Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mr. Paul Susheel’s magic touch at GIBS!

As the Head of their Innovation Center, the name is familiar to the staff and students of Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. An international life coach,  Mr. Paul Susheel conducted a workshop with the GIBS students in April 2018. The occasions are fun-filled and activity based. It is  a neutral environment where the boys and girls forget all their usual complexities of studies and professional worries. It is a time to let the hair down and have a fling, innovate and experiment with ideas, purposes and meanings in the game called life. The playway method of learning and realizing lessons has become popular worldwide, though it does not initially look like a lesson.
As a very young trainer of international stature who has crossed a thousand training assignments already, he works in the following areas:
  • ·         Leadership, personality and soft skills training
  • ·         Motivational programs
  • ·         Corporate training and consulting
  • ·         Positive parenting

The training workshops are meant for both the teacher and taught. It would be practical to train teachers first, who would then pass on the lessons to hundreds and thousands of students. ‘Train the trainer’ has a lot of validity. Considering that a vast number of institutes dealing with tender minds exist within a single country like India, it is clear how important such workshops can be. It has long been realized that the complexities of the modern world cannot be learned effectively from books and classroom lectures alone. Students have to participate in a range of activities and that has been done since long in the realm of sports, literary and cultural activities.

In keeping with modern research, motivational activities, personality building, soft skills training and teamwork building are some lessons imparted through a range of friendly activities. Unless such activities are interesting, student participation will be difficult to obtain. That is where the experience and expertise, the personality and skills of the trainer are apparent. Mr. Paul Susheel succeeds in building instant rapport with students who immediately recognize the authenticity of the procedures and render full cooperation.

An amazingly successful career!
A celebrity figure with an immense following. It is true that the days of social media have transformed many into a celebrity status overnight. Whether such fame is legitimate is difficult to decide. Gimmicks like art and software, Photoshop and fake information can build up reputations. In the case of this remarkable trainer, it is certain that he is genuine and authentic. He feels concerned about careers and personalities in a world full of complexities where competition is severe and the best people succeed.

Rather than being gifted by birth or being born in a privileged family environment, it is clear that education, training and learning experiences create winning personalities. The one who knows more usually succeeds in reaching higher, and being alive to the realities of the situation is essential. No textbook world, this.

Being innovative and creative are high on the agenda for personal success, instead of slavishly following accepted systems. It is such skills and abilities that are different from the beaten track that get a boost in those thought provoking workshops.

A media success

The all-powerful media of today that has reached every nook and cranny decides success. Dr. Paul Susheel is a part of that media that has taken him all over the country and abroad too. He uses the media to great effect and the impact upon the participants prove that he succeeds thoroughly in his goals of personal development and sincere motivation. The sky is not so highly after all, if you really decide to succeed.

Many workshops are aimed at institutes where faculty development programs are conducted. Campus training programs and corporate programs take him to a range of companies where the employees require his timely help to develop skills and abilities. The truth is that additional lessons are required at regular intervals to motivate and upgrade employees. 

Positive parenting and family enrichment

Long before children go to institutes or workers reach companies, they have experienced home and family life where the initial foundation is laid. Unless parenting is done meaningfully and a satisfactory family life is lived, the foundation of society would collapse. Motivation is required at every step and luckily such talented trainers are available to see parents through the tough years.
Thailand and Sri Lanka, Nepal and Malaysia are some international destinations that have already witnessed Mr. Paul’s programs. He has a long way to go yet and many more would benefit from the unique blessings of the workshops.

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