Monday, 26 March 2018

GIBS placements tell success stories of mighty accomplishments

GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES inspires and leads, trains and prepares girls and boys for corporate careers. With business management courses becoming so common in India during the previous decades, we take the BBA or MBA degrees for granted. Yet, will it be enough to read a few books, appear for examinations and be awarded a degree certificate? Not any more, now that lifestyles have changed and the internet has raised the standards. Globalization comes via easy reach through the internet and MNCs swarm all over India like bees. Foreign universities have established campuses in India or have established links with the Indian institutes to collaborate in education. Competition has now grown a million times stronger.

Recent and ongoing GIBS batches perform excellently in placements and in internships
The 2017-19 batch at GIBS is yet in the process of acquiring the finer points of business studies. The process of selections and placements has already commenced and as many as 21 companies are in the process of absorbing the cream of the young talent. They are certainly fated to get very far in that beckoning corporate world where you can reach as high as the stars. Be assured that the best chances of promotions occur in the business field that should be considered the mother of all professions. ICICI Securities, Aditya Birla Group, Glenmark and Spectrum are some better known company names.

The 2015-17 batch completed the course last year and companies are now busy in the process of assimilating the bright young girls and boys into the workforce! Of the 57 companies that are taking in the GIBS pass outs, some are regulars who keep coming back for the best minds in the institute. The industry is perennially hungry like a huge giant for workers who would further their dreams of expansion and excellence in products or services. HDFC, INDIAMART, RELIANCE JIO, Safari industries, KOTAK, TATA CAPITAL and Cafe Coffee Day, Coca-Cola ,INDUSIND BANK and ICICI are some of the significant names.

An inspired educational setting in Bangalore

The southern states like Tamil Nadu, Telengana and Karnataka are often acknowledged to contain the premier educational institutes in the country. Not only do they teem with hundreds of educational institutes but also produce some of the finest graduates and postgraduates who reach very high in professions worldwide. Consider the many stalwarts who have reached senior positions in American technological companies! On the other hand, it is true that some institutes are mere money spinners and do not deserve any credit. The sale of fake degrees and abuse of educational resources indicate that it is a gamble to succeed in education and settle into a worthy job.

Creating universal mindsets

GIBS succeeds extremely well on both fronts! They promote a culture that caters to worldwide job requirements. Essentially researched and inclusive with a syllabus that compares well with those taught around the world at the leading universities, the personality, communication, leadership qualities and decision making skills are developed well. Analytical skills, armed with the knowledge of economics and industry, and specializations in the preferred field result in professionally gifted business managers who are built to succeed. The process many be somewhat likened to the assembly of the different parts of an automobile or any piece of machinery.  The essential soft skills, besides the hard facts are driven home by an expert faculty and a range of activities, inside and outside the campus. Exposure to the realities of the industry where they will work for a lifetime is happening constantly. Either it is focused field trips, internships or visiting industry leaders who interact with the students in workshops and seminars.

The GIBS courses that get you there!

While BBA and BCom are the undergraduate courses, the postgraduate courses available are the coveted MBA and PGDM.  Specializations set the scene and those available are Marketing, HRM, Finance, Supply Chain, International Business, Operations, and Information Technology.

The management and advisory system

Goyal Educational Trust works with the Academic Advisory Board and the Global Advisory Board to ensure that education maintains high standards and caters to the international requirements. The experts in these two boards are individuals who have reached senior positions in several fields like industry and education. Human resources and management besides finance are the departments that govern any enterprise and here are the people who have devoted their lives to such excellence.  Working for the benefit of students and ensuring their better futures does contain an element of dedication to a noble cause.

The GIBS Placement Advisory Board is intimately concerned about the student wellbeing in the professional fields after the conclusion of study sessions. This group of individuals comprises senior leaders of education and industry who have committed their lives in the service of the institute.
The 4.5 acre GIBS campus in Bannerghata, Bangalore, represents the beginning of a successful life adventure. Gaining admission is all that is needed for the present, besides dedicated study across the semesters. What is waiting on the other side like internships and placements would probably favor the highest professional goals. You have to play a dynamic part, though.

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