Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Online and offline security at GIBS

Surrounded by CCTVs on the streets, in the malls and in offices, it is granted for granted that they will do the job of ensuring the safety of humans and materials. In spite of all the developments of technology in policing and forensics, crime does not appear to be diminishing. Consider the daily broadcasting and print reports of a variety of criminal activities not only in vast urban centers, where they should be expected, but also in remoteness. Though we could remain steadfastly elevated above the surroundings like the lotus, we have to ensure our own safety and the welfare of the family, job or business, property and money. How does one do that successfully?

Particularly in megacities like Bangalore, the dangers are certainly increasing. It is hard to believe that rural societies even today do not feel the need to lock up the houses every time they step out to the neighborhood shop! Global Institute of Business Studies is a self contained little township within the compound in a 4.5-acre campus that includes the entire educational infrastructure needed. GIBS certainly has to take good care of the facilities that include not only the buildings and the land, but all the sensitive equipment and teaching materials, both in terms of the physical and the soft intellectual property that exists on the campus.

Online security systems

Awesome is the power of the internet that can be harnessed nowadays not only for study and work, business and games but also guarded by security systems. Everything is within control when you work on the computer with the required software like creating accounts. It is only when you connect to the internet, perhaps with the idea of searching for information regarding the movies showing in the city, that uncertain dangers crop up. In such an online scenario, the computer is exposed to the whole world through the wired connections or maybe wirelessly now that is the norm. Not only can you reach everywhere, but your equipment is accessible through remote control. 

Nothing is going to remain a secret soon in a world that easily copies data and breaks into security systems. Though we have the antivirus and the firewall, hacking does take place and money is looted from accounts, strange though it may sound. The system of passwords does not always work and massive data breaches are regularly reported. Crime syndicates work in groups and fake appointment letters give you mighty jobs with hefty commissions only to realize that some crooks were at work.
How do you protect your interests?

Starting with the basics of personal safety, especially in dangerous city surroundings, some element of self defense is essential. If you feel weak and exposed, that will not do. Whether it is martial arts training, a weapon or pepper spray, some such line of defense is certainly needed to feel energetic and confident. Some common sense steps like avoiding lonely areas and the dark hours out alone would ensure less exposure to the criminal elements. That would apply to both the sexes and all ages, though senior citizens are more vulnerable.

The legal security system

When you examine the security system at an official residence, a factory or defense industry, it seems impressive enough, though border areas are more exposed to security threats. Monitoring is the name of the game and is routinely done through a varied system from several departments like law enforcement that has its control room with branches across the city. On the other hand, the military has its routine patrolling system too, just like the investigation agencies.

Thus, with the several layers of security systems and the entire range of online safety and reporting devices, there is no reason not to feel safe, though emergencies do take place. Can we not say that safety is the norm and dangers are only occasional?

The dark web

The lure of easy money making rather than through sweat and toil remains at the root of crime.  Dealing in illicit drugs, weapons, poached substances and smuggling of gold are some of the activities that bring huge profits in comparison to the interest that banks pay. Terrorism, religious and political issues besides racial differences have divided humanity, and created pockets of influence. Though we fondly talk of a single world family, the truth is quite different with many worlds separated by seas and mountains. Building bridges has not been possible yet, though many treaties and trade relations exist on paper.

Unless there exist peace and security around us, we cannot be happy or productive. An office or a factory, a home or an industry needs to be surrounded by an ocean of understanding and security. We live in troubled times and some countries like America are more prone to violence like in school shootings and troubled race relations. In comparison, India has a noble tradition of peace down the ages. Let us create an oasis of peace that would spread and engulf the whole world.

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