Monday, 26 March 2018

GIBS placement records accomplish rare milestones for the capable girls and boys

Class 12 passed students and graduates too dream of MBAs today as the ultimate passport to professional success! Students get a chance to study arts, science or commerce in Class 12. Graduates have already studied commerce, engineering, pharmacy, science or management. Is the craze for the MBA or PGDM realistic? Are they reaching anywhere worthwhile with a business management degree, maybe BBA or BCom for those who passed higher secondary school?

The answer is certainly a big ‘Yes.’ The rise of large scale businesses worldwide is the first reason why capable business managers are needed. Further, the rise of the global internet has raised standards and enabled contacts and understanding between cultures and promoted a mighty exchange of instant information. The need for managers capable of working in multicultural surroundings is the need of the moment and the future. Tech-savvy and confident, fluent and hardworking business managers are in great demand the world over.

Placements records at GIBS

The facts speak for themselves at Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghata, Bangalore. The city itself needs no introduction as the hub of the software industry in India and a garden city besides being an age old pensioner’s paradise. The cool ambience amidst the greenery at about 3000 feet above sea level makes an excellent location to fulfill the study course of your dreams. For most of us, it will be a single make or break professional course, though further opportunities may arise in due course after some years of work experience. You should be lucky to be armed with MBAs before entering the first job, though work experience after graduation does help to perform better after the real understanding of working life.

Openings in leading companies nationally and internationally

Do you fancy working for companies like Perfios, JIO, WAY2ONLINE, People Education Company, Capital First, Aditya Birla Group and Simplilearn? This is a random selection from the list of 21 companies where the GIBS Batch 2017-19 students have been placed. Starting with a dream today, business studies do end in the visions getting very real. The process does not happen automatically because hard labor, dedication, involvement in activities and accepting leading roles of responsibility would become part of the session.

Perhaps you fancy working with Trans Logistics, OYO Rooms, Genora Software, ECFO DNP, Jaro Education, John Distillers, INDIAMART, Astra Zenaca, HRx consultants and CPS? These are a few of the 57 companies where the students of GIBS found enrollment opportunities for 2015-17.

It is only natural that candidates with interests in business management would wish to work for the big business banners that operate branches across the world. It is for the first time in history that such mighty companies operate nowadays. Can you imagine how skillful and knowledgeable, stress free and capable the business managers need to be? They should possess excellent communication skills, bargain proficiently, speak several languages and work cleverly. They should be prepared to labor night and day and work under difficult conditions in remote areas like deserts and forests  just like in the mega cities.

If you are prepared to lead such a life of business adventure and dedicate all your energies to the success of the company, perhaps the degree from a reputable institution like GIBS would become your passport to professional success.

Enjoy the spirit of competition in Bangalore

Like a beehive, contemporary Bangalore has succeeded in attracting the biggest companies to set up branches, dealerships, research centers and retail stores here. Besides all the business dramas you might witness in the offices, shopping malls and offices, consider all the action that is happening online. Startups online are doing extremely well and more are getting launched at regular intervals. GIBS has chosen the most appropriate setting for the 4.5 acre residential campus and plans to open up branches elsewhere in the country.

Institutional reputations are hard to establish. Hype and tall claims made about courses, faculty and infrastructure without proof cannot succeed for long. What about the many institutes in Bangalore and across the country that operate from a single three-storied building? The unethical approach to education produces graduates who are filled with theory and nothing else. They cannot succeed well at the job market, though they may not remain unemployed for too long.

Lucky internships for the 2016-18 batch

Long before you hit the jackpot of campus placements comes the trial of internships. For most girls and boys, the internship provides the first point of contact with the professional world. It may be complicated to adjust with the world of work, but it should become an immensely profitable learning experience. A good impression upon the company may result in working with them for life.
Enjoying 100% internships, the students worked for topnotch companies with excellent stipends too. In the business world, it is rightly claimed that money and time run parallel. Nestle, Innoserve Techsol Pvt Ltd, Autumn Worldwide and Muthoot Finance are some of those companies. Dalmia Cement, Parentlane, Ceaser Software and Brand Factory are a few more. Maybe you feel sufficiently motivated to pursue business management studies at GIBS.

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