Friday, 24 June 2016

What an MBA in HR can do for you - Scope for HR in MBA

Of all those friends and relatives you’ve had, to give you career advice, there would have been at least one person who told you to take up MBA in HR. Though not everyone knows about HR, they surely know that it can set your life. So what exactly is HR about? Here is a brief regarding what exactly HR is, what it is all about and how it could be useful to you in the context of your career.
HR or Human Resource Management, as the name suggests revolves around the humans of an organization. The manual power or human’s duty that leads to the production and development of the company is being managed and utilized and this process or this sort of organization is called the HR.  It involves interviewing employees, recruiting them, analyzing their work, motivating them, help regarding health, safety and welfare.

HR is a very happening course. There has always been demand for HR candidates and always will be. This is because the most basic requirement to run an organization is a team of workers. The production of the organization will, pretty obviously, depend on the quality of the work of the team. Hence, good team means good work. This is the reason HR is considered the backbone of any organization.

Post under graduation or post graduation, one has the option of taking up MBA in various courses like finance, marketing and so on. HR is one of these and is probably the best option. With so many start ups rising and with all the entrepreneurs wanting to make their companies stronger and wanting to raise their bars, they are on a look out for a good team and this is where your HR skills will help you.

So in case you’re in doubt about picking between HR or not, you should just go for it!

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