Sunday, 8 April 2018

GIBS business degrees promote elevated professional horizons

Managed by Goyal Educational Trust, GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES in Bannerghata, Bangalore, delivers excellent professional preparation. Are we right in thinking that higher education should promote work performances? In the contemporary thinking when materialism has reached such a high pitch, the energetic and dynamic girls and boys are impatient to occupy plush postings with the leading multinational companies. In the new tech-savvy India of the present, the internet and the software have brought distant countries within touching distance. Getting jobs around the world in America and Europe has become so much easier with adverts and interviews facilitated online.

Motivation inspired by faculty and infrastructure

Students are really raw materials like clay that needs to be molded into different shapes. Unlike many universities and institutions in Bangalore that abounds in educational facilities, GIBS specializes in business studies alone. That single subject may reduce the appeal as compared to the other colleges but we live in an age of specialization. Having developed links with several institutes abroad and attracted foreign faculty and students, GIBS is well on the way to diversification. The dream of reaching an international pedestal and setting up branches across India may soon become a pulsating reality for GIBS.

Whether class 12 passed students who intend to study for a BBA or BCom, or graduates who wish to take up MBA or PGDM, the girls and boys are comparatively inexperienced. They often possess book knowledge and nothing beyond that. The MBA and PGDM aspirants come from various backgrounds of arts, science and commerce, and everybody believes that a MBA is a passport to success! Hopefully, aptitudes and skills match what business needs.

Admission is often a tedious process and entry into a reputable institution like GIBS is often the indicator of professional success. It is taken for granted that internships and placements would all happen successfully in good time. Yet, from the student side, superhuman effort is required to carry out all the faculty instructions and keep up to date with course requirements. It is an action-packed 2, 4 or 6 semesters of study that will hopefully witness a happy ending.

The faculty along with the administration does play parental roles and counseling sessions besides the classroom encounters make sure that the students feel at home. Hostel facilities require adjustments, particularly by those who had stayed within the sheltered family fold earlier. After the initial hesitation, hostels do teach invaluable lessons in diligence and punctuality, team effort and independence. Everybody should get a taste of hostel life at some point in their lives.

If you have an understanding of the educational process, the professional foundation is laid during the course. Shall we call it the packaging of all the personality and communication skills, the initiative and the drive, information and data etc? Computer skills, awareness of the media and industry, soft skills and a certain work ethic are imbibed and practiced during the college stay.

When the date finally arrives to leave the institution, it is as if a colorful butterfly has emerged at last. Certain official procedures remain like certifications and formalities like the convocation that bring an air of accomplishment. Yet, in the midst of all those parties, awards and celebrations, an unspoken tension is felt in the air regarding professional success.

It is only halfway through yet in the process of settling down to a professionally rewarding lifestyle. Lucky placements in plum positions are very common and those blessed students have much to look forward to. Many remain in average positions; however, a beginning has been made.  If you consider the huge number of business graduates and postgraduates who pass out from Indian colleges each year, it is a mindboggling figure. One really wonders how many really succeed professionally. A large majority remain unsatisfied all their lives in average jobs with low incomes.

GIBS enjoys an ideal location in the most happening city

Along with the positive factors associated with GIBS, the international IT center of Bangalore brings rich rewards. Many institutions and universities of repute across the world are located outside the hectic cities in order to promote a quiet environment for sustained study.  The location combines the best of both worlds in a 4.5 acre green campus complete with the all the required facilities in an educational infrastructure that caters to world standards. Take a tour of the campus to be satisfied that GIBS really means business and practices what it preaches.

Karnataka State inspires as much as the Bangalore ethos goes from strength to strength. While the urban life evolves with the metro and the paraphernalia of health and education development activities, MNCs are making merry with more and more branches, research centers and assembly plants. The business circle of GIBS is complete.

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