Monday, 8 January 2018

Set sail on immensely potential business management careers at GIBS

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, in Karnataka, India, promises to take you on a ride in the right direction. Now that it is 50 years since management education commenced in India, it is certainly time for sincere stock taking. Much has changed over the half century and primarily the rise of computer technology that ushered in a sea change in every aspect of the human effort. Otherwise, globally, the same trends in business education and similar curricula are followed. It is usually the American and European business schools that launch the trends that Asian countries pick up and implement.
Indian standards of business education
If the syllabus is at par with the leading international business schools, why are the delivery and the educational experiences lagging in India? Why is it that 70% of business graduates are considered unemployable in the Indian market?
An exceptionally theoretical approach is often to blame with no connect with the real business situations. Besides, excessively busy executives will hardly find two years to complete full-time studies in management. In a world where immense quantities of valuable information flow through the internet daily, perhaps that may be considered sufficient.
The GIBS promise
Teaching practical approaches in sync with the business world heartbeat is a cherished dream at GIBS. Personality development to mold a manager who succeeds well in multicultural environments is very much on the agenda. Besides the appropriate knowledge, managers need the right attitudes and skills, insight and expertise to face challenges successfully out in the mega-corporate environments.
The global approach
Faculty from abroad along with students from many countries, exchange programs and sharing of knowledge and know-how, affiliations with institutes and universities abroad besides links with Bangalore University, GIBS has much to offer. It is a challenging scenario and student accomplishment across the dynamic semesters is worthy of emulation.
The recently concluded GIBS events like the Convocation and the Student of the Year programs once again reminded that training to become a successful business manager is no piece of cake. The two occasions and several other smaller events reminded of the galaxy of stars the institute holds and their potential for professional growth if provided the right opportunity. The chances to grow wings and fly are what every student desires but few are so lucky.
Successful internships with a string of top-notch companies and being recommended for excellent placements happen quite regularly at GIBS. A glance at the website and the prospectus reveals the wealth of companies that come knocking regularly. Every company is busy with diversifications and expansions, mergers and acquisitions and demand for outstanding managers will continue indefinitely. Is it not lucky that one of the top business schools has succeeded in creating powerful professionals who can hold their own in the corporate scenario of the 21st-century?
Specializations hold the key
Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing form the core areas of specialization for any enterprise. You have many more choices at GIBS. International Business would inspire many great careers. Why not opt for Healthcare, or Travel and Tourism, being vibrant careers in the present world scenario? Banking Finance and Insurance, Information Technology and Supply Chain Management are some more of those challenging careers. Startups and SMEs present mighty opportunities too.
The world business scenario in the 21st-century
Imagine the complexities of the international business scenario today. Along with mega businesses in telecommunications and hospitality for example, scams are common even though we have come far from 2008. Kingfisher, Toshiba, and Volkswagen are three examples of things going horribly wrong even in the highest business circles. Keeping the head high amidst world business environments requires great moral strength, skills, and ideas. Ethics is hardly found in that bitter world of business competition where materialistic desires often prevail.
A strong institutional background that promotes an international network of alumni provides an initial thrust to begin the professional flight successfully with internships and placements. As the years pass, it is a deep sea travel adventure, exposed to market trends and ever-changing conditions. Those who succeed are very few with some luck along with all the training that they received. An entrepreneurial spirit is supremely important, but backed up with numerous resources of mind, body, and spirit.

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