Sunday, 29 April 2018

GIBS students get rare glimpses of Organizational Behavior

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Sessions that are held at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore do provide many valuable insights. Learning together and interacting around a topic with a focus on activities and participation is nowadays the worldwide trend in education. Research indicates that information is quickly forgotten if it is merely read in a book while action imprints the matter in the brain and is easily recalled. A picture does tell a thousand words after all and especially in the image and video filled media of this day.

Effective and dynamic teaching and learning at GIBS extends to both the postgraduate courses MBA and PGDM. The two graduate courses BBA and BCom also practice the same philosophy.
Mr. Kiran Koppadda conducted the SME session on Organizational Behavior. If there is anything that unites the human race on a universal level, it is the organizations to which the people belong. Though working groups are primarily meant by the term, we should be including the family unit too, since the modern family contains all the qualities found in offices. Most homes nowadays include at least an office corner with a desk, computer and printing machine connected with the internet that facilitates a range of tasks.

A complex field of study

For the boys and girls, the session was the first step of a long journey. It is a subject that keeps you thinking deep. While we see organizations everywhere and many clad in uniforms in a metropolis like Bengaluru, we sometimes fail to understand the mystery behind their work and bonding, cooperation and conflicts. The Human Resources department, of course, would have a better understanding.

Yet, HR is not all. Digital communication has done much to improve the status and effectiveness of HR in recent times, but more needs to be done in terms of apps and software for improved performance. Sociology would help understand how people bond in groups and what guides relationships. Psychology would help understand the mental factors at work and how to relieve stress at the workplace. Management is central with offices that contain five workers and mega businesses that employ thousands of workers! Management unites them all.

Everybody has images of happy and productive workplaces imprinted in the mind with imagery derived from real life experiences, film and television. Are they as happy and successful, productive and meaningful as they appear? What is it that keeps them going? Research would be needed to delve deeper.

GIBS would be an excellent example

It is better to start the research with the home! In terms of organizations and how individuals and groups interact, GIBS could become an early learning point.  Though the institute is primarily made up of students who are busy building a lifetime professional foundation, it is an organized set up with professional faculty besides the administrative staff. Group behavior and individuals are at work all day. The campus is active 24 hours as a residential facility.

Efficiency, science and management

Maximum efficiency is indirectly related to higher profits and that is primarily the purpose of a business with ethical values in mind. Leadership and job satisfaction, payments and working conditions, reputations and standards are some aspects of the enterprise. Human research has carried out intensive observations to record how human behavior changes and adapts according to influences and observation, conditions and machinery, uniforms etc.

Academic studies could investigate many of the associated aspects relating to several study areas to gain a better understanding of men and women at work. The history of the human record of work and achievement is truly inspiring, whether it was inventions or constructions, the digital and electronic and medical worlds, to name a few salient areas. Now that science, industry and technology have increased human productivity enormously, it is time to proceed at a faster pace towards the land of our dreams.

The GIBS students have excellent chances of practicing the same human organizational behavior principles to their advantage in future when they join internships and placements. 

Study of theories

Understanding individuals and group behavior is a tricky task, guided by a large number of theories and applications. Leadership and cooperation, emotional intelligence and personality, goal setting, motivation and needs are some pertinent areas of study.

Gestalt Principles refer to perception. Attitudes and Behavior refer to Reinforcement and Social Cognitive Theory, among others. Theories of Motivation are very important too and refer to Herzberg and Maslow, among several others.

Let us remind ourselves of the need to cooperate, just as millions of organizations are doing around the world at this moment. It is only by cooperating in groups that social and national prosperity can be achieved. After professional success is accomplished, it will be time to give back to the society that nurtured you.

The GIBS training and the engendering of future business managers

While it is often said that we need to cater to the needs of the present, a lot people live in the past and follow outdated principles and ideas. Rather, the right approach in education would be to aim at the future conditions, because that is when the trainees will serve the industry. A few semesters may not appear to be too long a time, but future emerging trends need to be planned for. The employment situation is severe in most countries and it is worst in Asia. The International Labor Organization revealed that 202 million remained unemployed in 2013 and the worst figures came from East and South Asia. Youth are particularly vulnerable because they initially carry no experience that every organization demands,  when fresh out of prestigious colleges.

Global Institute of Business Studies has been very effective in arranging internships and placements for their students with some of the best companies. GIBS is lucky to be situated in one of the most happening Indian cities where many mega businesses congregate. Bangalore offers some of the best opportunities for the boys and girls in search of business careers. Choose from MBA and PGDM for graduate degree holders and BBA and BCom for undergraduate studies after completing Class 12.

Finding yourself in the field of business

As the media fills us daily with numerous stories of mega businesses and how they rule the financial world, we remember the times some decades ago when only small and medium businesses existed. Only a few companies like the automobile giants in America were really big that they continue to be even today. Most businesses were the vision of an individual or family that handed it down from generation to generation. Perhaps many of them did not undergo business training, but the family experience was good enough to teach the basics.

Spotting opportunity is the first task in business, whether working independently or belonging to a corporation with a hundred managers. Some enterprising individuals still want to be independent and run their own show. Most often, it is found that business graduates or postgraduates first need to gain some experience by working in the preferred field before launching their own enterprise. Such a practice is common to almost every profession like medicine, law and tourism. Each of them could become lucrative fields for business graduates too. Combining a specialized degree in a subject like tourism along with a business degree is a certain formula for finding the best career opportunities.

Fundamentals of business education

Is the nature of business in running a tuck shop similar to running a starred hotel? Essentially, they are similar in the sense that finance, raw materials, manpower, services, buying and selling are involved. Clever management expertise would be required. The difference lies in the scale of operations, the budget and the risk factors. The essential skills comprise of communication in the digital sense, financial literacy and business skills. Managers also need to learn legal, ethical and moral lessons. That may sound simplistic, but it is essentially the business alphabet.

Taking a broader perspective, the language and communication areas could be expanded to the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Early school also teaches similar approaches except that the college course deals with a specialized subject study. Some of the other crucial areas of a business manager’s life may revolve around the following:

·         Strategic planning
·         Critical thinking
·         Creativity
·         Problem solving
·         Financial management
·         Risk management
·         Leadership and teamwork skills
·         Research and etiquette

Most boys and girls who now exist in the dream world that is GIBS have no realistic comprehension of their roles and duties in a business setting. It is true that they gain knowledge each day and feed their minds with more and more. Industry leaders do provide ample ideas and experiences. Internships do bring the first taste of work for those who have no previous work experience. That is the crux of the problem. Most students across India do not have any substantial work experience and thus have no real understanding of the world of work.

Instead of being lost in a sea of complexity amidst the garden cum software city that is Bangalore and mighty business empires, simplified approaches would suffice, at least at the beginning of business careers. A lot of theory would be learned, but probably never applied, at least not in the same way as you think.

What is important is to think for the future, because the contemporary world is fast evolving, mostly in the technology sense. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to start an independent business after some years of service with one of the major companies?

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mr. Paul Susheel’s magic touch at GIBS!

As the Head of their Innovation Center, the name is familiar to the staff and students of Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. An international life coach,  Mr. Paul Susheel conducted a workshop with the GIBS students in April 2018. The occasions are fun-filled and activity based. It is  a neutral environment where the boys and girls forget all their usual complexities of studies and professional worries. It is a time to let the hair down and have a fling, innovate and experiment with ideas, purposes and meanings in the game called life. The playway method of learning and realizing lessons has become popular worldwide, though it does not initially look like a lesson.
As a very young trainer of international stature who has crossed a thousand training assignments already, he works in the following areas:
  • ·         Leadership, personality and soft skills training
  • ·         Motivational programs
  • ·         Corporate training and consulting
  • ·         Positive parenting

The training workshops are meant for both the teacher and taught. It would be practical to train teachers first, who would then pass on the lessons to hundreds and thousands of students. ‘Train the trainer’ has a lot of validity. Considering that a vast number of institutes dealing with tender minds exist within a single country like India, it is clear how important such workshops can be. It has long been realized that the complexities of the modern world cannot be learned effectively from books and classroom lectures alone. Students have to participate in a range of activities and that has been done since long in the realm of sports, literary and cultural activities.

In keeping with modern research, motivational activities, personality building, soft skills training and teamwork building are some lessons imparted through a range of friendly activities. Unless such activities are interesting, student participation will be difficult to obtain. That is where the experience and expertise, the personality and skills of the trainer are apparent. Mr. Paul Susheel succeeds in building instant rapport with students who immediately recognize the authenticity of the procedures and render full cooperation.

An amazingly successful career!
A celebrity figure with an immense following. It is true that the days of social media have transformed many into a celebrity status overnight. Whether such fame is legitimate is difficult to decide. Gimmicks like art and software, Photoshop and fake information can build up reputations. In the case of this remarkable trainer, it is certain that he is genuine and authentic. He feels concerned about careers and personalities in a world full of complexities where competition is severe and the best people succeed.

Rather than being gifted by birth or being born in a privileged family environment, it is clear that education, training and learning experiences create winning personalities. The one who knows more usually succeeds in reaching higher, and being alive to the realities of the situation is essential. No textbook world, this.

Being innovative and creative are high on the agenda for personal success, instead of slavishly following accepted systems. It is such skills and abilities that are different from the beaten track that get a boost in those thought provoking workshops.

A media success

The all-powerful media of today that has reached every nook and cranny decides success. Dr. Paul Susheel is a part of that media that has taken him all over the country and abroad too. He uses the media to great effect and the impact upon the participants prove that he succeeds thoroughly in his goals of personal development and sincere motivation. The sky is not so highly after all, if you really decide to succeed.

Many workshops are aimed at institutes where faculty development programs are conducted. Campus training programs and corporate programs take him to a range of companies where the employees require his timely help to develop skills and abilities. The truth is that additional lessons are required at regular intervals to motivate and upgrade employees. 

Positive parenting and family enrichment

Long before children go to institutes or workers reach companies, they have experienced home and family life where the initial foundation is laid. Unless parenting is done meaningfully and a satisfactory family life is lived, the foundation of society would collapse. Motivation is required at every step and luckily such talented trainers are available to see parents through the tough years.
Thailand and Sri Lanka, Nepal and Malaysia are some international destinations that have already witnessed Mr. Paul’s programs. He has a long way to go yet and many more would benefit from the unique blessings of the workshops.

A healthy life for the young boys and girls at GIBS!

WORLD HEALTH DAY on 7th April is yet another reminder of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles that include certain do’s and don’ts.  Regular eating and sleep timings are crucial in order to maintain a certain rhythm to existence. Avoidance of substance abuse like tobacco and alcohol from an early age would ensure that the various weaknesses and diseases do not result from such destructive habits. How can we ignore the grim warnings on every packet and bottle?
Being a part of the Global Institute of Business Studies in the green campus at Bannerghatta, Bangalore is a well orchestrated lifestyle with a planned diet and regular study and hostel timings. Those crucial few semesters play such an important role in laying the foundation for a lifetime of work and service, family and national values. Though the MBAs and PGDMs, BBAs and BComs may serve in corporate around the world, the alumni can never forget the nest where they first grew their wings.

Summer sunshine!
Right in the heat of a fierce summer, let us remind ourselves that exposure to the sun is essential as part of the healthy lifestyle! Get your Vitamin D. Some countries in the bitterly cold regions in Europe have little exposure to the sun.

Drink enough water in this season, particularly, and remain well hydrated but do not overdo it. Doctors usually advise eight glasses each day. Excessive water intake can be detrimental too. Water helps the body by carrying nutrients as a solvent, regulates the temperature and detoxifies.
Keeping within the limits of food and drink is a good policy like following the middle path, though it need not be a very frugal lifestyle. Indulge yourself during those occasional flings. Eat and drink, dance and sing, but try to observe certain parameters and do not forget values and well being.

Healthy diets
An abundance of vegetables and fruits comprise the essentially healthy diet. It is the primal diet that research recommends to escape from diabetes and heart disease. Meat, Fish and eggs along with nuts and seeds would be best, though many follow more restricted diets. 

A physically active lifestyle
Institutional life like in GIBS does encourage participation and development of literary, cultural and sports skills. Take every opportunity to get out in the field or arena, stage or ring, and appear in the limelight. Passive social media participation by clicking on computer buttons or watching excessive television has a negative impact. Gaining weight and becoming obese is a severe problem in much of the developed world.

Hitting the gym may not really be compulsory as long as you Walk and run on a regular basis. Swimming and bicycling are also very effective exercises and ensure that you remain physically fit to take on challenging assignments. Corporate life would not be an easy nut to crack amidst all the high tension pressures and terrible competition.

For those who are getting very worried about stress levels with numerous responsibilities to handle as depicted over the media, the answer is meditation.  The yoga-meditation combination would be very effective indeed to take care of the body and the mind. Practiced from a young age, mindfulness would ensure a peaceful mind and restful sleep with new thoughts and ideas emerging as a result of the practice.

The importance of compassion and charity
Though it might sometimes appear that diet and exercise are everything for a healthy life, concern for others, respect for the elderly and appreciation of art and culture are a part of that fulfilling life.  A student life with all the happy dreams is only halfway to that accomplishment that waits with a lifetime of duty and giving back to the family and institutions that promoted your success.
Labor on in the quest for success with eminent institutions like GIBS lighting up the way with researched educational methods and participatory learning. GIBS alumni work in corporates across India and abroad, starting with Bangalore as a great concentration of mega companies.  The original builder of corporate identities was the silicon capital of India that has launched many successful careers through campus placements after successful internships.

Half the ideal diet should be carbohydrate rich with foods consumed like rice and cereals, pasta and potatoes. Wholegrain bread increases fiber in the diet.  Avoid saturated and trans fats, and consume vegetable oils. Avoid frying and rather steam, bake or boil foods.  A little care and life would be wholesome and worth living.

World Heritage Day and the GIBS value systems

Reverence for the past and for history that extends to the present that evolved from the past is the true spirit of the World Heritage Day celebrated on April 18 each year. Like wine, the value of heritage sites increase with time. It is a stupendous task to maintain all those ancient structures lost in time and space, while populations hungrily devour all available land and cut down forests to make way for constructions. The historical sites and monuments must remain intact. And so it shall remain until the end of time, because traditions make up our lives and values. Existence would have been meaningless without the noble traditions that are often associated with buildings and books, rites and documents. 
Institutions have their histories too, just like residences and some of them are hundreds of years old, if not older. Many of us do not trust histories and it is true that parts of history have been constructed in the absence of strong evidence. Like fighting crime cases in courts, evidence is required and that is not always available to back up historical claims.

Global Institute of Business Studies on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore is a young institution in comparison, but shows immense promise already.  Among the top business schools in Bangalore and awarded at the national and international level, GIBS plans to branch out in the near future.  In that case, many more students would benefit with the dynamic training, internships and placements that the institute so successfully offers each year.

A realization of the heritage around us
You don’t really have to go on a big budget tour around India or abroad to discover heritage sites! The many forms of the media in the present day are successful in capturing the spirit of the occasion and bringing home the fact that the past lives on and on. Whatever subject you study and research has a past, like even in the field of business that is fundamental to existence. Not only do the corporate conduct business across the continents, but each home has to undertake commerce on a daily basis to satisfy basic needs. Money management and the procurement of raw materials and manpower apply to the basic survival needs.

Delving into the past of Bangalore is fascinating enough, even within the core city limits. The forts and palaces, the public parks and market places extend back many hundreds of years and more and speak of a different lifestyle, certainly more peaceful than our own present times, though deprived of technology and many comforts and conveniences that science has ushered in. 

Start with your own home and family history! Discover afresh your village, town or city. Research the past, particularly the subject that you have chosen for a probable career, that may occupy your entire life. The television and the internet contain an infinite quantity of study materials. Take a tour to nearby places of historical or mythological interest. Compare with the stories told in different countries.
Discover the interconnection between subject areas
Many heritage sites are associated with some religion or the other. Monuments to the great personalities of the past would be connected with religion too. Not everybody believes literally in religion, though rituals are observed from a tender age within the family walls. Take a broad approach and try to understand some of the great social and political movements and how they happened. How did humanity develop from the dark to the middle ages and then to the present? The answerers are found in the heritage.

Youngsters and heritage
It is particularly at a young and difficult age of stresses and competition that the balm of heritage is required. Unless there is something to believe in, life would be a story of anarchy. It is the faith in heritage that becomes the building blocks for a charmed existence. Though the youth is so much attracted by western advanced lifestyles and better living conditions and huge incomes, is anything permanent?  

The spiritual path has many rewards
After discovering Bangalore, spread across the state of Karnataka, at least to the nearby places.  GIBS students come from many states in India and many countries abroad. They would all find interest if it is a researched tour with guides explaining things. Hampi and Bidar, Bylakuppe and Badami are some of those venues nearby.
On a national level, Taj Mahal, Ajanta and Ellora caves in the north and west, Mahabalipuram in the south and Kaziranga National Park in the east would provide fascinating adventures.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The GIBS many layered system for student Performance Evaluation

Global Institute of Business Studies on the outskirts of Bangalore in Karnataka has been hitting the headlines in recent years. An effective system of learning and evaluation, internships and placements has brought immense recognition to the comparatively young institution. GIBS is certainly among the top business schools in the state and the country, and now aims for international horizons.  The courses taught include the postgraduate courses MBA and PGDM. The undergraduate courses comprise the BBA and BCOM.

 Approaches to study and scholarship, evaluation and performances have changed rapidly during the last few decades. Research and indeed common sense reveal that reading books alone do not suffice to build up a dynamic intellectual ability. Yet, even today the belief naturally persists that the greater number of books read, the higher is the knowledge, and that may be true in certain senses.
The electronic media have introduced us to several kinds of packaging information, unlike in the past when only books existed. Films and videos are certainly more interesting methods of knowing things and research reveals that memories are sharper and understanding is greater through such experiences. It is the media that have profoundly changed human life and thinking, study and work.

If study involved books alone, only the mind and brain would benefit, though that is important enough. Yet, in the real world of work, personalities and work skills matter so much. Soft skills are recognized as instrumental like the leadership, teamwork and communication abilities. Language proficiency perhaps in a foreign language too in addition to English would improve the chances at an international level.

Student involvement and interactive sessions are the answer even in the classroom rather than the traditional one way traffic with the students sleeping through teaching sessions with nothing to do but passively absorb the golden words of the teacher.  Activities based on the smart board with clips, the internet, audio and video interludes would break up the monotony and provide novel teaching experiences to keep the students on their toes. Excitement at learning new topics like an adventure would continue during the entire few semesters.

Sports, cultural and literary activities

While physical fitness would apply to every boy and girl, interests differ and the cultural and the literary mean different things to different students. While students cannot be compelled into anything, their aptitudes and interests decide the nature and extent of participation. While some would sing and dance, others would run and play.

Clubs and committees

A large variety of meaningful organizational and exploratory activities that work like practical applications of lessons taught attract many students.  Organizing programs, including the physical infrastructure, arranging for guests and invitees, food and seating, require a lot of work, zeal, patience and dedication, qualities needed for professional success too.

Assignments and project reports

It is a challenging task to succeed at the new generation college career! The students are kept perennially busy with a range of assignments and projects that often turn out to be too difficult to handle. Time is the most crucial factor besides the availability of study materials. The library and the internet provide ample inspiration by way of stimulating research materials. Guidance from the faculty and the seniors add to the preparation of sometimes excessively complex assignments and project reports.

Projects are often based on internships, study tours or learning events held in the campus or elsewhere. Bangalore offers an infinitely huge canvas to indulge the imagination and the ideas, dreams and vanities. In terms of industry connections, mega businesses crowd around the city and provide many channels to seek excellent apprenticeships and placements.

Presentations and Case Studies

After the comparatively passive learning experiences in classrooms like chicks in the nest that are learning to fly, independent presentations of researches before the students and the experts are proof of lessons learned successfully. Well prepared and successfully executed presentations are crucial in the knowledge building and personality expression besides the skills of facing an audience and speaking well. The expert handling of digital resources like the screen and the software in the computer would also be put to the test.

The case study approach to learning has attracted a lot of attention in universities around the world. Taking the examples of real events that happened in the corporate world, whether it is mergers or emergencies, trade wars or human resource problems, the situations are presented and possible solutions discussed and found.

Tests and Examinations

While testing is crucial as it has always been to find out in formal conditions what has been learned, the methods have changed. Unlike the pen and paper of the past, digital methods require additional computer skills. That is the way of the present and shows the way to the future.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The sensational job-oriented business of education at GIBS, Bangalore

Global Institute of Business Studies has achieved a distinctive status among business schools in Karnataka state and across the country. GIBS remind that age is no factor when it comes to successful institutions. The new world of the 21st century has witnessed many successful startups and several in Bangalore that came up with extraordinary new ideas and vibrant approaches.  Yet, can the long drawn out process of education be compared to fast food or transport where some of the internet app-based businesses are doing so well?

Besides the MBA that has become the hallmark for business education worldwide and is considered a certain passport for professional success, other courses are available too. PGDM, BBA and BCom would all launch business careers with the right internships and placements.

The changing face of education is clear at all levels, starting from the early stages of school right up to the professional tertiary education. Though literacy is a much desired commodity worldwide, education without a meaningful source of job income becomes quite irrelevant for the masses, especially now that populations are burgeoning and the planet is suffering. One wonders what the 1.2 billion Indian population was like in 1950. Consider the subjects taught in higher education and the many new areas of study like media and information technology indicate how the world is changing. Business too was introduced rather recently during the last few decades and nowadays too many institutes teach business management.

How has education changed?

The traditional approach to study that has endured for hundreds, thousands of years based on bookish contemplative study is now changing and becoming more activity-based and dynamic too. Research proves that the use of images and videos, group action, participation and interactivity in the teaching-learning process are far more effective to promote authentic learning. A very important cause of change is the digital media that provides ample opportunity for involvement and it is never a dull moment whether in study or in jobs.

Classrooms with their smartboards and audio-visual experiences with the whole world accessible through the internet have become the new focus of study. Students actively participate in the educational processes rather than being mute spectators like in the past. Role play, games, peer cooperation, field visits and internships are some experiences that are constantly ongoing and provide a brand new focus where intellectual, physical and spiritual development happens simultaneously.
Yet, the common idea of study and knowledge originating in books still holds. In spite of the vast spread of the electronic media, book publishing and research journals are only increasing in numbers, though we still talk of the reading culture at an ebb. While it is possible to communicate lessons in pen drives and videos, it is the hard copy that seems more convincing rather then the airy, dreamy software-based media that is now everywhere.

The corporate ambience at GIBS

A visit to the green 4.5-acre campus replete with the best educational infrastructure at Bannerghatta on the outskirts of Bangalore is thoroughly convincing. One would expect a business school to be very well-organized in all it dealings. And so it is out there in a campus that has already built hundreds of careers. It is a world away from the hustle and hustle of the big city and far removed from the ambience of the home. A hostel environment is particularly suited for intensive study where the mind can concentrate fully on the subjects and activities. The rising sun each day is a signal for new learning and activities, field visits perhaps or committee activities, functions, guest speakers, besides the usual give and take in classrooms.

Affiliated to Bangalore University and managed by Goyal Educational Trust, the business-like approach to education is visible in all the aspects. Whether you consider brand management, advertising, marketing, media, raw materials, products and services, finance and management, publicity and international relations, they would all apply in some form or the other to GIBS that goes from one success to the other.

Market research, public relations and brand management

GIBS provides capable business managers to a wide range of big businesses, many of whom have set up branches, research centers and outlets in Bangalore. In terms of business efficiency like in the areas of market research, public relations and brand management, among many others, GIBS practices the same skills that they teach the students for future applications. Systematic operations as an educational unit that is closely focused on actual industry needs provides the right approach for the students who can hope for the best job opportunities at the end of the course and success as they pursue the careers.

In a materialistic world that worships monetary values above everything else, the business lesson needs to be applied to all endeavors for the sake of efficiency and reliability. Whether it is a wayside shop or a showroom in the mall, the similar requirements of finance, materials and workers apply, whether dealing in products or services. A house too is somewhat similar from several points of view. Experience and expertise, management of money, workers and materials would apply to the great majority of entities across the world. 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

World Education Summit 2018 honors GIBS excellence

Living in a world that is constantly throbbing with mega businesses, it is inevitable that educational courses are mass producing MBAs, BBAs and BComs.  The increase of communication facilities worldwide through the internet has created multinational corporations that function in epic dimensions, giving rise to the expression ‘trade wars.’ Can you imagine that India produces perhaps 75,000 or more MBAs annually? Starting in America in the late 1800s, business education is now a global phenomenon. China, India, Japan and Australia are some of the global destinations sought for business education.  India offers some of the best facilities affordably, and neighboring countries send large numbers of students to reap the benefits of Indian business education.

The importance of recognition

Accreditations and affiliations, awards and honorable mentions, commendations and media coverage keep the flags of institutions flying high. Worldwide Achievers honored Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore on 27 March 2018 at The Lalit Hotel New Delhi at the World Education Summit and Awards 2018. The Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore award presented by Sharmila Tagore to GIBS was certainly an accolade well-deserved. The faculty and the students equally share in the salutation on an international platform. Ritesh Goyal, GIBS Chairman, being a panelist reinforced the faith in a dynamic institution that is going from success to success in its task of grooming business managers for professional excellence.

A stimulating conference on burning educational issues

A lot happened that day when the leading lights of education and industry got together to debate a variety of issues. The topics at the conference provoked plenty of wide ranging ideas, and a summing up of the present day scenario and the changes that could be wrought to improve the state of things. "Vision and Strategies for Higher Education Institute" and "Evolving Educational Pedagogy" were some areas of discussion. Others were "Grading system in Primary and Secondary Education" and "India as the global choice of destination for Affordable Higher Education." 

The changing face of education in India

Not forgetting that the boys and girls at GIBS who now dream of international business careers started off as innocent school students, a new approach to study now prevails. Everywhere, it is nowadays an exposure to the forces of the media. Working in the shadow of the all-encompassing media has its pros and cons. Though nothing can be secret and private any more, it is good to be in the limelight amidst competition that would increase performance. International exposure is being gained after all through the power of the internet.

An active participation through interaction in the daily educational process is quickly becoming the norm because that is how real understanding is achieved rather than being confined to books and burning the midnight oil. It is true that the understanding of complex concepts would require bookish study too in addition to practical work, but putting minds together in group work has been proved by research to be very effective.

How has GIBS succeeded so well and so soon?

Among the advantages that GIBS enjoys is the focus upon a single subject of business management, though several graduate and postgraduate courses are conducted here. In addition to the revered MBA are the PGDM, BBA and BCom. Further, the institution has no branches yet and so all the attention is given to the happenings in this institution.

A sustained Placement Committee is hard at work building up industry contacts and facilitating internships and appointments with some of the hottest companies. The immediate surroundings of Bangalore that has now achieved the status of a global city is an immense advantage with a galaxy of major international companies in abundance. The GIBS authorities do not have to travel far to find companies that regularly recruit their alumni.

Contacts and affiliations abroad

Now that the consciousness of challenging and lucrative careers abroad has entered the psyche of Indian students, they seek international exposure! Foreign faculty members and affiliations with institutions abroad provide that much needed awareness of things and cultures overseas at GIBS. That is probably the environment in which a majority of the graduates and postgraduates would work in the future. It is best that they are exposed to such a cosmopolitan culture early.

A timely reminder of excellence

It is a world without guarantees and warranties that we live in. Lucky students who study in reputable institutions like GIBS succeed so well in rising professionally as if their entire lives were decided in school and college courses. It does seem to be that way with a rehearsal of life skills in educational settings. Though GIBS has built up an impressive set of awards and placement records in the past, the Worldwide Achievers award as the Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore does boost the credibility of the institution on an international setting. The boys and girls have an additional reason to smile and work positively towards the ardent goals of serving the family, community and the nation as high powered business managers of the future.

GIBS business degrees promote elevated professional horizons

Managed by Goyal Educational Trust, GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES in Bannerghata, Bangalore, delivers excellent professional preparation. Are we right in thinking that higher education should promote work performances? In the contemporary thinking when materialism has reached such a high pitch, the energetic and dynamic girls and boys are impatient to occupy plush postings with the leading multinational companies. In the new tech-savvy India of the present, the internet and the software have brought distant countries within touching distance. Getting jobs around the world in America and Europe has become so much easier with adverts and interviews facilitated online.

Motivation inspired by faculty and infrastructure

Students are really raw materials like clay that needs to be molded into different shapes. Unlike many universities and institutions in Bangalore that abounds in educational facilities, GIBS specializes in business studies alone. That single subject may reduce the appeal as compared to the other colleges but we live in an age of specialization. Having developed links with several institutes abroad and attracted foreign faculty and students, GIBS is well on the way to diversification. The dream of reaching an international pedestal and setting up branches across India may soon become a pulsating reality for GIBS.

Whether class 12 passed students who intend to study for a BBA or BCom, or graduates who wish to take up MBA or PGDM, the girls and boys are comparatively inexperienced. They often possess book knowledge and nothing beyond that. The MBA and PGDM aspirants come from various backgrounds of arts, science and commerce, and everybody believes that a MBA is a passport to success! Hopefully, aptitudes and skills match what business needs.

Admission is often a tedious process and entry into a reputable institution like GIBS is often the indicator of professional success. It is taken for granted that internships and placements would all happen successfully in good time. Yet, from the student side, superhuman effort is required to carry out all the faculty instructions and keep up to date with course requirements. It is an action-packed 2, 4 or 6 semesters of study that will hopefully witness a happy ending.

The faculty along with the administration does play parental roles and counseling sessions besides the classroom encounters make sure that the students feel at home. Hostel facilities require adjustments, particularly by those who had stayed within the sheltered family fold earlier. After the initial hesitation, hostels do teach invaluable lessons in diligence and punctuality, team effort and independence. Everybody should get a taste of hostel life at some point in their lives.

If you have an understanding of the educational process, the professional foundation is laid during the course. Shall we call it the packaging of all the personality and communication skills, the initiative and the drive, information and data etc? Computer skills, awareness of the media and industry, soft skills and a certain work ethic are imbibed and practiced during the college stay.

When the date finally arrives to leave the institution, it is as if a colorful butterfly has emerged at last. Certain official procedures remain like certifications and formalities like the convocation that bring an air of accomplishment. Yet, in the midst of all those parties, awards and celebrations, an unspoken tension is felt in the air regarding professional success.

It is only halfway through yet in the process of settling down to a professionally rewarding lifestyle. Lucky placements in plum positions are very common and those blessed students have much to look forward to. Many remain in average positions; however, a beginning has been made.  If you consider the huge number of business graduates and postgraduates who pass out from Indian colleges each year, it is a mindboggling figure. One really wonders how many really succeed professionally. A large majority remain unsatisfied all their lives in average jobs with low incomes.

GIBS enjoys an ideal location in the most happening city

Along with the positive factors associated with GIBS, the international IT center of Bangalore brings rich rewards. Many institutions and universities of repute across the world are located outside the hectic cities in order to promote a quiet environment for sustained study.  The location combines the best of both worlds in a 4.5 acre green campus complete with the all the required facilities in an educational infrastructure that caters to world standards. Take a tour of the campus to be satisfied that GIBS really means business and practices what it preaches.

Karnataka State inspires as much as the Bangalore ethos goes from strength to strength. While the urban life evolves with the metro and the paraphernalia of health and education development activities, MNCs are making merry with more and more branches, research centers and assembly plants. The business circle of GIBS is complete.