Sunday, 22 April 2018

A healthy life for the young boys and girls at GIBS!

WORLD HEALTH DAY on 7th April is yet another reminder of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles that include certain do’s and don’ts.  Regular eating and sleep timings are crucial in order to maintain a certain rhythm to existence. Avoidance of substance abuse like tobacco and alcohol from an early age would ensure that the various weaknesses and diseases do not result from such destructive habits. How can we ignore the grim warnings on every packet and bottle?
Being a part of the Global Institute of Business Studies in the green campus at Bannerghatta, Bangalore is a well orchestrated lifestyle with a planned diet and regular study and hostel timings. Those crucial few semesters play such an important role in laying the foundation for a lifetime of work and service, family and national values. Though the MBAs and PGDMs, BBAs and BComs may serve in corporate around the world, the alumni can never forget the nest where they first grew their wings.

Summer sunshine!
Right in the heat of a fierce summer, let us remind ourselves that exposure to the sun is essential as part of the healthy lifestyle! Get your Vitamin D. Some countries in the bitterly cold regions in Europe have little exposure to the sun.

Drink enough water in this season, particularly, and remain well hydrated but do not overdo it. Doctors usually advise eight glasses each day. Excessive water intake can be detrimental too. Water helps the body by carrying nutrients as a solvent, regulates the temperature and detoxifies.
Keeping within the limits of food and drink is a good policy like following the middle path, though it need not be a very frugal lifestyle. Indulge yourself during those occasional flings. Eat and drink, dance and sing, but try to observe certain parameters and do not forget values and well being.

Healthy diets
An abundance of vegetables and fruits comprise the essentially healthy diet. It is the primal diet that research recommends to escape from diabetes and heart disease. Meat, Fish and eggs along with nuts and seeds would be best, though many follow more restricted diets. 

A physically active lifestyle
Institutional life like in GIBS does encourage participation and development of literary, cultural and sports skills. Take every opportunity to get out in the field or arena, stage or ring, and appear in the limelight. Passive social media participation by clicking on computer buttons or watching excessive television has a negative impact. Gaining weight and becoming obese is a severe problem in much of the developed world.

Hitting the gym may not really be compulsory as long as you Walk and run on a regular basis. Swimming and bicycling are also very effective exercises and ensure that you remain physically fit to take on challenging assignments. Corporate life would not be an easy nut to crack amidst all the high tension pressures and terrible competition.

For those who are getting very worried about stress levels with numerous responsibilities to handle as depicted over the media, the answer is meditation.  The yoga-meditation combination would be very effective indeed to take care of the body and the mind. Practiced from a young age, mindfulness would ensure a peaceful mind and restful sleep with new thoughts and ideas emerging as a result of the practice.

The importance of compassion and charity
Though it might sometimes appear that diet and exercise are everything for a healthy life, concern for others, respect for the elderly and appreciation of art and culture are a part of that fulfilling life.  A student life with all the happy dreams is only halfway to that accomplishment that waits with a lifetime of duty and giving back to the family and institutions that promoted your success.
Labor on in the quest for success with eminent institutions like GIBS lighting up the way with researched educational methods and participatory learning. GIBS alumni work in corporates across India and abroad, starting with Bangalore as a great concentration of mega companies.  The original builder of corporate identities was the silicon capital of India that has launched many successful careers through campus placements after successful internships.

Half the ideal diet should be carbohydrate rich with foods consumed like rice and cereals, pasta and potatoes. Wholegrain bread increases fiber in the diet.  Avoid saturated and trans fats, and consume vegetable oils. Avoid frying and rather steam, bake or boil foods.  A little care and life would be wholesome and worth living.

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