Sunday, 8 April 2018

World Education Summit 2018 honors GIBS excellence

Living in a world that is constantly throbbing with mega businesses, it is inevitable that educational courses are mass producing MBAs, BBAs and BComs.  The increase of communication facilities worldwide through the internet has created multinational corporations that function in epic dimensions, giving rise to the expression ‘trade wars.’ Can you imagine that India produces perhaps 75,000 or more MBAs annually? Starting in America in the late 1800s, business education is now a global phenomenon. China, India, Japan and Australia are some of the global destinations sought for business education.  India offers some of the best facilities affordably, and neighboring countries send large numbers of students to reap the benefits of Indian business education.

The importance of recognition

Accreditations and affiliations, awards and honorable mentions, commendations and media coverage keep the flags of institutions flying high. Worldwide Achievers honored Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore on 27 March 2018 at The Lalit Hotel New Delhi at the World Education Summit and Awards 2018. The Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore award presented by Sharmila Tagore to GIBS was certainly an accolade well-deserved. The faculty and the students equally share in the salutation on an international platform. Ritesh Goyal, GIBS Chairman, being a panelist reinforced the faith in a dynamic institution that is going from success to success in its task of grooming business managers for professional excellence.

A stimulating conference on burning educational issues

A lot happened that day when the leading lights of education and industry got together to debate a variety of issues. The topics at the conference provoked plenty of wide ranging ideas, and a summing up of the present day scenario and the changes that could be wrought to improve the state of things. "Vision and Strategies for Higher Education Institute" and "Evolving Educational Pedagogy" were some areas of discussion. Others were "Grading system in Primary and Secondary Education" and "India as the global choice of destination for Affordable Higher Education." 

The changing face of education in India

Not forgetting that the boys and girls at GIBS who now dream of international business careers started off as innocent school students, a new approach to study now prevails. Everywhere, it is nowadays an exposure to the forces of the media. Working in the shadow of the all-encompassing media has its pros and cons. Though nothing can be secret and private any more, it is good to be in the limelight amidst competition that would increase performance. International exposure is being gained after all through the power of the internet.

An active participation through interaction in the daily educational process is quickly becoming the norm because that is how real understanding is achieved rather than being confined to books and burning the midnight oil. It is true that the understanding of complex concepts would require bookish study too in addition to practical work, but putting minds together in group work has been proved by research to be very effective.

How has GIBS succeeded so well and so soon?

Among the advantages that GIBS enjoys is the focus upon a single subject of business management, though several graduate and postgraduate courses are conducted here. In addition to the revered MBA are the PGDM, BBA and BCom. Further, the institution has no branches yet and so all the attention is given to the happenings in this institution.

A sustained Placement Committee is hard at work building up industry contacts and facilitating internships and appointments with some of the hottest companies. The immediate surroundings of Bangalore that has now achieved the status of a global city is an immense advantage with a galaxy of major international companies in abundance. The GIBS authorities do not have to travel far to find companies that regularly recruit their alumni.

Contacts and affiliations abroad

Now that the consciousness of challenging and lucrative careers abroad has entered the psyche of Indian students, they seek international exposure! Foreign faculty members and affiliations with institutions abroad provide that much needed awareness of things and cultures overseas at GIBS. That is probably the environment in which a majority of the graduates and postgraduates would work in the future. It is best that they are exposed to such a cosmopolitan culture early.

A timely reminder of excellence

It is a world without guarantees and warranties that we live in. Lucky students who study in reputable institutions like GIBS succeed so well in rising professionally as if their entire lives were decided in school and college courses. It does seem to be that way with a rehearsal of life skills in educational settings. Though GIBS has built up an impressive set of awards and placement records in the past, the Worldwide Achievers award as the Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore does boost the credibility of the institution on an international setting. The boys and girls have an additional reason to smile and work positively towards the ardent goals of serving the family, community and the nation as high powered business managers of the future.

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