Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Character building in the business universe at GIBS

Laying the foundation of character that accompanies the individual forever happens at an early age. The sum total of all the qualities and abilities, skills and applications that the person is capable of being is the best summing up of a human character. In other words, the character is constantly evolving, developing and changing according to the differing circumstances passing through. Come to think of it, we do not exist in an ideal world in a vacuum as some people seem to think. The human, physical and spiritual surroundings matter.

Global Institute of Business Studies at Bannerghatta in Bengaluru molds professionals who are capable of effective business leadership after the initial experiences of apprenticeship and the rigorous training schedule.

The important character traits

While everybody is a child of the environment and designed accordingly, certain aspects like integrity and sincerity, dedication and values, perseverance and commitment are crucial to a good character. These qualities are partly inborn like the genetic code present in families that are passed down the generations. Yet, it is very true as proved by many examples that training and experiences, teachers and colleagues are instrumental in bringing change to a person’s outlook, behavior, beliefs and customs.

Institutional support is crucial

In the present day lifestyle, existence cannot be imagined without the great role played by schools to begin with and later the higher education. Even before the first school came the influence of the parents in the family life. Just like individuals, schools have a culture just like countries and religions have a system of values. Even after education is complete and professional life begins, it is an organization that we become a part of.

Adjustment to people, rules, systems and circumstances can be a very challenging process. The GIBS students who hail from other Indian states outside Karnataka or even from abroad face the adjustment problem initially, perhaps some language issues too. If professional life takes you outside the country to cultures and religions different from your own, the same issues will arise.

Character and resilience

A person of robust character with the heart and mind in the right places knows how to cope. Facing difficult situations not only in the business world,  but also in personal and family life effectively is the hallmark of a strong character. Taking smart decisions, ability to understand problems quickly and analytical thinking to get at the root of the problem are certainly some hallmarks of a determined and dedicated manager.

Leaders and celebrities, sportspersons and reformers[

Models are required to understand an idea and architects for instance first create software models of the awesome building designs that would later touch the sky. Software may lead to hard copy like little wood and cement models to understand esthetic effects like the ones seen at exhibitions. In the immediate family life and in GIBS would be found many examples of sterling character. Success is certainly one of the criteria of a person of character.

Seeking sensations, consider not only the national leaders, but the celebrities in the field of business or entertainment, sport or fashion. No matter what field, it is truly a determined and dedicated approach that can create success. It is true that talents and skills matter, interests and aptitudes do count, but eventually it is character that prevails. Sustained hard work that is necessary to success cannot be the result of chance or luck.

Shortcuts to success do not really exist. Those who wish to get rich overnight end up in the grip of crime or other malpractices. In a world of fakes, cooking up certificates and getting jobs based on fake degrees has no validity. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed and such stories are regularly told in the media. The slow and steady formula for success is best even though it involves time, patience and persistent labor.

Begin the GIBS chapter positively

Life is a story of ups and downs, meetings and departings, good mornings and evenings. Several institutions perhaps have passed through your life and now GIBS would be welcoming the 2018 batch. Every life does not run smoothly and perhaps things have happened that have left unpleasant memories, maybe an academic failure ora  death in the family. Life must go on, no matter what happened.

Start a fresh phase of life at GIBS and make it intensely successful. As compared to the school days, now it is time to make a professional mark and the institution would become the springboard to launch a thriving lifelong career. Concentrate on the course requirements, have a few close friends and earnestly set about the process of acquiring a business degree from a very reputed institution that has excellent placement records. Success is not so far away once you have reached the institution. Play your part well, believe in god and the institution will do the rest.

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