Saturday, 28 February 2015

GIBS Difference

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Explore a potential new venture, connect with entrepreneurs, and discover through Global Business Forum (GBF). Involve in the activities being conducted in the forum.

Global Intelligence

Rise to the challenge of operating in a global world. Update the knowledge continuously.

Learning in Practice

Learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense pressures through practical experience.

Residential Learning Community

Find a community of support and a close-knit network of friendships that last a lifetime.

Alumni Relationships

Build connections and uncover business opportunities through Alumni Associations.

Publications & Resources

Get access to the world’s leading research and resources by accessing the innumerable books and articles in the library.

Unique Learning Practice (Value Added Programs)

Learn through various innovative methodologies being implemented in GIBS. GIBS offers various programmes apart from MBA like PGPM, SAP, Project Management Course, Personality Development Programs, Sports Management Certification Program, Foreign languages, Diploma in Global Business Management, etc.

Global Exposure

Global exposure through international professors, Foreign Languages, Diploma in Global Business Management Certification Program, International Students, etc.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Explore the facilities @ GIBS – Villa type Hostels, Swimming Pool, Amphitheatre, Speaker Corners, Well Equipped Classrooms, Libraries, Auditorium, Seminar Halls, Recreation Parks, Security and Surveillance .

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