potential within their minds, hearts and souls. Management is essentially commercial, concerned with the business world, but is aimed at the public domain too.  Get ready, GIBS students, to test your ideas and find the best solutions to remain productive citizens that would benefit the public too. Along with commercial success at industry should come humanitarian concern for the people of the country to be served through charitable causes and industry policies.

Night View of GIBS Residential Campus

HR Conference on DIGITAL WORLD OF HR: 2.0 By GIBS.

To catapult the strategies & polish the HR skills, GIBS Business School organized an HR Conference on DIGITAL WORLD OF HR: 2.0 organised in collaboration with GWFM Network Forum Bangalore on Saturday, 16th Sept 2017 at GIBS Bannerghatta Campus. This conference brings HR of companies, talent and learning leaders together to learn, discuss and collaborate on the next practices to implement in order to beat your competition in the years ahead.

 Panel discussion was held on

1. The Role of HR in the Future of Work
2. Talent Acquisition & Workforce Optimization: Adapting to the future
3. Redefining employee engagement in the digital era
4. Leadership Development in the Digital Age.

Panel 1: The Role of HR in the Future of Work
Key Note Address “HR: Beyond the Digital Transformation”
Prithvi Sher Gill, Founder Cocreate Tomorrow
Moderator:  Annapurna A, Director HR Inspirage

1.       Poornima SP, Group Director Human Resources, Tejas Networks
2.       Dr Harry CD, CHRO Ascend Telecom
3.       CaptArunNayar, Director HR Safran Group
4.       VenkiSundaresan-Country Mnager/Sr. Director Cypress Semiconductors
5.       Sunil Kumar Dhavala-Former HR,Finance Head National Geographic Channel
6.       Meenalochani Kumar, Senior Director and Global Design Lead - Leadership and Executive Development at Sutherland

Panel 2: Strategic ketynote : Designing the Digital HR function
Suraj Chettri, Head of HR Airbus India
Talent Acquisition & Workforce Optimization: Adapting to the future
Moderator: Hirendra Badhiye, Vice President - Human Resources at Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd.

1.       KavithaVenkatachalam, Partner “Tomorrow”
2.       Mohammed Sirajul HassanSenior Director WFM at Omega Healthcare Management Services Private Limited
3.       SindhuSubhashini, India HR Head ; Chairperson ICC Brillio
4.       AnantharamanSubramanian,Director& Head, Resource and Capacity Management at IBM Global Services India.

Panel 3: Redefining employee engagement in the digital era
Keynote on Employee Wellness the step towards Employee Engagement
Ashutosh, Express Feast Bangalore.
Moderator: Augustus Azariah, Associate Director IBM

1.       KaustavChakravarthy, Director HR- Asia Pacific, Lenovo
2.       Capt.ShantanuChakravorty, Global Leader- Digital Learning
Strategy, CargillInc
3.       Capt.ParthaSamai,Senior Vice President, Group Head Human Resources at AGS Transact Technologies Ltd.

Panel 4: Leadership Development in the Digital Age
Moderator:Smaranika Mukherjee: AVP –L&D Swiss Re

1.       Alexander  Rinku,Director - Human Resources, ORACLE and Certified Executive & Life Coach
2.       RiteshRanjan, L&D Head -APAC of CGI
3.       Raghav Rao, COO- Maintec Technologies
4.       Ranjith KP, Director - Human Resources at Fortinet
5.       Mukund HR Head BMS Biocon

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HR Conference on DIGITAL WORLD OF HR: 2.0 By GIBS

To catapult the strategies & polish the HR skills, GIBS Business School organized an HR Conference on DIGITAL WORLD OF HR: 2.0 organised in collaboration with GWFM Network Forum Bangalore on Saturday, 26th November at Hotel Sanman Gardenia, Jayanagar. This conference brings HR of companies, talent and learning leaders together to learn, discuss and collaborate on the next practices to implement in order to beat your competition in the years ahead. Panel discussion was held on 1. The Role of HR in the Future of Work 2. Talent Acquisition & Workforce Optimization: Adapting to the future 3. Redefining employee engagement in the digital era 4. Leadership Development in the Digital Age. #HRConference #HR #DigitalWorld #GWFM #HRStrategy #TalentAcquisition #WorkForce #GIBS #MBA #PGPM #BBA #BCOM