Wednesday, 16 May 2018

GIBS and the Mothers Day significance

Too many of those celebrations mark the international calendar each year and many people are tiring of them, because it is reduced to a token, or so it seems. Does it mean that the Mother’s or Father's Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents’ Day significance is restricted to a single day only? What about the remaining days of the year? Taken in the right spirit, the tributes make a lot of sense and carry the meaning of purpose and tradition. Just like national holidays or religious occasions repeated each year, they become ingrained in the mind and gradually unfold the tremendous importance. Other celebrations like the days dedicated to peace or happiness also carry deep importance that everybody silently accepts, inwardly at least.

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore is rich in tradition and believes in the finer aspects of the society in which we live. Since nobody is an island, but is connected by many bridges of history, culture, tradition and beliefs, it is a time for coming together and celebrating the mothers in our midst. It is certain that each student remembers the family and the mother, far away from home perhaps in the hostel. For those who feel lonely and lost, separated by huge distances from home, the GIBS leaders, faculty and other administration members do make them feel at home, playing the role of parents to guide them.

Where would we be without mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents?

Observed across 50 countries, Mothers Day originated in America as far back as 1908, more than a century ago. Can you imagine that? It is a reminder of how much respect is due to mothers who bring us into the world and take care of the child through thick and thin. Imagine the extent of the sacrifices, labor and the turmoil the mother has to undergo to bring up the child. Agreed that mothers are not alone and are aided by fathers too, men primarily fight wars and bring home the bread and butter. Mother attends to the baby and the child with all the tenderness she is capable of, with endless patience and prayers for the little one’s welfare.

The tribute Anna Jarvis made to her mother, Ann Jarvis, resulted in the observance of Mothers Day.  Ann helped the soldiers in the American Civil War and was a peace activist. The memorial service was held at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Let us rededicate ourselves to this noble emotion. For those who have no allegiances in life, here is a universal symbol of the greatness of society. A society that cares for mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings is worth living in.

On this special occasion, let the general public and the authorities undertake to help the lot of mothers with more facilities and goodwill, respect and honor. Mothers ideally should be placed on a pedestal instead of being robbed of honor as is often reported in the media. Representing women and the girl child, women must have due esteem in order to be cherished for what they really are.

A job as busy as any CEO’s

Those who make light of a mother’s role within the home are making a great mistake! Though it might be an unpaid service in money terms, the task of the mother from sunrise to sunset each day deserves a lot of payment. Babysitting, cooking and washing, shopping and supervising the servants would be enough to drive a man crazy. What about the women who manage both the office job and the home with the help of a babysitter or day care center of course?

Gifts for mothers

Though mothers at home are denied the high salaries they should be getting for the many duties performed with labor and sweat, they receive plenty of deserved attention and admiration on this special day. Many are the gifts that will flow towards ‘dear old mummy,’ little tokens, perhaps, but nevertheless laden with meaning and emotion. The toddlers would hardly understand what the fuss is all about.  Understanding will dawn later in life when innocence is gone. Mothers certainly deserve all the gifts we can buy for them.

Reflect for a moment and think of the mothers in the society around you. Think of the mothers who lived in history and inspired so many celebrities. Long before spouses appeared in a person’s life, the most attention came from the mothers who set the pace in life. Those who are now a little lonely with mothers departed to heaven, think again of the great soul who is now no more. Mothers are quite like angels and lead a blessed existence in heaven as they did on earth.

A never-ending labor of love

One long love story for the children is the tale of the mother. Starting with the pains of delivery, it is a continuous struggle and sacrifice for the happiness of the children.

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