Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The International Nurses Day reminder to GIBS students

The students at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore have a lot to inspire them when the international days are celebrated each year.  Along with the nursing profession, teaching and babysitting are some other professions where you need a lot of tenderness and commitment. Humanitarian tasks to relieve suffering and bring smiles would be filled with merits in spiritual terms. The legacy of Florence Nightingale remains with us, though she was born almost two centuries ago on 12 May 1820. Serving in the Crimean War of the 1850s, she taught lessons to humanity while caring for the wounded soldiers.

The immortal salute to Florence continues on an annual basis after the International Council of Nurses started the custom in 1974, a thoroughly well deserved recognition for a life well spent. In her footsteps walk the hundreds and thousands of nurses who make up the core of the healthcare profession. Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes would be lost without the sincere duties of the nurses. No robot could replace the nurse with the feelings and sentiments towards the sick and the suffering. It is truly a life dedicated to relieving sorrow and suffering and may be compared to the life of the nun who has withdrawn from life to remain in the shadow of god.

Florence achieved more after the Crimean War.  She was stationed at the Barrack Hospital in Scutari and reformed the nursing and healthcare services. In 1860, she opened the Nightingale School of Nursing at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Consider the themes of the two years, 2017 and 2018. ‘Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence’ for 2018 and ‘Nursing: A Voice to Lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ for 2017.
Celebrating the spirit of International Nurses Day

America and Canada celebrate the International Nurses Week that culminates on 12th May. Don’t you think that those hardworking nurses truly deserve to be so honored? A series of community events like seminars and competitions celebrate the grand occasion and the gift of god that are nurses with their soft corner for suffering people. Gifts and flowers express the sentiments very well and healthcare centers do a lot of celebrating in honor of the nursing community.

Family and friends get together and dinners are organized, particularly within the medical fraternity. Nurses being the extended arm of doctors, they must work hand in glove for the success of their mission. As caring as nurses are the doctors themselves too, who have opted like the nurses to relieve human and animal suffering. Like the two hands that must come together to clap or hold, nurses and doctors must work in unison for the success of the great mission.

Hardships of the nursing profession
While many colleges exist to train the nurses, the compulsory night duty makes it difficult for many nurses. Traveling up and down the city streets at night would be dangerous and inconvenient too. It is not always urban centers but also remote hospitals far in the woods or remote villages where nurses may have their duties. Night duties have to be faced almost in every profession and ways and means would have to be found to make it possible. Physically too, night studies are strenuous and it is fine at a young age for nurses.

Men do join the nursing duties too, but the tender care and patience is better delivered by the girls just like the best primary school and Montessori teachers are women. It is the gentle touch of the female that stirs the hearts and souls of the patients just like the toddlers in school and bring healing.  Have you not heard it said that medicine alone is not enough to bring a cure? The healing touch is needed and the nurses deliver that graceful feeling and a few words of encouragement besides feeding the patients with the tablets and the solutions.

Universal healthcare services depend upon nurses

Whether it is a small neighborhood doctor or a grand health facility in the city, nurses form the foundation for healthcare. Perhaps some nurses work without uniforms or college training. Indigenous healthcare too is delivered by those who know the trade like the traditional midwives who possess the training through the family members.

In village societies, while men went to work and fought wars, the women would enter the forest and discover the herbal remedies. As a result, the women learned the art of traditional healing and a fundamental understanding of nursing would be needed for nurses to practice too. Nurses do understand the basics of medicine and the daily experience introduces them to many trade secrets.
The nurses moving silently through the hospital wards in white, blue or pink uniforms are a reminder that god is present and will heal the suffering. May the nurses be blessed and appreciated by the students of Global Institute of Business Studies.

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