Friday, 27 May 2016

Industrial exposure and business interaction should a part of MBA learning - a GIBS perspective.

MBA schools today boast of a holistic learning process where student participation and interaction among students is encouraged and also is a necessity. But the question rises that despite following the best teaching practises and imparting the best of education, there is wide gap between the industrial expectations and reality.

It has been seen many times that the real zest is lost in achieving academic excellence but what the industry needs is quite different. Many a time it comes as a surprise that during campus selection it is not the topper but an average student with good logical and analytical skills getting the most lucrative job.

But we are seasoned to believe that academic marks equals the quality of job and money we earn. It must be brought to the notice here that the students have to be exposed to the industrial environment and interaction with the business stalwarts, start-upentrepreneurs and all involved in the market should happen time to time.

Industrial exposure from the initial stages of the curriculum helps in giving the right orientation to the young minds. It so happens that these youngsters are in the illusion that only the subjects taught to them will land them in good jobs. But it is not so true. Many times it so happens that what we study in colleges has nothing to do with the jobs and careers we get into! Hence the right orientation plays an important role. And the best persons to do this are industrial stalwarts themselves.

GIBS, a renowned MBA college in Bangalore has recognized the importance of this and taken the necessary steps to bring down this gap between expectation and reality. The GIBS Business Forum arranges for interaction been the MBA students and industry’s who is who from time to time. The students benefit from such interactions and they get the real exposure of what is required from them. This gives the added advantage setting the right tone from the beginning.
It can be summed up that industrial exposure and business interaction should a part of MBA learning and GIBS has set the ball rolling in this direction.

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