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GIBS students get rare glimpses of Organizational Behavior

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Sessions that are held at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore do provide many valuable insights. Learning together and interacting around a topic with a focus on activities and participation is nowadays the worldwide trend in education. Research indicates that information is quickly forgotten if it is merely read in a book while action imprints the matter in the brain and is easily recalled. A picture does tell a thousand words after all and especially in the image and video filled media of this day.

Effective and dynamic teaching and learning at GIBS extends to both the postgraduate courses MBA and PGDM. The two graduate courses BBA and BCom also practice the same philosophy.
Mr. Kiran Koppadda conducted the SME session on Organizational Behavior. If there is anything that unites the human race on a universal level, it is the organizations to which the people belong. Though working groups are primarily meant by the term, we should be including the family unit too, since the modern family contains all the qualities found in offices. Most homes nowadays include at least an office corner with a desk, computer and printing machine connected with the internet that facilitates a range of tasks.

A complex field of study

For the boys and girls, the session was the first step of a long journey. It is a subject that keeps you thinking deep. While we see organizations everywhere and many clad in uniforms in a metropolis like Bengaluru, we sometimes fail to understand the mystery behind their work and bonding, cooperation and conflicts. The Human Resources department, of course, would have a better understanding.

Yet, HR is not all. Digital communication has done much to improve the status and effectiveness of HR in recent times, but more needs to be done in terms of apps and software for improved performance. Sociology would help understand how people bond in groups and what guides relationships. Psychology would help understand the mental factors at work and how to relieve stress at the workplace. Management is central with offices that contain five workers and mega businesses that employ thousands of workers! Management unites them all.

Everybody has images of happy and productive workplaces imprinted in the mind with imagery derived from real life experiences, film and television. Are they as happy and successful, productive and meaningful as they appear? What is it that keeps them going? Research would be needed to delve deeper.

GIBS would be an excellent example

It is better to start the research with the home! In terms of organizations and how individuals and groups interact, GIBS could become an early learning point.  Though the institute is primarily made up of students who are busy building a lifetime professional foundation, it is an organized set up with professional faculty besides the administrative staff. Group behavior and individuals are at work all day. The campus is active 24 hours as a residential facility.

Efficiency, science and management

Maximum efficiency is indirectly related to higher profits and that is primarily the purpose of a business with ethical values in mind. Leadership and job satisfaction, payments and working conditions, reputations and standards are some aspects of the enterprise. Human research has carried out intensive observations to record how human behavior changes and adapts according to influences and observation, conditions and machinery, uniforms etc.

Academic studies could investigate many of the associated aspects relating to several study areas to gain a better understanding of men and women at work. The history of the human record of work and achievement is truly inspiring, whether it was inventions or constructions, the digital and electronic and medical worlds, to name a few salient areas. Now that science, industry and technology have increased human productivity enormously, it is time to proceed at a faster pace towards the land of our dreams.

The GIBS students have excellent chances of practicing the same human organizational behavior principles to their advantage in future when they join internships and placements. 

Study of theories

Understanding individuals and group behavior is a tricky task, guided by a large number of theories and applications. Leadership and cooperation, emotional intelligence and personality, goal setting, motivation and needs are some pertinent areas of study.

Gestalt Principles refer to perception. Attitudes and Behavior refer to Reinforcement and Social Cognitive Theory, among others. Theories of Motivation are very important too and refer to Herzberg and Maslow, among several others.

Let us remind ourselves of the need to cooperate, just as millions of organizations are doing around the world at this moment. It is only by cooperating in groups that social and national prosperity can be achieved. After professional success is accomplished, it will be time to give back to the society that nurtured you.

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