Monday, 23 February 2015

Why GIBS is located far from city limits?

·         Life away from the busy life, at a place where they are being taught in fresh air & refreshing greenery.
·         A completely noise free atmosphere and freedom from the traffic turmoil that is an inherent part of city life, ensures that the students can devote maximum time and effort towards studies.
·         The place is blessed with plenty of natural beauty and can work magically to sooth and relax all the tension that can build up during a hectic student life.
·         Students who spend their time in a fresh and healthy environment are better than those who don't get a chance to.
·         Abundant space for sports activities which is difficult to get in city limits.

·         All the facilities like Health Clinic, Petty Shop, Parks, Gym, Beauty Saloon, Temple and many more within the campus which saves precious time and help students to focus on studies.

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