Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to instill human values and to be recognized globally as the preferred destination for all future leaders, through global leadership in human development & Excellence in Education.


Our ambition is to prepare management professionals with a global mindset and to create a centre of academic excellence with a collaborative environment and to impart value-based education to all students coming from various socio-economic-cultural backgrounds and academic skills and catalytically transform them into world-class Experts.


Quality Education 
Provide high-quality, value added management education programs who come primarily from the diverse population of India and abroad.
Knowledge Advancement 
Advance the knowledge and practice of management through scholarly activities.
Lead cutting-edge research on international business issues
Careers for Graduates 
Enhance the career preparedness of students by expanding quality employment opportunities for Anderson graduates through strong ties with organizational recruiters.

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