Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Search for the sunshine in the challenging world of GIBS

Optimists look for the sunny side of life and are attracted to the cheerful phenomena that are worth doing. While everybody is aware that life is a series of sunshine events and dark areas, just like day and night, we should be looking out for the bright spots and avoid the shadows. Plants when they grow invariably seek the light that is the source of nourishment and right minded people should be like that. Global Institute of Business Studies in pretty Bangalore inspires the smart boys and girls to not only find business success but also seek the bright surface rather than dive into the dark depths.

Two approaches and lifestyles

Just like movies and stories present two poles that are distinct opposites, one with many virtues called the hero and the character of darkness called the villain, life offers the choice. From an early age, it is clear through characteristics and temperaments that some are fated to belong to the world of goodness all lifelong while others prefer to remain in the shadows. Does it lie in the genetic makeup or is it the circumstances of life that decide which side of the law a person would belong? Or is it possible that one who has chosen the shadow world would be reformed and turn towards the light?

A hundred reasons could be cited for the adoption of good or bad characteristics by persons during upbringing. Maybe a few incidents like ill-treatment or abuse, violence or cheating occurred which compelled the person to veer off the straight path? Exploitation and dishonesty, child labor and injustice could change a person’s ideas and bring about a transformation and an embrace of the dark way of life.

War, terrorism, smuggling and narcotic drugs as businesses

The label ‘business’ is attached to the most terrible occupations on earth! Since money and management of labor or materials or both are involved in almost every undertaking, it may be technically defined as a business. And so business it is for the vilest activities that involve illegal substances and human trafficking and even terrorism and poaching. It is hard to believe that such organizations nowadays use technology so easily and label themselves as corporate bodies to cleverly run businesses through the internet in the dark web.

If the world of easy money is attractive to some, what about the many great characters of history and mythology who earned fame and enlightenment through honest and sincere labor and worked diligently and patiently through the decades. Such service based lives are common even in the neighborhood. The rise of mega businesses that span the globe arose only in recent decades with the spread of industry and technology. Service has been the traditional lifestyle with wealth accumulated through a lifetime, ending in peaceful retirement.

It is the business profession alone that offers chances of quick promotions and fast wealth and fame in the contemporary world. Does that mean that ethics and values are sacrificed on the way to the top?

Corruption, crime and wrong have always existed in some form or the other. Some societies are more corrupt and violent than the others. In an organization, it is hard to tell who is honest and who is not. Money brings power and those who handle money or valuable materials like in procurement would face the temptations of tampering with records to favor themselves. Besides, there is the humanitarian element involved. What would you say about the woman who stole bread to feed her starving children?

Those officials who find themselves in positions of enormous power are similarly in a position where they can make a fortune by being corrupt. Digital technology made the task so much easier. Those who travel a great deal across international markets doing sales duties similarly find many loopholes that may be exploited.

Wants and desires are limited

Just like a person can eat a limited quantity of food, similarly there is a limit to human consumption. We adopt the standards of the society we grew up in and frugal lifestyles are found among many societies. Affluent cultures similarly would have greater targets to be fulfilled in keeping with the environment. 

Sharing as a way of life

In good time, after honest and ethical effort and service, wealth will come just like the apartment and the car, marriage and children. It is true that some would desire fame and celebrity status while others would be content to serve in remote locations, isolated from the mainstream.  While a few are content to remain within the native city or state, most desire to work overseas in rich countries in search of greener pastures. Whatever the lifestyle may be, probably it will be a return to the native place after some years or decades. Giving back to the society that nurtured you and being compassionate towards those who have less would become the hallmark of a life well lived.

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