Tuesday, 20 March 2018

GIBS placements connect with the leading companies in India and abroad

Successful internships with the best companies in the surrounding and eventual placements in plush designations would constitute the true test of professional courses. It is obvious that every student cannot be so blessed, but much depends upon the parent institution. Reputation, faculty and infrastructure, industry contacts and the performance of the alumni are salient factors that determine what student careers would be like. It is unfortunate that hundreds of business schools in India churn out business graduates and postgraduates in vast numbers each year, but do not really succeed at placements.
Shall we blame the mighty population, corruption on the part of the educational institutes out of greed or the apathy of the students themselves? Probably a number of factors contribute to business graduates not succeeding in high positions. Clearly, something is lacking, in terms of motivation and practical training, exposure to the industry and personality building. Soft skills are often lacking and the ability to shine in multicultural environments is not acquired.
GIBS Placements Committee
We hear it often said that the business management courses are extremely challenging, unlike some other courses where you study books and pass examinations. The tedious task requires excessive labor in terms of assignments and seminars, workshops and training sessions. Field visits and tests and examinations take up a lot of diligence and application. Shall we call it a passion that is required for success in any profession? In addition to that, a killer instinct would help to really succeed amidst the tough competition. After all, it is business management that is the most popular degree and it is universally accepted that big business is where all the best opportunities lie.
Life is complicated for the placement committee too that has to work with companies and arrange for internships and recruitments. The task of liaison with some of the big names could be an arduous task. Some companies are very particular about whom they will accept. The task of selection through tests and interviews can be challenging too.
The GIBS culture ensures the best chances
Global Institute of Business Studies that is ideally located in Bannerghata, Bangalore, maybe a young institution but has succeeded very well. Affiliations, accreditations, rankings and awards are convincing enough. Each year the institute earns several honorable mentions in the media among the leading organizations. As the fortunes of GIBS continue to rise each session, they plan to set up branches in India and perhaps on the international horizons too.
Glancing into the future student careers at GIBS
The GIBS batch 2017-19 has seen very successful placements so far in as many as 21 companies. The list includes several of the names that are found in every home like JIO. Surely, you have heard of ICICI Securities, Aditya Birla Group, Glenmark and Spectrum? Some names may appear unfamiliar but too many companies exist in mighty environments like Bangalore, vying for attention. Hunger Box, Bartech, LaunchPad, Multifonds, Induslnd, Agility Logistics and Lancesoft. How many of them have you heard of?
ALBANS, Hello Kids, CISPL and Perfios are some further companies to work with the GIBS students but there are some more names. WAY2ONLINE, People Education Company, Capital First and Simplilearn complete the list for the 2017-19 batch. What do you associate the company names with?
The 2015-17 GIBS batch fared extremely well too
As of today, the enrollment statistics for the girls and boys of the 2015-17 batches is stimulating enough. Every business graduate dreams of a good job. They work hard through at least 15 years to reach the goal.  The opportunities should be challenging and test the knowledge and skills laboriously learned across the semesters. As a student, you are just waiting to launch a career and luck does smile on those who are truly dedicated and follow a life of ethics and values.
Of the 57 companies, HDFC, Safari industries, KOTAK, TATA CAPITAL and Cafe Coffee Day, INDUSIND BANK and ICICI are names you would certainly have heard about, Coca-Cola too. INDIAMART and RELIANCE JIO, Magnasoft and OYO Rooms are some more of those well-known names, old or new.
But there are surely many more that mean something. Unibic, Trans Logistics, Genora Software, ECFO DNP, Jaro Education, John Distillers, Astra Zeneca, HRx consultants and CPS are other random company names.
Not going in any particular order, some other company names are GLENMARK, CAPITAL FIRST, CBS VENTURES, DOG MY CAT, BODY CRAFT, TELERAD TECH, PROFIOS, Sri Ram City Union Finance, Edelweiss Stock Investing and Jaro Education.
A few company names are repeated in both the lists like Multifonds and Simplilearn that show a trend. Some big companies are constantly seeking fresh recruits from GIBS for their expansion plans. That is a leading business principle. Getting better, faster and better is what the world of competition is all about. Play the game well at GIBS.

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