Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The AA+ tag for the MBA Course in GIBS is yet another deserved reward

Global Institute of Business Management in the high profile global information technology city of Bengaluru has gone places since its inception which was not so long ago. Life and education, business and manufacture, administration and communication have speeded up for sure under the impact of technology and industry. While educational institutions earlier took many decades to be well established,  GIBS did it so soon as a result of dedicated educationists and a systematic dynamic curriculum that borrows the best practices from the world over. Students here from across Indian states and several countries abroad undergo some of the finest educational experiences that drive home the crucial principles and concepts, ideas and practices they will apply in a lifetime of business services.

As can well be imagined, each city and state in India offers a vast choice of business institutions, competing for high paying students and sacrificing quality and integrity for the sake of quick bucks. A few of these large numbers of colleges and universities keep up their sweet promises and the students are lucky indeed, because it is a make or break situation when they join higher education. A good placement after a period of apprenticeship could be compared to the launch pad that sends spacecraft to explore the universe. If it is a good company and the boys and girls possess what it takes, it is a forever upward professional journey with business providing some of the best salaries and fastest promotion rates!

An MBA course graded AA+ in Karnataka state

Across the state, it is big competition with a large number of institutes, colleges and universities offering the same MBA course. It is for a generation now that an MBA has been considered the passport to certain business success with the mega companies. Unfortunately, a large number of students face bitter disappointment when the fragrant dreams come to nothing, simply because the quality of education did not succeed in molding capable business managers who can rise to the occasion and deliver the services well.

Graded AA+ for providing the high value practical and quality academic MBA program in Karnataka, the entire educational infrastructure and particularly the faculty deserve to be complimented. Nothing succeeds like success and GIBS has been proving it time and again. The truth is that individual differences among students apart, there exist just two types of business institutions, those that succeed and those that don’t.

Especially now at the critical juncture of social and economic history when a new world order is being born, it makes no sense to acquire degrees for its own sake. Educational courses should be practical and target the specific needs of the professional life. Gone are the days when mediocrity sufficed to sail through life at a leisurely pace. The extremely charged and competitive life of today amidst the advanced industry and technology require extreme effort and dedication, ability and perception.

An MBA worth studying for

One wishes that all the aspiring business students did earn such a qualifying MBA that would deliver them to successful careers, but it is clear that it is a wistful dream. Admission to the course is complex enough with a bachelor degree in any discipline and particularly commerce or business administration with some working experience. It means that the boys and girls have already studied for a minimum of 15 years besides the working years. Further come the entrance examination and the interview and group discussion.

This marathon run called the MBA brings rich rewards for those who have the patience, skill, confidence and guile to succeed through the four semesters and fulfill all the allotted tasks and assignments. GIBS offers other courses too, like the one year PGDM that is also a postgraduate course. The BBA and BCom courses have six semester duration and is meant for those who have completed class 12.

Start fighting the MBA battle

Now that one more batch commences the MBA course, let it be a determined plunge. One knows very well what lies at the end of that four semester tunnel. Ambitions and dreams are yet to be realized for the boys and girls, but they certainly will. GIBS records of placements over several years indicate that many top companies recruit regularly on the campus. While that professional status may now appear to be light years away when the syllabus is considered, it is the process that comes first and the product comes later.

Like a diamond polishing company, it is the refining process that is at work each day. Business managers are more precious than gems and will serve all lifelong in tourism, healthcare, textiles, manufacture or telecommunications, to mention a few salient fields. It is their skill that will hold the companies together. Nation building is at stake because the society is nothing but a sum of the institutions like a set of pillars that support the country.  GIBS alumni have an immense role to play in the world of tomorrow.

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